Trump Takes SC with Huge Turnout

Donald Trump’s march toward the Republican Party’s official nomination for president took another huge—and potentially unstoppable—step forward yesterday with his victory in the South Carolina primaries on the back of a hugely increased white previous non-voter turnout.

In total, more than 730,000 voters in South Carolina took part in the Republican primaries, up more than 120,000 from the 603,000 who voted in the 2012 primaries.


Once again, it has become clear that Trump has succeeded in getting a large number of previous non-voters to turn out and vote. The increased turnout represents Trump’s ability to draw out first time voters, or those who have stopped voting out of disgust for the establishment clone candidates with which they have always been presented.

In addition, it is clear by his most recent political statements—condemning the Iraq War, the Bush family, the banking system, and, most dramatically, an assertion that he would be neutral in the Palestinian-Israeli question, Trump is moving American mainstream politics into completely uncharted territory.

Simply by addressing these issues—and the all-important question of illegal immigration—Trump has achieved two notable effects: firstly, he has completely alienated the Jewish lobby in the US on every single policy issue they hold dear; and secondly, he has activated a mainly white voting bloc, despite not running on any overt racial platform.

This was evident in both the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries as well, where his vote was overwhelmingly made up of white previous non-voters.

If Trump can keep this momentum, he will most certainly win the Republican nomination—and then his greatest and most difficult task awaits: amassing enough white voters to win the electoral college, which is loaded in favor of the states with the largest nonwhite populations.


Above: the demographics of Trump supporters is accurately reflected in this photograph of the crowd at his South Carolina victory speech.

* Yesterday also saw the Nevada Democratic Party primary, fought between an increasingly lackluster Hilary Clinton and the barely-disguised communist Bernie Sanders.

Even the Democratic Party’s primary voters appear to be appalled at the choice being offered to them, and, in strong contrast to the Republican primary in South Carolina, the turnout was extremely low, totaling only about 80,000 people.

This was about 33 percent lower than the turnout in 2008, when Hilary Clinton beat the then Senator Barack Obama in a turnout which was around 118,000.

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  1. It is in the interest of Donald Trump if Sanders wins the nomination of the Democratic party. So he must stop making any comments against Sanders at this stage, because this will play into the hands of the evil cow- Hillary Clinton. It is easier for Donald Trump to defeat the communist Sanders than Hillary Clinton.

    1. It’s hard to say, but honestly I’m more worried about Trump facing Sanders. Socialism is becoming pretty popular among both Whites (as we’ve seen recently in Britain) and of course nonwhites. If Trump faces Clinton, he should get a big crossover of “Reagan Democrats” from the White working class, as well as a general anti-Establishment crossover. He may not get much crossover vote if Sanders wins? But if he does, I hope you’re right.

  2. Good reporting. Thanks. How encouraging to see young whites. I suspect older whites tend not to attend such meetings & hope they will turn out in large numbers.

  3. I really hope he wipes the floor with the whole shifty lot of them.
    They`ve had their own way for far too long so….. Go Donald!

  4. You said the electoral college is “loaded in favor of the states with the largest nonwhite populations”. I’m not sure what you mean. Whites are more concentrated in smaller states, which have a proportionately larger number of electoral votes than their populations, since each state gets two votes for their senators in addition to their number of House reps which are apportioned according to population. Perhaps I’m missing something.

  5. I voted for Trump on Wednesday here in Texas during the early voting period that goes til February 26. I was born and raised in Texas. I know my state and people. Trump is gonna carry Texas.

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