Croatia: No More Invaders Allowed

No more Third World invaders will be allowed to pass through the territory of Croatia, its president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has announced.

Speaking during a press conference in New York, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that if a “new migrant wave” reaches Croatia, they would not be allowed to pass through.


“Croatia will not let migrants pass through its territory, because the borders of neighboring countries are closed and Croatia needs to protect its territory,” she said.

The president, who is in New York for a United Nations mini summit on the invasion, said that last year, Croatia let the invaders pass to other countries because there were no fences at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary.

Now, however, there are fences and the borders are closed.

Furthermore, she said, it “turned out that over 85 percent of them were economic migrants and not genuine refugees.”

President Grabar-Kitarovic added that it will “be very hard to solve this problem without a common European agreement,” and without an agreement with the countries that have been important in allowing the invasion—a direct reference to Turkey.

“However, we have to be prepared, and not depend on anyone else,” she continued. “We should be ready to protect our territory and borders.”

She also reiterated that the invasion is not a “European problem” per se, but rather one caused and created in the originating countries.

Earlier this month, Bulgaria completed yet another section of its border fence with materials supplied by Hungary. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, made an official visit to the Bulgarian border fence, which, like his own country’s border, is designed to hold back the Third World hordes still pouring into Greece from Turkey.

Hungary’s referendum on whether to accept the European Union’s “migrant quota” distribution rule is set to take place on October 2, and the latest polls indicate that it will return a government supporting “no” vote of around 79 percent.

“We will lose our European values and identity the way frogs are cooked in slowly boiling water. Quite simply, slowly there will be more and more Muslims and we will no longer recognize Europe,” Orban told parliament last week in support of the “no” campaign.

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  1. Sorry, but this is probably only a public speak just to calm our people here. In recent months, on few occasions, police had to come in some smaller cities deep inside our territory, because group of invaders has been spotted on the streets! So, probably someone is smuggling them in but no one knows where and how.

    Politicians always makes some promises, which usually are only lies. I would like to be wrong this time, but by my own experience with Croatian politicians, this is just another lie. Speech full off empty promises.

    1. Of cause, they lie. I would wish I could name one country where the politicians are the ones who truly pull the strings. As the rhetoric is tuned to the mentality in respective country, we however are fooled into believing that some countries (Croatia or Poland) do go against dictates from the globalist mafia.

    2. We should not forget the whole of masonic Jewish networking behind.Within Germany, Croatia, Greece, Austria, France, Spain there are people (leftists, so-called liberals and conservatives, non-thinkers, go with the flow people) who are in favor of immigration and support actively and willingly the destruction of their nations or others.
      Of course the destruction is far more advanced in Western, Northern and Southern Europe. But they won’t spare Eastern Europe. Step by step they will all get Africans, Middle Easterners, East Asians etc.
      They are only concerned with earning money and having a good life themselves. They don’t see any deeper meaning in preserving the people or the countryside. Their concerns are basically mundane. When people forget where they come from they don’t go anywhere and they become (involuntary) destroyers as they rather follow the published opinion and dogmas than think and act for themselves.
      That’s the tragedy of the whole situation.
      That’s why it was for the Kabbalists so important to make Europeans forget their own history and introduce Franz Boas´s nonsense of the “Out of Africa hypothesis” . Only when they believe this nonsense the destruction could begin.
      So they spiritually demoralized most of the people through the school system and above of that they inundated them with their sex-propaganda. The only liberty they offer is through exploring the sexual organs and the different ways to get to orgasms – 68/69).
      “making love with everyone and you are free” that’s the message behind it.
      They want mostly sex-driven sheeple as these are easy to govern as well because most of their energy goes into looking after new partners.
      I’ve read some articles where the invaders had to release their sexual urge so they raped here and there some European women. So before most of the invaders came ( though the UK and France had already their foreigners) they instigated the sexual revolution and equality propaganda so that people see it as normal to have mixed offspring. And the generation who lived through it is now 60, 70 years old.
      But as we have at least in Western, Northern and Southern Europe for quite a long time the whole destructive “we’re all equal BS-propaganda” the mixing rate is visibly quite high. It is pretty common now to see interracial couples.
      …As in the days the Days of Noah so shall it be in the last days here…..
      Ignorance is the biggest enemy.

