FL Homo Shootings: “Hoist on own Petard”

The Afghanistan-origin of the gunman who killed more than 50 homosexuals and other sexual deviants at an Orlando, Florida nightclub last night, has highlighted the inherent contradictions of modern liberalism—and has hoist the pro-immigration, pro-homosexual establishment on its own petard.

The Islamic shooter, named as Omar Mateen, 29, was born in the US in 1986, and is an American citizen. His parents were “refugees” from Afghanistan.


Omar Mateen.
Omar Mateen.

Mateen targeted the homo club because it symbolized the western degeneracy which the radical Islamists claim to oppose (although homosexuality is rife in the Arab world as well, as shown by the large number of homo-sex attacks upon little boys by “refugees” in Austria and Germany over the past year).

In attacking the nightclub, Mateen has highlighted two important issues which are a direct result of the misplaced ideology of liberalism which dominates the current establishment.

Firstly, the fact that Mateen’s family was granted “asylum” in the US illustrates the insanity of the open doors immigration and asylum policy pursued by the US government—and all Western governments—since the 1960s.

This policy—grounded on the repudiation of any understanding of race and racial differences—says that anyone from anywhere can “become an American” just by moving to America, as if race, racial differences, behavioral patterns, and genetics can be cast aside like a jacket at passport control.

This in turn has led to the equally false belief that once in America, any Third Worlder will stop being a Third Worlder and somehow magically transform into a First Worlder—and behave the same way, have the same moral values, and endorse the same social contract as the European founders of the US.

The second issue which Mateen has highlighted is that the establishment promotes as “normal” all manner of sexual deviances in the name of “tolerance”—while at the same time importing “immigrants” from the Third World which are the most extreme and hypocritical in dealing with homosexuals.

This inherent contradiction: promoting Third World immigration and then expecting these same Third World immigrants to endorse the worst mentally-ill excesses of modern liberal behaviors—is widespread not only in the US but also in Europe, where there have been many instances of homosexuals endorsing the nonwhite invasion in the name of “equality.”


Those homosexuals and other deviants who still believe that the mass importation of Third Worlders into First World nations is going to result in a wonderland “tolerant utopia” have been given a rude lesson in racial realities in Orlando—and this sort of lesson will not be the last of its sort to come.

* A petard was a small bomb used for blowing up gates and walls when breaching fortifications of French origin dating back to the sixteenth century. The petards often detonated early, leading to the idiom “hoist by one’s own petard” when a person is hurt or destroyed by his own plot or device intended for another. The saying “hoist by one’s own petard” comes from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet (III.iv.207): “For tis the sport to haue the enginer / Hoist with his owne petar.”

