3,000 Haitian Invaders Per Month

More than 3,000 invaders from Haiti are pouring into America every month, exploiting new routes, special policies, and “lax enforcement” by the Obama regime, a secret government intelligence assessment has revealed. The... Read more »

Invasion from Mexico Steps Up

There has been a marked increase in the number of nonwhite invaders pouring across the Mexican–U.S. border in the last few weeks. Border guards say that the invaders are spurred on by... Read more »

Haitians Flood into US via Mexico

African invaders from Haiti are taking advantage of yet another loophole in U.S. immigration law by travelling to Mexico and then crossing the border, claiming “asylum” and being granted immediate entry, it... Read more »

Mass Nonwhite “Minor” Invasion Continues

At least 26,000 “unaccompanied children” and another 29,700 people “traveling as a family” were detained while invading the U.S. border with Mexico in the first six months of this year. “Thousands” more... Read more »

Black Nation Deals with Invaders

The black Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas intercepts and expels back home all illegal immigrants attempting to invade their country, it has emerged. This intercept and expel policy is never remarked... Read more »

US: “Refugee” Invasion Speeds Up

The Obama regime has announced an ambitious program to dramatically “expand” efforts to help Central American families and children legally immigrate to the United States. White House Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy... Read more »

Crime Spikes as Rio Olympics Comes Closer

Muggings and street crime in Rio de Janeiro has increased 14 percent from January to May compared to last year, when an astonishing 48,700 muggings took place, it has emerged. Two Australian Paralympics... Read more »

Murders, Bacteria, Filth, Plague Rio Olympics Venue

The International Olympic Committee is learning about the Third World as reports flood in of murders, super bacteria, filth, pollution, and mayhem at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics venue. Body parts have... Read more »

Invaders “Abduct Children;” Pose as “Families”

Nonwhite invaders crossing the US border are abducting children along the way to pose as “families” when arrested by US Border Patrol agents, a government lawyer has said. The lawyer also said that... Read more »

No More “Fun in Acapulco”

The former international tourist holiday hotspot of Acapulco in Mexico has collapsed into a drug-gangster and crime-ridden Third World hellhole—and is now one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Only a... Read more »

“Overland” Cubans Granted Entry

Four thousand invaders claiming to be Cubans have gained automatic entry into the US after crossing the border from Mexico into Texas, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced. In a process... Read more »

The Deportee Who Won’t Go Away

The porous nature of America’s borders and its broken immigration control system has been demonstrated once again with the news that a four-times deported illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic has been... Read more »

Univision Promotes Trump Hate Movie

Univision host Jorge Ramos has publicly backed a new Mexican movie which portrays white Americans as mass murderers who hunt and shoot Mexicans—and who use Donald Trump’s comments on illegal alien criminals... Read more »

Mexican Govt. Pushes Naturalization

In a blatant attempt to interfere with the upcoming US presidential election, the Mexican government has launched a series of “citizenship workshops”—to help Mexicans become US citizens so that they can vote... Read more »

Latino Invasion Set for New Record

More than 17,000 “unaccompanied alien minors” had invaded the US over the Mexican border in the past few months, and the number of “family units” has increased to 21,000, the US House... Read more »

50,000+ Cubans Rush into US

More than 50,000 Cubans have been airlifted and bused into the US from all over Central America over the last few months, driven by an anticipation that Washington may soon halt the... Read more »

“Immigrants” Come from Zika Alert Nations

The ongoing flood of invaders pouring across the Mexico-US border are coming from nations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially warned of being the center of a... Read more »

World’s Nonwhite Cities Most Murderous

Nonwhite cities in Latin America, the United States, and South Africa are the most murderous places in the world, according to new statistics issued by Mexico’s Citizen’s Council for Public Security and Criminal... Read more »

H-2 Visas Deny US Citizens Work

A new investigation by the BuzzFeed news service has found that the H-2 guest worker program is directly responsible for depriving the poorest American citizens of jobs—and is being ruthlessly exploited by... Read more »

Third of a Million Nonwhite Invaders Swarm into US as Washington Times Editor Warns that Surge “Will Create a Third World America”

The actual number of nonwhite invaders who have swarmed across the US’s southern border over the past few months in expectation of an illegal immigration amnesty from the Obama administration has reached... Read more »