America’s “Sanctuary Cities” to Lose Billions

Washington D.C.—America’s capital city—will lose at least 25 percent of its entire budget in in terms of President Donald Trump’s new Executive Order barring federal funds to cities which protect illegal invaders.

President Trump—who has so far lived up to his campaign promises in spectacular fashion—announced the cutting of federal aid to “sanctuary cities” in one of two executive orders, with the second ordering the construction of an anti-invasion wall on the U.S.–Mexico border.

The cutting off of aid to the so-called “sanctuary cities” will have major repercussions for almost all of the 364 counties and 39 cities officially identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as “having a policy that is non-cooperative and obstructs immigration enforcement.”

While Washington D.C. will lose $3.35 billion, or 25 percent of its budget, the city of New York is set to be the single biggest financial loser.

Currently, New York City gets $10.4 billion—or 12 percent—of its total budget from federal funds.

New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer said in November 2016 that cuts in federal aid to New York will have a “devastating impact” and pointed out that the city’s police department receives 61 percent of its $380 million Intelligence and Counter-terrorism budget from the federal government.

San Francisco, which also refuses to enforce immigration laws or to inquire about the immigration status of residents, will lose at least $1 billion—or at least 11.2 percent of its annual budget.

Chicago—former president Barack Obama’s hometown and another large center which actively promotes the illegal invasion of America—stands to lose more than $1 billion in federal funding, equivalent to 10 percent of the city’s  budget.

Providence, Rhode Island, will lose 10 percent of its city budget, amounting to $71 million, while Denver, Colorado, will lose 9 percent of its budget, or more than $175 million.

Oakland, California, will lose at least 4 percent of its budget, or $52 million.

Minneapolis, St Paul, will lose 2 percent of the city budget, or more than $25 million.

Los Angeles will lose at least 2 percent of the city’s budget, or $507 million.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, will lose about 2 percent of the city’s annual budget, or about $6 million.

Aurora, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington, will each lose about 1.8 percent of their total budgets, while Seattle will lose about 3 percent of its police budget.

Portland, Oregon, will lose about 1.3 percent of its total budget and up to 2 percent of its police budget.

As detailed on the Ohio Jobs & Justice Political Action Committee (OJJPAC) website—one of the original PACs to first highlight the issue of “sanctuary cities,”—there is legislation which specifically outlaws this sort of protection for illegal invaders.

In 1996, the 104th U.S. Congress passed Pub. L. 104-208, also known as the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). This law requires all local governments to cooperate with ICE, but in spite of this, all the “sanctuary cities” have ignored it.

“Sanctuary” policies most commonly instruct local or state government employees not to notify the federal government of the presence of illegal invaders living in or passing through their communities, counties, or states.

These policies also blur the legal distinction between legal resident aliens and illegal aliens, so illegal aliens can have access to the same taxpayer funded programs and benefits available to legal permanent resident aliens.

For example, the Governor of Maine instituted an Executive Order entitled “An Order Concerning Access to State Services by All Entitled Maine Residents,” in 2004.

That Order limits state employees’ ability to report the presence of illegal aliens, which has led to scores of illegal invaders moving to Maine in search of public benefits and valid Maine drivers’ licenses. These driving licenses are then used to drive in other states.

The Republican-controlled Utah Legislature passed its own package of “immigration bills” in May 2011, granting illegal invaders the right to live and work in that state.

Police in Utah also refrain from inquiring about anyone’s legal status unless they are stopped or arrested for serious misdemeanors or felonies.

As OJJPAC noted, “illegal aliens are not immigrants.”  By definition, an “immigrant” is a foreign national (alien) who legally emigrated to the U.S. and has applied for and was granted lawful permanent resident status by the U.S. government.

“When a foreign national is illegally smuggled into the U.S. or violates visa restrictions—he or she is an unauthorized (illegal) alien present in the U.S. in violation of U.S. law, and subject to deportation under Title 8 of the U.S. Code § 1227, Deportable aliens,” OJJPAC points out.

Another false argument public officials use to justify sanctuary policies is “public safety.”

OJJPAC said that in order to “gain support for the adoption of sanctuary policies, some public officials claim that sanctuary policies serve as an effective ‘community policing’ tool.

“This fallacious argument goes as follows: ‘Illegal aliens who are witnesses or victims of crimes, won’t report the crimes for fear of arrest and deportation.’