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  1. heres islams last 30 day toll=
    2016.06.11 Syria Sayyida Zeinab 20 40 A double suicide bombing outside a Shiite mosque leaves at least twenty dead.
    2016.06.11 Afghanistan Haska Mena 6 11 At least six are left dead after Islamic State members fire into a police station.
    2016.06.10 Iraq Fallujah 30 0 Islamists spray machine-gun fire into a crowd of women and children trying to flee the caliphate, killing at least thirty.
    2016.06.10 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 A 62-year-old Hindu monastery worker is hacked to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
    2016.06.10 Syria Ghandoura 37 0 ISIS members massacre at least thirty-seven villagers, including women and children.
    2016.06.10 Nigeria Mairari 4 0 Islamists drag four women out of their homes and slit their throats.
    2016.06.09 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A woman is stoned to death in front of a mosque for adultery.
    2016.06.09 Iraq Kirkuk 1 5 A mother is killed by an IS IED while leading her family out of the caliphate.
    2016.06.09 Iraq Wilayat Salahuddin 1 0 A man is beheaded for sorcery by the caliphate.
    2016.06.09 Iraq Baghdad 19 46 A Sunni suicide bomber targets a commercial district in a Shiite area, killing nineteen.
    2016.06.09 Iraq Taji 12 32 A dozen Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
    2016.06.09 Somalia Halgan 43 0 Dozens of AU peacekeepers are massacred during an al-Shabaab suicide assault.
    2016.06.09 Syria Meydan 5 50 At least five are killed when al-Nusra deliberately shells a civilian area.
    2016.06.08 Iraq Hanbas 3 3 An ISIS bomb blast lays out three Shiites.
    2016.06.08 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is burnt alive by her conservative mother for eloping without permission.
    2016.06.08 (((Our Greatest Ally))) Tel Aviv 4 13 Muslims disguised as Orthodox Jews fire into a food and retail market, killing four patrons as they praise Allah.
    2016.06.08 Libya Abu Grein 25 32 Over two dozen defenders are killed during an ISIS assault on a small town.
    2016.06.08 Libya Buairat el-Hassun 7 18 An ISIS car bomb claims seven lives.
    2016.06.07 Iraq Haditha 2 0 Two female factory workers are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    2016.06.07 Iraq Karbala 7 20 A Sunni suicide bomber produces seven dead Shiites at a commercial area.
    2016.06.07 Afghanistan Sokhti 11 12 Eleven local security personnel are killed during a Taliban attack.
    2016.06.07 Afghanistan Ghazni 12 50 The Taliban stop vehicles along a highway and massacre a dozen occupants.
    2016.06.07 Iraq Khazar 5 0 Five displaced persons are further removed by ISIS bombers.
    2016.06.07 Bangladesh Jhenaidah 1 0 A 69-year-old Hindu priest is hacked to death by Islamic radicals.
    2016.06.06 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Jihadis bomb a local market, killing two patrons.
    2016.06.06 Nigera Adamawa 4 0 Four farmers are murdered by Boko Haram.
    2016.06.06 Egypt Sadwet 1 0 A young policeman is shot to death in the name of Allah.
    2016.06.06 Thailand Narathiwat 3 2 Two villagers are shot point blank by Muslim terrorists.
    2016.06.06 Iraq Mosul 11 0 Eleven people are executed in front of their families for trying to flee the caliphate.
    2016.06.06 Afghanistan Sari Pul 7 0 A child is among seven gunned down by Taliban fundamentalists.
    2016.06.06 Yemen Khormaksar 1 0 A civilian is killed when Muslim extremists fire on an airport.
    2016.06.06 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 Four civilians are tortured to death by a Shiite militia.
    2016.06.06 Yemen Taiz 8 13 Shiite shells kill eight family members, including three children.
    2016.06.06 Iraq Mosul 65 0 Sixty-five civilians, including university students, are rounded up and executed by caliphate staff.
    2016.06.06 Jordan Amman 5 0 At least five employees are killed in their office by Islamic militants.
    2016.06.06 Cameroon Darak 10 0 Ten fishermen are cut down by Boko Haram.
    2016.06.05 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A female journalist is assassinated by al-Shabaab outside a college campus.
