Balkans Closes to “Economic Migrant” Invaders

The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Styrian provincial Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer has announced that his region “cannot take any more refugees” and has called on his central government to follow the lead of four Balkan states that have refused to allow “economic migrants” to pass their borders.

Schützenhöfer—who until now has supported his party’s treasonous governing coalition with the far left Socialist Party of Austria (SPÖ)—told the Kurier newspaper that it was no longer possible to absorb any more invaders in Styria.

Schützenhöfer’s plea comes in the same week that four European Balkan states announced on November 19 that they were closing their borders to anyone not originating in Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Macedonia announced that it would not allow anyone in from Morocco, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Liberia, Congo, or Pakistan, a plan soon followed by Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia—although the latter country said they would also allow Palestinians in, as they too were fleeing a war zone.

Although this at best half-hearted measure will not halt the invaders who have already acquired fake “Syrian” papers, it will inconvenience those who are stopped at the official border crossings, and reports have already started to come in of groups of invaders becoming trapped in “no-man’s land” on the Greek border after being denied entry.

Schützenhöfer has now demanded of his government that they also implement a similar measure, saying that this should be coordinated with the four Balkan states.

He also warned of an “existential plight” in Austria and that the country was in a “dangerous mood” which risks a “definitive division of society”—an apparent reference to the surge in support for the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) which now threatens to displace the conservative-socialist coalition.

Meanwhile, the nonwhite invaders, who have been blocked from proceeding further by the four Balkan states, have begun to agitate against the move, particularly as the European winter starts to bite and they find themselves still out in the open.

In the Greek border area of Idomeni, police said the border has essentially been shut down since about 8 a.m. on November 19 after 2,800 people, apparently from Iran, gathered at the crossing seeking to also be allowed through.

On the Macedonian-Greek border, about a thousand invaders blocked the main railway line in protest after they were refused entry by the Macedonian authorities. According to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, some 3,000 “economic migrants” had already accumulated at the border crossing, and their numbers were increasing all the time.

These “economic migrants” come from all over the Third World: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and elsewhere, all fleeing their self-created economic and social disasters, and taking advantage of the “open door” policy to flood into Europe where they can parasite off the European welfare system.

While there is no final accurate count of the number of “real” Syrians invading Europe, an idea of the extent of the invasion can be gleaned from figures produced by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

According to the IOM, during the first two and a half weeks of September 2015, their teams recorded 473,887 nonwhite invaders arriving by sea. The IOM said that of these, 182,000 claimed to be Syrians. Even accepting these claims as true, this means that “only” 39 percent of the invaders were from Syria—and the rest from everywhere else in the Third World.

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  1. But still accepting anybody originating from Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan.
    Thousands have entered the EU with dodgy Syrian passports so this won't slow the process down.
    Try targetting the people smugglers as a matter of urgency and their funding.

  2. Merkel is an ex-commie and propaganda expert from DDR youth organization and is utterly stuborn and quite incompetent – she should be tried for treason!

  3. The news gets better and better.
    But, attempts should be made to do what Abbot of Australia did. Stop all the boats and turn them BACK from whence they came.
    The only way to stop this nonsense.

  4. Great news !

    Looks like Merkel`s place could soon be packed to the gunwales. Tee Hee!!
    No need to panic , Angela.
    With organisational skills like yours you`ll cope … no problem !!!!

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