Bautzen, Germany: Crowd Rejoices as Invader Center Burns

Crowds of locals gathered round, cheered and applauded as an invader center in the German town of Bautzen, Saxony, burned down last night, horrifying local establishment politicians.


The invader center—planned to accommodate at least 300 nonwhites pretending to be refugees—was totally destroyed in the blaze, and is now uninhabitable.

Saxony police have said in a statement that it is too early to determine a cause of the blaze in the empty building, located in the city center, but that the forensic team was investigating and that they “suspected a xenophobic motive.”

burn-02However, what shocked Bautzen Mayor Alexander Ahrens, a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, was the fact that hundreds of local townsfolk gathered to watch the blaze, and openly expressed their delight.

Ahrens even claimed that some townsfolk had tried to stop the fire brigade from extinguishing the monster blaze—an allegation which appeared to be supported by the fact that some in the crowd were arrested by police in the resulting celebrations.

“What I find repugnant is that onlookers accosted the firefighters and hindered their work,” Ahrens said. He was backed by Saxony’s Interior Minister, Markus Ulbig, (CDU), who said that it was “intolerable to parade such open disrespect and hatred of foreigners.”

The former hotel was under renovation in preparation for its use as an invader center, and the purpose for which it was being fixed was well-known.

When the fire brigade arrived, the entire roof of the building was in flames, and some seventy fire fighters were deployed to try and bring it under control.

The police statement said residents and onlookers “commented on the fire with snide remarks and undisguised pleasure.”

Police determined the “identity of several onlookers” and have issued restraining orders against three 19-year-olds and one 20-year-old from Bautzen.

Another two men were arrested because they resisted police efforts to detain the other four men.


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    1. I’m glad Europeans are fighting back against the invaders and glad European men are starting to stand up for their invaders, but they ALSO need to go after their traitorous political figures that let them in. Remember, these nonwhites wouldn’t be in Europe without these weak, greedy traitor ‘leaders’

  1. I don’t like to see the waste but when people are not listened to and ignored what can one expect? How can people express their displeasure at not wanting to live in a foreign country?

  2. who said that it was “intolerable to parade such open disrespect and hatred of foreigners.”
    To use an Americanism, ‘They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.!’

      1. They print trillions of dollars. It wouldn’t surprise me to find their are entire cities being built for the ‘elites’ – probably with subservient serfs do service them — as long as there any technically competent people willing to go along with them.

    1. We need more of this…The ruling idiots may be think it is intolerable to cheer, but its not against the law…YET…is it??? The invaders can do and say what they want with impunity…!!!

  3. They don’t hate foreigners, I have no doubt they’re very friendly people who welcome foreign visitors so long as the visitors show them some respect. Which is one thing these fake asylum seekers have none of.

  4. The German people have had it with Muslims being poured into their country by traitorous politicians, who seek the destruction of their White, Christian nation. Bautzen Mayor, Ahrens, is one of those traitors, and a member of Merkel’s subversive party, the CDU. His words show his true colors.

  5. “Intolerable” = unacceptable ? Says the enemy.
    “Disrespect”” = derision ? Says the enemy.
    ‘Hatred” = disgust ? Says the enemy.

    The enemy uses words to engineer society.
    Point the finger at the enemy and cast his words in his snout.
    Or, agree with the enemy. All these things because, he deserves them,
    About time, Germans! 4,000,000 unwelcome guests this Summer?

    1. Well the adjectives, fascist, racist, extreme right, xenophobic, words were not working to brow beat the PATRIOTS. Neither will these new words. What the German media, and government needs to learn is the word TRAITORS and LYING SOB’s. With millions more of these invaders coming reality is setting in. Interesting how the German government clings to the hope of still dumping migrants (albeit that many are ISIS) onto other European countries.The Germany hegemony over Europe for the third time in a century has been proven to be very destructive for the European Union. British PATRIOTS must not be deterred for Brexit.

      1. And when we succeed with our ‘OUT’ vote, we will be the catalyst for the complete dissolution of the EU dictatorship as more European countries desert the sinking ship and demand the return of their absolute sovereignty and control of their own finances, borders, laws, trade agreements, welfare resources and anything else one cares to mention.

        I hate the EU and can’t wait to see its demise – forty-one years too late where the British are concerned.

    1. Americans have took note and we are praying donald trump becomes president. Just as your country is tired of politicians so are we! I no longer have any desire to come to Europe because of all the refugees turning your countries into small Iran’s . My heart is sad for all of you and I pray you can get them out. Our last hope is our new president to come. God bless all of us. Good luck friend and yes AMERICA is sad for Europe and all its people.