    2016.06.05 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 An NPR journalist and his translator are picked off by Taliban snipers.
    2016.06.05 Kazakhstan Aktobe 6 3 Islamic radicals murder six people in two separate attacks.
    2016.06.05 Afghanistan Kabul 3 3 Fundamentalists set off a bomb outside a house that leaves three dead.
    2016.06.05 Iraq Abu Ghraib 3 7 A Jihadi bomb blast ends the lives of three people at a market.
    2016.06.05 Pakistan Sachal Goth 3 0 Two Hindus are among three slain at a liquor shop by members of a banned terror group.
    2016.06.05 Pakistan Attock 1 0 A 65-year-old Ahmadi religious minority is gunned down.
    2016.06.05 Afghanistan Puli Alim 7 23 Islamic hardliners with suicide vests storm a courthouse and murder seven workers.
    2016.06.05 Iraq al-Mahouz 3 0 Three civilians are beheded by the Islamic State.
    2016.06.05 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 A woman is murdered in her home by religious radicals.
    2016.06.05 Syria Aleppo 2 27 Two people are killed when Islamists target a church with rockets.
    2016.06.05 Bangladesh Natore 1 0 A Christian man is hacked to death at his shop by Islamists.
    2016.06.04 Iraq Fallujah 34 15 Thirty-four Iraqis are killed by two Islamic State suicide bombers.
    2016.06.04 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 15 A Shahid suicide bomber eliminates eight people waiting at a checkpoint.
    2016.06.04 Iraq Baghdad 7 25 Terrorists kill seven Iraqis in two separate attacks on a restaurant and market.
    2016.06.04 India Anantnag 2 0 Two cops are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
    2016.06.04 Syria Aleppo 7 33 Seven civilians are killed when Sunni terrorists fire rockets into their section of a city.
    2016.06.04 Syria Hamadaniyey 5 47 A well-placed Sunni shell takes out five residents in their own neighborhood.
    2016.06.04 Iraq Fallujah 400 0 A mass grave is discovered containing at least four hundred victims of ISIS executions.
    2016.06.03 Dagestan Ashaga-Stal 1 0 Islamists break into a policeman’s home and murder him in front of his wife and children.
    2016.06.03 Iraq Mosul 19 0 Nineteen Yazidi girls are put in cages and burned alive for refusing sex with caliphate members.
    2016.06.03 India Bejbehara 3 5 Islamic terrorists ambush and kill three members of a local security convoy.
    2016.06.03 Iraq Abu Dsher 3 7 Three Iraqis are reduced to pulp by Mujahid shrapnel.
    2016.06.03 Iraq Fallujah 2 3 A suicide bomber targets a family fleeing the caliphate, killing two members.
    2016.06.03 Yemen Taiz 17 30 Ten women and a girl are among seventeen shredded by Shiite shrapnel at a market.
    2016.06.03 Niger Bosso 32 67 Thirty-two defenders are slain during a massive Boko Haram assault on a small town.
    2016.06.03 Iraq Khalis 2 2 A probable premature detonation in a taxi cab leaves two dead.
    2016.06.03 Nigeria Waga 2 3 Boko Haram kill two villagers and abduct three women.
    2016.06.02 Pakistan Faqirabad 1 0 A retired man is shot to death by religious radicals.
    2016.06.02 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 0 Two civilians, taken hostage after being pulled from a bus, are executed by the Taliban.
    2016.06.02 Afghanistan Sheikh Ali 3 0 A woman is among three aid workers murdered by religious extremists.
    2016.06.02 Syria Latakia 5 0 Five people are reported killed when a suicide bomber strikes a rival mosque.
    2016.06.02 Nigeria Kano 1 0 Muslim youth behead a Christian woman for insulting Muhammad after an argument over religion.
    2016.06.01 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six men are executed by the caliphate for selling cigarettes.
    2016.06.01 Sudan Singi 1 0 A Janjaweed-linked militia guns down a rival imam.
    2016.06.01 Iraq Madain 2 9 Jihadis set off a bomb near a sports arena, taking out two bystanders.
    2016.06.01 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 4 Two Iraqis are eliminated by Mujahid bombers.
    2016.06.01 Libya Sirte 10 40 Ten Libyans are taken out by two ISIS suicide bombers.
    2016.06.01 Iraq Tal Afar 3 0 Three young men are forced to their knees and then shot in the back of the head by the Islamic State.
