Britain’s “Multicultural” Policies Fail as “Muslim Britons” JoinInternational Jihad

The ongoing conflict in Syria has drawn “hundreds” of Muslims from Europe—mainly from Britain—to the Islamist forces battling Bashar Assad, a new report has said. The report, from the International Centre of for the Study of Radicalization (ICRS), said that most of the Islamists hold British passports.


The ICRS said that up to 5,500 “foreign” Islamists have entered Syria to bolster the anti-Assad forces, and about 600 of these are from Europe, although the ICRS incorrectly described them as “Europeans.”

Britain accounts for the biggest number of arrivals, with up to 134 individuals. The Netherlands comes second with up to 107, then France (92), Belgium (85), and Denmark (78).

All of these nations have been heavily infiltrated by mass Third World immigration over the last 30 years which has created a large, alienated, fifth column within those societies.

According to the testimony of international photographers Jeroen Oerlemans and John Cantlie, a very large number of the militants spoke with accents clearly identifiable as from Birmingham and London.

“One of the black jihadists freaked out and shouted: ‘These are journalists and now they will see we are preparing an international jihad in this place,’” Oerlemans told the Dutch NRC Handelsblatt newspaper after his release.

 “They all claimed they came from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh and Chechnya and they said there was some vague ‘emir’ at the head of the group.”

About 40 percent of the militants spoke English.

Cantlie said his captors were “embittered and disillusioned British youths seeking to find purpose.

“They were hostile to us, I believe, because many of these were disenchanted young men from Britain. And I believe we represented everything that they were disenchanted about.

“They were young, they were impressionable and they were united under an extremist flag in Syria. And I think the sight of genuine western hostages excited them; it fulfilled their concept of what jihad was about.”

This is not the first time that Muslims living in Britain and Europe have travelled across the world to take part in Jihads against western or pro-western forces.

In 2009, the British army revealed that it had tracked militants in Afghanistan, fighting western forces in that country, speaking on the radio with British accents, specifically those from the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Senior military sources said at the time that “UK troops are engaged in a surreal mini-civil war” in Helmand Province.

Surveillance operations from the warzone picked up voices talking with West Midlands and Yorkshire accents, confirming fears that what the media called “young disaffected Muslims” had travelled to Afghanistan to take up arms against American, British, and European forces responsible for the invasion of that nation.

The British intelligence service MI5 previously estimated that up to 4,000 “British Muslims” had travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan for military training.

In addition, British-made electronics components have been found in Taliban roadside bombs. British intelligence services said that the parts had been purchased in Britain, and then exported to Pakistan legitimately, where they had been dismantled and smuggled over the border to the Taliban.

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