Western Tourists on Alert after Gang Rape Attack in India

Western tourists vacationing in India—or planning to take vacations there—are on alert after the latest mass gang rape attack in that country involved a Swiss tourist, Indian media has reported.

The latest attack took place last Friday when the Swiss holidaymaker was brutally gang-raped by a group of eight local men in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


The incident occurred around 9:00pm local time on Friday, in a desolate jungle area of the Datia district. The victim’s husband told police that four people raped the woman in front of him, while the rest of the men restrained the couple.

According to police, the suspects attacked the 39-year-old woman with canes and other weapons. They assaulted the victim’s husband and stole the couple’s cash, laptop, camera, flashlights, and mobile phones.

The woman was rushed to Gwalior district hospital, where doctors confirmed the rape and assault. She has since been discharged.

The Swiss woman and her husband were touring the area by bicycle and camping overnight in the forest. They had been vacationing in India for the past three months.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has contacted local authorities and called for a “swift” investigation into the incident, saying the health and treatment of the victim was its top priority.

“The Embassy is most distressed with the gang-rape of a Swiss national in Madhya Pradesh. The Ambassador has been able to speak to the victim and her partner and has assured them of all possible support,” Swiss Ambassador Linus von Castelmur said in a Saturday statement.

This was the second recent case of a foreign tourist being raped in Madhya Pradesh. In February, a 23-year-old South Korean student reported that she was drugged and raped by the son of a local hotel owner.

The attack comes just three months after a 23-year-old student was gang-raped and beaten in a moving bus and thrown onto the street. She later died in a Singapore hospital.

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  1. I have seen the carnage in India and know some of the areas becoming Rape Capitals of the world. Europe having the same problems and Sweden exporting 80,000 Muslim immigrants to curb it. This is happening all over the world and only one group of people are the culprits, Muslims.

    In America we are having our problems also but we have the Second Amendment plus pepper spray and other things for personal protection are legal here. So that is a deterrent however O is trying to take all our weapons from us so who knows.

    That is why Americans want Trump.

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