    2016.06.01 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 13 Fundamentalists storm a court building in a suicide attack that leaves five civilians and one police officer dead.
    2016.06.01 Afghanistan Balkh 1 3 A local police chief is assassinated by Taliban bombers.
    2016.06.01 Somalia Mogadishu 16 55 Islamists stage a suicide assault on a hotel, killing at least sixteen guests.
    2016.06.01 Iraq Nineveh 13 0 Thirteen people are executed for refusing to join the Islamic State.
    2016.05.31 Nigeria Ninte 3 0 Muslim terrorists burn churches and a pastors home, and hack three villagers to death as they slept.
    2016.05.31 Iraq Suleiman Bek 4 13 A Holy warrior with a suicide vest obliterates four souls along a city street.
    2016.05.31 Mali Gao 4 3 al-Qaeda members murder four UN mission staff.
    2016.05.31 Afghanistan Kunduz 17 30 The Taliban stop four civilian buses and summarily execute seventeen passengers.
    2016.05.31 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Five Muslim ‘separatists’ ambush and kill two local security personnel.
    2016.05.31 Egypt Qabr Omeir 6 6 Six young police recruits are murdered by an Islamic State linked group.
    2016.05.31 Somalia Galgala Hills 2 0 Two Somalis lose their lives to an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
    2016.05.30 Syria Aleppo 5 21 Five civilians are pulled into pieces by Sunni rockets.
    2016.05.30 Iraq Shaab 11 14 Eleven Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
    2016.05.30 Iraq Tarmiya 10 24 A Shahid suicide bomber strikes a popular market, killing ten patrons.
    2016.05.30 Iraq Sadr City 3 10 Sunnis take down three Shiites with a motorcycle bomb at a market.
    2016.05.30 Pakistan Mardan 0 12 Children are among the casualties of a suicide bomber.
    2016.05.30 Kenya Bongwe 3 0 Three village elders are shot to death in their homes by al-Shabaab.
    2016.05.30 Syria Palmyra 150 0 A mass grave is discovered containing the remains of one-hundred and fifty victims of ISIS torture and execution.
    2016.05.30 Tunisia Samama Mountain 2 0 Two women collecting herbs are vaporized by an Islamist landmine.
    2016.05.30 Afghanistan Helmand 47 40 A massive two-day assault by the Taliban leaves nearly fifty police and citizens dead.
    2016.05.30 Tanzania Tanga 8 0 Eight people are hacked to death in their beds by suspected Islamists.
    2016.05.29 Niger Pandogari 4 0 A Muslim mob burns churches and kill four people based on a ‘blasphemous’ post on Facebook.
    2016.05.29 Iraq Mualimeen 7 35 Seven people are slaughtered at a casino by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    2016.05.29 Iraq Karmardi 11 0 A Shahid with a suicide belt sends eleven souls to Allah.
    2016.05.29 Iraq Wilayat al-Jazihra 3 0 The caliphate imposes the ‘rule of Allah’ on three captives by executing them.
    2016.05.29 Iraq Kahriz 2 21 A chlorine gas attack by ISIS on a small village produces two dead children.
    2016.05.29 Afghanistan Nadi Ali 4 10 Four local security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban assault.
    2016.05.29 Mali Savare 5 1 Jihadis ambush and murder five UN peacekeepers.
    2016.05.29 Nigeria Biu 5 0 A woman and her baby are among five people slain by Boko Haram bombers.
    2016.05.29 Egypt Sinai 2 3 Fundamentalists kill two local cops with a roadside bomb.
    2016.05.28 Iraq Baghdad 12 8 Islamists machine-gun a dozen fan watching soccer on television.
    2016.05.28 Iraq Fallujah 2 20 ISIS shrapnel dismantles two women.
    2016.05.28 Philippines Sulu 2 3 Abu Sayyaf gunmen kill two people during an attempt to kidnap a female physician.
    2016.05.28 Syria Shaddadi 4 18 Three Shahid suicide bombers take out four Kurds.
    2016.05.28 Syria Ain al-Dananeer 1 3 A woman is obliterated by an al-Nusra rocket.
    2016.05.28 Syria Raqqa 4 0 Four young men are beheaded by the Islamic State.
    2016.05.27 Mali Bamako 5 4 Five UN peacekeepers are killed from a Jihadi landmine and small arms attack.
    2016.05.27 Syria Aleppo 1 9 Holy Warriors fire ten rockets into a neighborhood, managing to take down an elderly woman.
    2016.05.27 France Saint Julien du Puy 0 1 An off-duty soldier is stabbed by ISIS supporters while jogging.
    2016.05.26 Syria Aleppo 1 0 Sunni snipers pick off a civilian in a Shiite area.
