Obama Caused Illegal Crime Surge

Presidential Executive Orders issued by Barack Obama have directly led to a massive surge in illegal immigrant crime across the entire country, a Maryland Sheriff has told the House’s Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.

Sheriff Charles Jenkins told the congressional committee that Obama’s “open-door immigration policy” has caused a surge in gangland violence that has included the most serious crimes—including murder.

Charles Jenkins

Speaking in evidence presented on April 19, 2016, Sheriff Jenkins said that “open borders, reckless sanctuary policies, and failure to enforce our immigration laws have greatly impacted public safety and national security throughout every jurisdiction of this country.”

Every single day, he continued, “more Americans are becoming victims of senseless crimes, being injured and killed by criminal aliens—many are transnational gang members.”

“Policy shifts by Obama have weakened and ruined Secure Communities, and did not allow action by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when Sheriffs and police departments ignored detainers, allowing criminals to be released back on the streets,” he told the committee, which is officially probing the criminal impact of illegals in the United States.

“In effect, criminal aliens that should have been deported have been allowed to remain and commit more serious crimes becoming violent offenders.”

Sheriff Jenkins was joined by family members of victims of the illegal immigrant crime, which has steadily risen as Obama’s policies allow more illegal nonwhite invaders to leave jail and remain in the country.

“Transnational alien gangs are structured criminal enterprises involved in drug and human trafficking, crimes of violence over turf, retaliation, money laundering, and other serious crime.

“As these gangs are recruiting locally and increasing in number, so does the associated crime within communities,” said Jenkins.

“The consequence of these policy failures is the rapidly growing presence of criminal alien gangs,” he continued.

“The criminal alien gang numbers are growing, and the serious crimes being committed are increasing.”

He revealed that there is also a “nexus between the deferred action on unaccompanied minors and the increases we are seeing in gang crimes.”

Sheriff Jenkins then produced a number of statistics and “hard facts” from his county, which, he said, “demonstrate the impact on public safety and the seriousness of the crimes committed by criminal alien gang members.”

* There are over 75 active transnational criminal gang members in Frederick County, and many more suspected of gang affiliation. There are also MS-13 and 18th Street alien gangs which are recruiting locally: in schools, in the region, and out of country.

* Some 72 percent of gang members encountered since 2014 have been charged with felonies.

* Some 64 percent of the criminal alien gang members encountered in 2015 were unaccompanied juveniles when they entered the US and eventually located to Frederick County, Maryland. Now they are adults committing serious felonies.

* Crimes committed include attempted first and second degree murder, armed robberies, first degree assault, home invasion, armed carjacking, kidnapping, and the use of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony.

* In 2014, eight criminal aliens were charged with rape and sexual assault of children ages 5–14, with two of the girls impregnated.

* One of Sheriff Jenkins’ deputies was the victim of an unprovoked physical attack/assault by an MS-13 gang member while sitting in his cruiser doing paperwork.

* The US District Court recently indicted a known alien gang member for involvement in a 2013 MS-13 hired killing in Frederick.

The victim in the killing fled El Salvador to live in Frederick because of an MS-13 hit for him there, but the hit order carried to a local MS-13 clique. The victim was lured to a wooded area where he was shot in the head and stabbed to death.

* The growing alien gang problem has spread into one high school where fights and violence between MS-13 and 18th Street are routine.

“Transnational alien gangs are structured criminal enterprises involved in drug and human trafficking, crimes of violence over turf, retaliation, money laundering, and other serious crime,” Sheriff Jenkins told the committee.

Since 2008, he continued, the Obama administration has weakened immigration enforcement by dismissing deportation cases, rescinding agreements deporting illegal alien criminals, and encouraging “sanctuary” policies.

“ICE directives have limited enforcement priorities, suspended many thousands of removals, granted deferred actions, and suspended removals for aliens who falsely claimed to be victims,” he said.

“Case by case amnesty, back door amnesty, DACA programs, and the Dream Act were pushed through by executive order.

“Failure to cooperate and detain known criminal aliens for ICE has led to American citizens being killed, wounded, injured, and sexually victimized in jurisdictions everywhere.”

Sheriff Jenkins went on to tell the committee that in 2014, he had visited the McAllen border sector of Central Texas and had seen for himself the impact of an unsecured border to a jurisdiction.

“It is my belief that if this Congress and the next president do not take action to close and secure the border with Mexico and simply enforce the federal immigration laws that exist, every county in America will become a border county,” he said.

“In 2009, I testified before Congress that the cost of doing nothing is enormous. Now, in 2016 we have seen that doing nothing has jeopardized public safety in America. Immediate Congressional action is imperative right now to protect Americans,” he concluded.

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  1. And my Dad, who lives in a rich white suburb very far from Mexico, rolls his eyes and says “Oh come on, that’s not happening *here*!”

    Welcome to democracy, where citizens in safe areas don’t just vote against protecting citizens in unsafe areas, they vote to make it illegal for those citizens to protect themselves.

  2. A wall along the border with Mexico should have been built years ago. Most south American countries are hell holes and now the USA is becoming the same thanks to Obama’s open border policy. If Trump becomes President I hope for the sake of the US that he builds one to keep out the hordes.

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