      1. At least Americans have the weapons to defend themselves. Us Europeans, devoid of any serious means of self-defence, will have to rely on our homemade pea-shooters and knicker-elastic catapults to fight the buggers off. An uphill battle, even with ‘right’ on our side.

        All my life I could never understand why Americans were so adamant about their guns. Now, for the first time in my life, I bloody-well wish I had one.

  6. Well done the towns folk of Bautzen, Saxony, very obviously this will happen when elected representatives take no notice of what the electorate want, if only my countrymen were this patriotic.

  7. “xenophobic motive” That’s strange… xenophobic means an irrational fear. The Patriots understand full well the real dangers of this invasion.

  8. It might be some of the Muslim migrants that burned it down themselves. In Sweden, media accused “right wing extremists” after several asylum centers burnt down in small towns. It then turned out that it was displeased Muslim migrants that burnt down their own asylum centers because they didn’t like it there, and wanted to live in the cities. The media in Sweden hardly mentioned that.

  9. Surely the investigators cannot rule out the possibility that one of Angela’s darlings burned the house down. Perhaps because he hadn’t had his daily tarrahush?

  10. What spirit! Germans – defenseless against powers armed to the teeth with hundreds of nuclear weapons, tens of thousands of foreign soldiers enforcing despotic occupation, not a friend or ally in the whole world – refusing to go quietly into the night.

  11. Ve všem hledej peníze ! USA a vpád do Sýrie jen za vidinou černého zlata ! Uprchlíky bez kontrol v pouštět do Evropy je jen časovaná bomba ! Většina z nich už dnes jsou vyzbrojena noži a jinými bodnými zbraněmi! Myslíte ,že Sobotka to dělá,že mu uronilo srdce nad těmito mladými muži bez dětí manželek a rodičů ? Ne!! Je to jen pouhá vidina jak se dostat k dalšímu rytu peněz a neziskovky to samé ! Jen se podívejte na dnešní sluníčkáře jejich vizáž a co vlastně dodnes dělají,jak se živí! Jsou živeni státem, jsou to takové pijavice z daňových peněz,že jim je jedno co bude generace 21 stát lidských životů v Evropě!

  12. What I find “repugnant” Mr. Ahrens is the fact the fire fighters would want to fight the fire at all. They know what’s happening, let it burn!

    1. If this continues I would like to think that even our police forces will eventually refuse to fight against/arrest their fellow countrymen for protesting, fighting back or committing arson to stop this madness. After all, it’s their continent too and I don’t doubt that many of them have the same fears for their families, countries and way of life that the rest of us do. Once we have the police and armed forces refusing to carry out orders on behalf of our treacherous governments, THEY HAVE LOST and we can reclaim our countries from the invaders in whichever way we see fit. Without bloodshed would be best all round, but I don’t imagine many of them will go quietly.

  13. This, is what happens, when arrogant politicians, ignore their electorate, as they pursue their own agenda.
    Funny how there are never any police around, when the Mu-isisquaedans decide to go on the rampage against western women. However, any time the locals, decide to do something about the lack of police action, suddenly the riot police appear, top beat them up. No wonder that Police in the EU countries are hated as Dhimmis & traitors. They have clearly chosen sides, and its not ours.
    Not wanting to be Molested, Robbed or Raped, does not make you a Right Wing Extremist, even though the lefty PC EU would pretend otherwise.

    1. European governments don’t like to talk about radical communist anarchist burning many automobiles either. Complicit by their silence.

  14. I am 62 years old now and over 30 years ago I wrote, ‘ we will become guerrilla soldiers in our own country until we are no more’ it’s happening.

    1. Then you, Sir, like Enoch Powell, are a visionary and another chap who should have been listened to all those years ago. If the UK had taken heed of Powell in ’68 instead of vilifying him and destroying his political career, we wouldn’t be in the bloody mess we are now. Neither would we have joined the sh*tty EU. The worst mistake Britain ever made.

  15. Saxony’s Interior Minister says it’s “intolerable to parade such open disrespect and hatred of foreigners.”

    So, the native Europeans must show respect and love for these invaders, whilst THEY show only disrespect and contempt for ALL of us, our countries, our laws and cultures. They can rape, pillage, murder, insult, abuse, threaten, intimidate and generally behave like the barbarians they are whilst we meekly keep our heads down, raise no objection and continue obediently working to support the lot of them whilst barely able to support our own families or fellow countrymen who are elderly, disabled or homeless.

    Just how long do the traitors in power seriously believe the European people will continue to tolerate this effrontery before a protracted and bloody backlash ensues? It can’t come soon enough.

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