Czech Republic: Fake Chinese “Asylum Seekers” in Appeal against Rejection

At least 70 Chinese invaders pretending to be refugees in the Czech Republic who have had their patently bogus “asylum” applications rejected, have launched an appeal in that country’s court system with the aid of local far left agitators.

According to a report in the Prague Monitor, the invaders, who claimed to have been persecuted because they were Christians, had their applications rejected because they had failed to meet the most basic criteria to qualify as a “refugee.”

Their appeal is being handled by Hana Frankova, a Jewish lawyer from the “Organization for Aid to Refugees” (OPU) which represents about 30 of the invaders.

The report said that in February, the Interior Ministry announced that it had granted “asylum” to eight Chinese nationals but had turned down the remaining 70.

Apparently the Chinese had applied for asylum more than two years ago, and at least 14 had withdrawn their applications and had left the country in the interim

The Czech Interior Ministry said the applicants had to prove they were persecuted in their homeland, and the “fact that they were members of a minority community was not enough for granting asylum to them.”

It is not completely clear why the eight Chinese who were granted “asylum” were treated differently to the 70 who were not, as Frankova pointed out.

The complaints against the ministry’s verdict will be lodged to regional courts across the Czech Republic, depending on where individual applicants live. Frankova expected the courts to deal with the complaints “in several months.”

Meanwhile, a report in the euraisanet news service revealed that Tajiks applying for “asylum” in Poland have met a “dead end” after that country rejected their bogus claims.

The Tajik invasion of Europe started in 2015, when the Tajikistan government banned summarily banned the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRPT)—until then, the only legal Islamist party in Central Asia.

In 2016, 882 Tajiks applied for “asylum” in Poland, but the failure to convince the Poles that they were actually “refugees” meant that this number fell to 154 in 2017.

As the eurasianet report added, the “fear of potential deportation to Tajikistan compels many to try their luck in other EU nations like Germany, Austria and France, before they complete the asylum-seeking procedure in Poland. It isn’t just the specter of deportation that informs this strategy.

“In other countries, like Germany, France and Austria, there are more migrants, people are used to different cultures and asylum seekers can meet people from their countries,” Muhamadjon Kabirov, an IRPT member told Eurasianet. “For Muslims, there are lots of mosques [in western Europe].”

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  1. One thing I don’t understand is this: Why must disturbances/conflicts in other countries, matters we in our white (or formerly white) countries have no influence over, mean that our countries are to be racially transformed by the transfer of any who are hurt (or supposedly hurt) by those disturbances into our countries? There will always be conflicts in the world, and other peoples’ fights mean that our countries must become something unrecognizable and foreign to us?

    1. Yes, White men must change their mentality and realize we can’t be the life raft of the world! Other races are quite reluctant to do this like China or Muslim countries and of course Israel. They all preach “tolerance,” Islam preaches this religion that’s “all inclusive” (and make fake boasts about how multiracial it is because “Allah’s so powerful” nonsense) but when it comes to the crunch they are loyal to their own ethnic groups in their own backyard.

  2. “Their appeal is being handled by Hana Frankova, a Jewish lawyer from the “Organization for Aid to Refugees” (OPU) which represents about 30 of the invaders.”

    Why am I not surprised one of (((them))) is behind this? besides the obvious subversion from these bastards, this further demonstrates why we need to emphasize both religion AND race when wanting to keep Europe white. It’s not enough to say “No Muslims”, because what about nonwhite Christians?

  3. Yes! We need stories like this so we can awaken people on the reality of Chinese immigration! There are only 5,000 there, but why are there any there at all?! It just drives me bonkers! PLEASE PEOPLE BE AWARE OF WHO’S COMING IN! DON’T JUST FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON MUSLIMS OR JEWS! Chinese are coming in like a trojan horse! Goodness!

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