    2016.05.26 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shiites are gunned down by sectarian Jihadis.
    2016.05.26 Iraq Tarmiya 5 3 Five people are killed when ISIS booby-traps a house.
    2016.05.26 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Three shoppers in a retail district are sent to Allah by Mujahid bombers.
    2016.05.26 Iraq Mishada 4 16 Jihadis strike a commercial area with two bomb blasts, laying out four bystanders.
    2016.05.25 Iraq Suleiman Bag 2 6 At least two others are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
    2016.05.25 India Kupwara 1 0 A porter is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
    2016.05.25 Bangladesh Gobindaganj 1 0 A physically disabled Hindu trader’s throat is cut by radicalized Muslims.
    2016.05.25 Syria Aleppo 7 5 Three women and two children are among seven innocents torn to shreds by Sunni rockets.
    2016.05.25 India Pulwama 1 1 Muslim terrorists shoot a cop to death and injure a woman.
    2016.05.25 Pakistan Patang Chowk 2 1 Islamists fire on a police vehicle, killing two occupants.
    2016.05.25 Afghanistan Kabul 11 10 Eleven lives are snuffed out by a suicide bomber on foot targeting a bus carrying court employees.
    2016.05.25 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 Religious extremists gun down an Ahmadi religious minority and injure his friend.
    2016.05.25 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A transgender is shot by ‘conservative elements.’
    2016.05.25 Turkey Hah, Tur Abdin 5 0 At least five people are killed when a suicide bomber targets a checkpoint outside two historic churches.
    2016.05.24 Iraq Zafaraniya 2 6 Jihadis bomb a popular restaurant, killing two people.
    2016.05.24 Iraq Mosul 12 0 Twelve civilians are hauled from their homes and executed by the Islamic State.
    2016.05.24 Yemen Sanaa 2 2 Sunni extremists are suspected of a university bombing that leaves two dead.
    2016.05.23 Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot 5 4 Five civilians are killed and four others badly wounded by a Taliban bomb blast.
    2016.05.23 Pakistan Bara Bandai 2 0 A peace committee member and his guard are assassinated by Islamist gunmen.
    2016.05.23 Syria Jableh 161 300 Children are among one-hundred and sixty innocents incinerated or blown apart by ISIS suicide blasts.
    2016.05.23 Syria Mayadin 1 0 A teenager is publicly stoned to death on charges of being gay.
    2016.05.23 Yemen Jazan 1 3 A Shiite landmine kills a Saudi border guard.
    2016.05.23 India Zadibal 2 2 Islamic militants gun down two cops at close range.
    2016.05.23 Yemen Aden 45 60 At least forty young people lining up for work are blown to bits by two Fedayeen suicide bombers.
    2016.05.23 India Tengpora 1 0 A police officer is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
    2016.05.22 Iraq Rataba 8 0 Eight people are burned alive in ovens by the caliphate.
    2016.05.22 Iraq Suleiman Beg 2 11 Two Shiites are taken out by an ISIS suicide bomber.
    2016.05.22 Sudan Arzini 8 5 Children are among the victims when Arabs fire into a group of Africans at a mosque.
    2016.05.22 Syria Tal Tamr 5 0 Two suicide bombers take out five Kurds.
    2016.05.22 Syria Qamishli 6 15 Six Assyrians are laid out by Allah-praising suicide bombers targeting a Christian restaurant.
    2016.05.22 Afghanistan Herat 1 7 A Taliban rocket claims the life of a civilian.
    2016.05.22 Iraq Mosul 19 0 Nineteen young women and men are executed by the Islamic State on charges of apostasy.
    2016.05.21 Iraq Dujail 7 28 A Shahid suicide bomber massacres seven patrons at a popular market.
    2016.05.21 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 3 0 Three local cops are laid out by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
    2016.05.21 Iraq Tarmiya 2 7 Two people are blown to bits by a Mujahideen bomb blast at a market.
    2016.05.21 Afghanistan Charchino 6 0 A Taliban insider shoots six local cops in the back.
    2016.05.20 Iraq Husseiniya 2 6 A Jihadi bomb blast near a row of shops leaves two dead.
    2016.05.20 Syria Sheikh Maqsoud 1 5 A young girl is killed when terrorists bomb her neighborhood.