  2. There are some people left with common sense. What is being inflicted on the European people, curtesy of Merkel, is beyond comprehension.

    1. Keep reminding America what you are going through. So far, Trump is winning and calls Hillary the Merkel of the USA. Keep reminding us however you can. The MSM won’t do it! We need help to see what will happen if we let this stuff go down. Please Help.

  3. Nice to see another PM with balls. Pity that the UK never had one, only muslim loving, europhile traitors, from Brown, Blair, Cameron and now that useless mouthpiece May!

    1. Please let anyone you know in the USA what is going on right now with you guys! We’re dealing with some chimp outs and bombs here now and everyone is upset. Please keep reminding your sons an daughters here what is going on. I don’t think we really get what is going to happen.

  4. Interesting to read that the President of Croatia broadly agrees with other sensible leaders in their assessment that only 15% of the hordes of freeloaders are true refugees.

    Merkel has damaged Europe perhaps beyond repair with her reckless policy to take, ‘all comers’ and it looks as if, happily, she will live to regret it when the voters have their final say. On the plus side though, the World only needs to follow the accurate news, such as this source, of the chaos and crime sweeping Europe to fully understand what the invader savages are all about – crime-ridden freeloaders. Perhaps we should all thank Merkel for that small mercy. The problem will be the next step to get these animals out of European countries before they do any more damage. I include the UK in that.

    1. I wonder why it takes a major mess up to wake people up. I can only hope and yet, it’s sad to see that as a last resort that leads to sanity. And how much does it take? Please keep telling us in the USA what is going on! Not all of us know what the result of invaders will be. I know what’s going to happen, but many Americans still buy into the liberal/globalist/guilt BS. Yes, I know where it comes from, so don’t lecture me, but the US population for the most part has been so brainwashed with PC and guilt that they don’t see ahead. Help!

      1. People living in ‘civilised’ Western countries have allowed themselves to be mollycoddled by the state. Referred to as the ‘Nanny State’ here in UK.
        People have learned to work the system to their best advantage, keep their heads down and not ‘rock the boat’, just take out what they can and don’t question the establishment. Socialism and Left wing ideals have replaced common sense.
        This essentially works as a social control model however, whilst everyone is not rocking the boat or questioning anything, ‘The Establishment’ covertly and insidiously sneaks in policies and makes changes to constitutions without anyone noticing……until its too late. This is what is happening all over Europe, fuelled by EUHR and race hate laws and diktats, the removal of treason laws and the swamping of once stable civilisations with unstable elements from Third World Countries, all controlled by ‘teflon’ politicians who in turn are controlled by their Masters.
        Borrowing huge amounts of money to facilitate the plan which all contributes to the eventual erosion of the foundations of Western countries. As an example Germany currently needs in excess of 40bn Euros per annum to keep and feed its new arrivals who will essentially contribute nothing to its economy. Their breeding alone in two generations will most likely collapse one of the most successful economies in the world
        People are now slowly waking up to what is happening. Its a total disaster for the West but the pendulum is slowly starting to swing the other way. War, civil and international is inevitable as this tangled, dysfunctional web is undone.

  5. Too little, too late. I wonder what the police statistics are for an increase in rape, gang rape, pickpocketing and robbery. The barbarians have already entered through the gates of Rome. Phase 2 after refusal of entry is forced deportation of those already in.

    1. Luckily, most of these invaders just passed through our country. They didn’t want to stay here, because in Germany there are far bigger benefits. So, we had only one attempted rape (at least that was in the media) from 3 Kongoans, who end up in jail for 3 jears.

      But, recently we brought few hundreds invaders from Italy and Greece (mostly Kebabs) under that quota agreements with EU government. And these migrants are getting free accommodation in state owned apartments. Yet, poor and unemployed Croatian families are not so important – police usually throw them away from houses because they cannot pay loans to the banks anymore.

