Germany: Chief Jew Who Welcomed “Refugee” Invasion Now Warns Jews about Arab Attacks

Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews of Germany, has warned Jews in that country not to wear yarmulkes in public for fear of being attacked by Muslim “refugees”—even though in 2015 he officially welcomed the mass invasion of Germany by millions of those invaders as the “right thing to do.”

According to a UPI report, Schuster warned Jews against wearing the skull caps, also known as kippah, after two young men wearing them were assaulted in Berlin by Muslims.

“I have to advise people to avoid showing themselves openly with a kippah in a big city setting in Germany, and to wear a baseball cap or something else to cover their head instead,” Schuster said.

The two men in the attack were whipped with a belt by three nonwhites who shouted the Arabic word for Jew.

In 2015, Schuster however spun another story, and, along with the World Jewish Congress, he and the Central Council of Jews in Germany issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards an open society.”

In a formal statement published in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, titled “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist” (“We Jews Understand What Being a Refugee Means”), Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Schuster—who is also a vice-president of the WJC—attacked all Germans who oppose the flooding of their country by nonwhites, calling them “neo-Nazis.”

In 2016, Schuster also called for “stronger action against the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD),” party, saying that “Jews need to align themselves to Muslims and Gypsies against Germans who vote for that party.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel admitted this week that it was “refugees of Arab origin” in Germany who were responsible for recent anti-Jewish attacks. Speaking in an interview on Israel’s Channel 10 network, Merkel saud that “’We have a new phenomenon, as we have many refugees among whom there are, for example, people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country.”

There are two aspects to the behavior on display by the Jews and Schuster in particular:

First, it appears that their hatred of white Europeans is so great that they are prepared to welcome the invasion of Europe by the Third World even though it inevitably means that they will also become victims of the nonwhite flood (presumably they think that they can always leave for Israel if it gets too bad); and

Secondly, their accusations of “racism” and “neo-Nazism” against Europeans who oppose the nonwhite invasion is rank hypocrisy.

For example, in Israel—which Schuster and the WJC fanatically support, there are laws which most certainly qualify as “Nazi” by any rational measure.

For example, in Schuster-supported Israel:

Non-Jews are forbidden from marrying Jews;

Non-Jews are forbidden from immigrating into Israel;

Non-Jews are segregated in housing and schools from Jews;

Non-Jew schools are forced out of Israel;

Israel bases its citizenship laws upon the Nazi Nuremberg Laws; and

Israel tests the Jewishness of would-be immigrants using DNA tests.

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  1. As stated in the article, another blatant “hypocritical” viewpoint from the one nation in the world that thinks and acts like they own every state and all its inhabitants. Sadly the level of financial support Israel receives from the USA indicates that nothing is ever going to change. The taxpayers of the USA are more sub-servient than the population of the European countries that now have massive illegal immigrants screwing those countries for all manner of benefits with a determination NEVER TO WORK.

  2. Why welcome these fake refugees to the country when you have to change your lifestyle and habits to suit them, these so called leaders should call it what it is, an invasion.

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