 “However, illegal aliens cannot possibly be victims of crime in the U.S. (or be witnesses to crimes) if they if are not in the U.S. Nor can illegal aliens continue to victimize thousands of U.S. citizens each year if they are removed from the U.S. and kept out by an aggressive border and interior enforcement policy,” OJJPAC pointed out.

“Logically, public safety is improved by enforcing immigration laws, including the prosecution of those individuals whom have aided and abetted illegal aliens by adopting illegal sanctuary policies.”

The previous Obama administration often filed lawsuits against any state or local government attempting to crack down on illegal aliens in their jurisdictions, while claiming that it was unable to prevent local authorities from establishing “sanctuary areas” for invaders.

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  1. When Trump cuts the budget to these cities protecting illegal immigrants they will make sure the legal people suffer by cutting their services and trying to blame it all on Trump when in fact the cities are at fault for protecting these people.

    1. These so called sanctuary cities need to shut down entirely. Jobs must be given to American citizens and stop all immigration from everywhere, we don’t need more welfare bums or people taking our jobs.

  2. Terrific. We must all have had doubts about Trump. But he’s straight into action. Let’s hope the Jews who encouraged the invasion all stump up to help the invaders, by supplying their own housing, food etc. After all, everyone knows they are sincere. And the Clintons and Obamas will of course be anxious to help, too.

    1. And Rahm Emaanuel. I’m guessing that illegals can be roughly costed in terms of their general expenses; and Trump is using approximations to get his % cuts. The more illegals, the more the budget will be trimmed. I’m amused New York will get a bit cutback; assuming The Fed doesn’t just hand their secret trillions to them, Jew activists promoting invasion will lose rents. I’d expect these fake church charities will have problems, too. I hope this site keeps up to date with these convolutions – I can’t imagine the BBC, for example, having the interest or competence or honesty.

  3. Right man, right place, right time. Well done the Donald looks like Obama was instrumental in bypassing/breaking American Laws.

  4. “A country without borders is not a country”, read this somewhere in the past, and is one of the few comments that is totally true. Always have remembered the JFK phrase:- “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” The hardships of life that those of us of a senior age had to live with when growing up have long gone, rightly so, but it made us better equipped to cope with life in later years (that’s just my experience), because today an 8 year old is using modern technology rather than chopping sticks to light a fire that many of us were required to do. Donald Trump is probably the first man in the White House who is far more financially aware of how public money is wasted than any that I recall. Good luck, there will be some trouble across the land, but don’t back down.

  5. OBEY THE LAW – NO ca$h for any place that does not comply. Get all the felons and incarcerate them; better yet, MAKE their country of origin take their hoodlums back, so the US does not have to pay for their housing in jail. It reminds me of Cuba dumping all their criminals on the US back in the day. STOP THIS INSANITY! —“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND ‘SAFE’ AGAIN”. Thank you Donald Trump for saving our country.

    1. The Donald has said countries not willing to take back deportees will lose their foreign aid.
      I think they should lose it anyway. More$$$ for the wall!

  6. People must learn that the only way to get into any country is via legal immigration. People who sided with illegal immigration are pro smugglers and too naive of the dangers that illegals and citizens faced. To save lives and fight human smugglers, people must protest against illegal immigration.

  7. The world has been waiting for this man. The liberal immigrant lovers’ taxes will go up. Let’s see how they feel when they have to personally finance the invading filth!

  8. Consider charging every politician, bureaucrat and citizen-in-general striving to assist illegal alien invaders with EVERY felony committed by illegals in the jurisdiction they live in with aiding and abetting ALL the crimes committed by those illegals.

    The enormous number of crimes the illegals commit ensures that if found guilty the USA citizens would be facing life sentences. Perhaps specialized labor camps for these traitors serving foreign invaders where their labors are a service to the public and provide the sustenance that feeds and shelters them.

    Just a thought. There must be punishment for traitors to the USA.

  9. All those nonwhites will be heading to canada. Canada has about 34 million people. Tub Head trudeau, the total *sshole that he is wants even more nonwhites but then what do you expect from french genetics. Canada is in the process of ethnocide as is france and will soon be a sanctuary sh*thole. The liberals cannot see beyond their noses. Once sanctuary canada
    goes to hell then the invaders will re-invade the US. The US has over a hundred
    sanctuary cities, mind bogling. Trump
    has a gigantic problem to deal with.

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