      Last year police were forced by our government to smuggle invaders into our country and then smuggle them again into Hungary and Slovenia. Our own police break our own constitution and international law, and they caused big problems with our neighbouring countries. On one occasion, our armed police drove a train full of migrants over the border with Hungary, and Hungarian police put them in detention because of illegal trespass of the border.

      Nowadays, things seem a little bit different, but as I said before, invaders are “falling from the sky” and suddenly showing up in some small cities far away from our borders. Yet, no one is doing anything.

      I hope this is true, but words from any of our politicians are meaningless to me. Only if they show it in practice, I will believe them.

    2. The little bit I get to read about your situation shows that the stats are way up for crime/rape/etc. HOWEVER, just like in the USA, where the media buries the stats for black and illegal alien crimes the MSM likes to sweep things under the rug to keep up their liberal master’s happy and to not offend” anybody. ICE here in the US and any kind of law enforcement has been crippled by the stinking PC/Liberal voices. Help us by forcing the stories, videos and anything you can do to upon us to save us. Help.

  6. Migrant quotas are billeting at national level. Imagine if you will that the EU ordered every indigenous house to accommodate 2, 3, 4 or more “refugees”, to share the family meals with them and -horror – turn a blind eye when they rape your children. Quotas are exactly the same.

    1. No one is coming into my house unless they are a cool, English speaking, White European exchange student that I approve of and that I have contracted to have. I swear, Americans have guns and some kind of quota thing would tip us right over the edge and we are already there with our own “diverse” crowd, PC and liberals. This is a fast moving world and we are a fast moving country. Many of us have been pushed to the edge, and we don’t want to jump off into the abyss.

  7. Does anyone know who the 50 countries are that pledged to take in more rapefugees? I want to see if saudi is on the list and my own country. Dont want them here. Taking them is not a solution to the problem. I think Truman’s idea is better

  8. Fight to kick them out. We all will lose our country’s. They come and sue and complain. And in the US are bieng given their way. Now we just had attacks this past weekend. They come to take over and make everyone muslim and anyone who isn’t is killed. Let them go back and like our ancestors fought for our country.

    1. Cheers! USA here. What more do we need to stop the Liberal, globalist BS we are being fed? Seriously? I really don’t care anymore. Really, I don’t. And we have had an interesting few days, haven’t we? Obama and Hillary are going to ruin us all…it’s like, Hey kids, let’s add to the problem! Are they insane? I don’t want to take the chance of eating the deadly skittle just for some fun in the short term. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

  9. Only deportation throughout Europe can stop the invasion. What are the chances? Are there enough people angry enough to start militant resistance to the forced integration? This is absolutely the only way to go.

  10. Croatia stud in a path of muslim invasion for over 300 years in the past with great loss of life and territory,(“bosnia” was Croatian territory before being occupied by otoman empire . However, that does not necessarily mean that their leadership remembers the past, seeing how corrupt and downright taken over by criminals Croatian government is (sounds familiar?) this announcement surprises me. I do not believe that they really care about protecting their people. I see it more being a case of losing their ability to steal everything they can from the people and just trying to limit the invaders from doing it.
    Only a couple of days ago friend from Croatia (war veteran suffering PTSD, unemployed without any income who struggles to barely survive) told me (we talk from time to time over Skype) that the police rounded up “refugees” that were blundering around south-west of Zagreb, which is way out of “transit route” and were escorting them.
    At least Croatian police seems to be doing the right thing rather than just ignoring the problem and turning against people like most other EU police forces do.
    Lets live in hope that, whatever the true reasons of Croatian leadership, they stand by their decision.

  11. Corruption in people and thus their elected government is the worst and leads to disaster. Always. To me, it’s like letting kids run wild with no consequences and then wondering why they got suspended from school. DUH! There is right and there is wrong. Honorable and Dis-honorable. . There is no gray here. I wish your friend the best.

  12. unfortunately, all the politicians in Croatia are from rothchild-soros-rockefeller bag of wanders
    and miracles, so I fear, there will be no miracle for Croatia in immediate future…

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