Flemish Militants Protest Invasion

A group of fifteen militant activists from the NAG Voorpost organization in Flanders have continued their protest campaign against the nonwhite invasion of Europe by symbolically occupying a building set to house 300 invaders in the town of Burcht, Flanders.


The roof protest in Burcht. The banner reads: “Tired of terrorism? Close the borders!”

According to a report in the local Gazet van en Voor Hove newspaper, the fifteen militants climbed up onto the roof of the building which had previously been used as an old-age home in the picturesque town of Burcht.

According to the paper, the Voorpost militants were protesting an “invasion of asylum seekers which is flooding Flanders and Europe.” The local authority plans to place more than 300 nonwhite invaders in the town.


Earlier, local residents had formed an action committee to formally organize their opposition to the invaders. An article in the Nieusblad newspaper quoted a spokesman for the residents as saying that the municipality only has about 2,000 inhabitants in total, and that an influx of 300 or more was “just too much.”


Voorpost said in its official statement that it “fully understands the justified concerns of the inhabitants of the municipalities Kallo-Burcht and Zwijndrecht and will continue to support them in their opposition [to the invaders]. It was noticeable that we had a large amount of support and sympathy from passersby, many of whom thanked us for undertaking this action,” organization spokesman Luk Vermeulen said.

Voorpost has organized a series of protests and demonstrations against the uncontrolled influx of “asylum seekers” in both Flanders and the Netherlands, where the organization is active.


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  1. Astounding what’s happening! Even a monkey can see these are not refugees. Most are criminals and opportunists, young men looking for a holiday.and sadly many terrorists as well.
    Any african can see the savage behaviour of the african so called migrants is not normal to Africa. These are soldiers depraved and violent, rapists and murderers.
    None of these men would be allowed to behave the way they are behaving in europe in africa or the middle east.
    These are 99 percent not refugees or even economic migrants. They are criminals, soldiers, militia and young joy riders. The whole crisis is a manufactured farce and anyone who knows Africa or the Middle East can tell that from a mile away. Only Donald Trump appears to have a brain as he called it right away. Partly trojan horse invasion and partly bullshit opportunism for ex militants.
    If it wasn’t so deadly serious and dangerous for Europe one could almost laugh at European naivity. But its no laughing matter because innocent europeans are now suffering crime, rape and terrorism at the hands of there brutal and irresponsible socialist leaders who feign ignorance to the horror they have unleashed on innocent european people. Dear Lord people open your eyes. These are not civilised African or Middle Eastern people being shown on you tube. these aren’t normal families. Grow up and wake up. This is not how normal african and arabs conduct themselves at all

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