France: 6 Reds Arrested for Aiding Invaders Cross the Alps after Generation Identity Protest

Six anti-white activists from the crypto-communist “Tous Migrants” group have been arrested by French police for assisting nonwhite invaders cross over from Italy via the Alps during the past weekend’s demonstration at the scene by the pan-European Generation Identity organization.

According to the prosecutor’s office in the Alpine town of Gap, the six—four with Italian citizenship, and two with Swiss citizenship—were arrested on charges of “helping illegal immigrants enter national territory.”

They were part of a group which helped about 30 nonwhite invaders cross into France via the Montgenevre Pass on Sunday when around two Generation Identity activists, erected a symbolic borderat the nearby Echelle pass and forced authorities to rush reinforcements to the area.

The “Tous Migrants” communists and their nonwhite charges clashed briefly with security forces at the ski station before making it to a “migrant aid center” in the nearby French town of Briancon.

The Generation Identity protest drew attention to the rise in invader crossings of the Alps into France, after that nation instated manned border checks at the conventional crossing points from Italy.

The French government has just introduced a new law—condemned by the left as “nazi” and by the right as “not going far enough”—in terms of which more help is offered to those granted “refugee status” in integrating in France, but which also makes it easier to deport those rejected as “economic migrants.”

The law allows for failed “asylum-seekers” to be detained for up to 90 days pending deportation and shortens the deadline to launch appeals from one month to 15 days.

In 2017, the French national court of asylum granted protection to over 8,000 people who had appealed their negative decision. Around 100,000 applied for asylum last year.

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  1. Excellent! Well done to the Generation Identity protesters for drawing public attention to this gaping hole in the French border, and well done to the French police for actually arresting Evil Marxist Traitors for a change!

  2. They are not ‘crypto-communist’. There is nothing communist about importing the Third World into your country en masse, especially as they will help bias the labour market in favor of employers and inhibit wage increases. What they are is bleeding heart liberals desperate to show how virtuous and humanitarian they are to the world’s poor by collaborating with people traffickers.

    1. Of course they’re Communists! It’s astonishing that you can spout the Bog Standard Communist line that Third World Invaders are “cheap labour” for “evil capitalists”, when any kind of “work” is the furthest thing from their minds. They are determined parasites with a ridiculous sense of entitlement, given to them by the Communist Human Traffickers who are bringing them to the West.

    2. Apparently, Valerian hasn’t heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which (in short) is to flood western nations with millions of indigent people until the welfare rolls become so enormous that there aren’t enough working people to possibly support them all. The result is a total collapse of the social service network and to a larger extent, the economy. Chaos will reign until the communist “saviors” appear and offer to rebuild a “better” system from the ground up where we’re all “equal”, equally poor, persecuted and destitute, that is. Communism is built on tearing an entire society down to be rebuilt in the collectivist fashion. Communists KNOW regular people would never accept their scheme if they presented it openly. That’s why it has to be presented to them in the guise of “solution” to a bigger problem that wasn’t spontaneous, but totally orchestrated and planned. Check out the Cloward-Piven plan, and online videos of former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov explaining the subversive nature of a communist takeover, which includes four phases: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization. The Cloward-Piven plan also supports the Kalergi Plan, which aims to genocide Whites (as they are the most productive in society) and create a new, mixed-race utopia totally dependent on the government. We are currently, firmly entrenched in the Destabilization phase of a communist coup.

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