    2016.05.20 Syria Idlib 1 0 A woman is vaporized by an ISIS tank shell.
    2016.05.20 Tanzania Mwanza 3 1 Islamic extremists hack three people at a rival mosque to death with machetes.
    2016.05.20 Bangladesh Kushtia 1 1 A 55-year-old homoeopathic doctor is hacked to death by Religion of Peace activists.
    2016.05.20 Iran Urmia 5 0 Five Kurdish rights activists are publicly hanged for ‘conspiring against Islam’.
    2016.05.20 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 A UN security guard is gunned down by suspected Taliban.
    2016.05.20 Niger Yebi 8 7 Boko Haram set a village on fire and shoot into it, killing at least eight.
    2016.05.20 Yemen Wilayet 3 0 Fundamentalists gruesomely execute three men – one by crushing his head with a rock.
    2016.05.20 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three civilians are captured and beheaded by the Islamic State.
    2016.05.20 England London 0 4 A Turkish man yelling about Lee Rigby stabs four women in a parking lot on the third anniversary.
    2016.05.19 Iraq Taji 3 10 Mujahideen bomb an industrial district, killing three passersby.
    2016.05.19 Syria Tabqa 3 0 Three citizens of the Islamic State are executed for apostasy.
    2016.05.19 Afghanistan Qalat 8 0 A Taliban in uniform shoots eight unarmed soldiers.
    2016.05.19 Afghanistan Baghlan Jadid 11 0 Five children and two women are among a family of eleven exterminated by Taliban bombers.
    2016.05.19 Germany Baden-Württemberg 1 0 A 70-year-old woman is murdered in her home by a young Muslim who leaves a ‘religious’ note at the scene.
    2016.05.18 Iraq Latifiya 9 9 The Islamic State kills nine with a booby-trapped home.
    2016.05.18 Mali Kidal 5 3 Five UN peacekeepers are murdered by religious extremists.
    2016.05.18 Iraq Mosul 25 0 The caliphate tortures and executes twenty-five people with nitric acid.
    2016.05.18 Libya Sirte 24 0 A rights group reports that two dozen people are pulled from their homes by ISIS and ‘unlawfully’ executed.
    2016.05.18 Pakistan Peshawar 1 15 Islamic militants kill a local cop with a bomb.
    2016.05.18 Syria Genderes 1 1 A civilian is killed when ISIS members send rockets into a neighborhood.
    2016.05.17 Syria Aleppo 1 6 A woman bleeds to death following a Sunni rocket blast.
    2016.05.17 Syria Ghouta 4 12 Four civilian bystanders are killed during a clash between rival Islamist groups.
    2016.05.17 Libya Abugrein 4 5 ISIS shrapnel claims four lives.
    2016.05.17 Iraq Sadr City 30 57 Thirty people at a market are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    2016.05.17 Iraq Rashid 8 22 Eight Iraqis are reduced to pulp by an ISIS car bombing.
    2016.05.17 Iraq al-Shaab 41 75 A female suicide bomber murders over forty people who gathered to help victims of an earlier blast.
    2016.05.17 Iraq Habibia 9 0 At least nine patrons are killed when a suicide bomber wades into a packed restaurant and detonates.
    2016.05.17 Iraq Daquq 1 0 An ISIS bomb takes out an Australian charity worker trying to protect children.
    2016.05.16 Iraq Tahrir 21 0 A ‘moral accountability’ squad stones a woman and twenty ‘youth’ over illicit relations.
    2016.05.16 Syria Manbij 1 0 A young man is crucified by the Islamic State.
    2016.05.16 Chechnya Grozny 0 6 An ISIS suicide bomber detonates after disguising himself as a goat herder.
    2016.05.16 Afghanistan Abkhor 4 0 Four guards at a road construction site are blown to bits by Taliban fundamentalists.
    2016.05.16 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 Three less radical Muslims are shot in the head by ISIS.
    2016.05.16 Iraq Khalidiya 5 15 The Islamic State sends a rocket into a small town, taking out five residents.
    2016.05.16 Iraq Baghdad 4 17 Two Mujahideen bomb blasts leave four dead.
    2016.05.16 India Batapora 1 0 Religious radicals kidnap and execute a carpenter.
    2016.05.16 Afghanistan Khoshamand 7 4 Seven local cops are machine-gunned in their cars by the Taliban.
    2016.05.16 Somalia Mogadishu 2 3 Two others are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber.
    2016.05.16 Libya Buairat el-Hassun 32 50 Thirty-two locals are taken down by ISIS suicide bombers.
    2016.05.16 Dagestan Suleiman-Stal 1 0 An accountant is gunned down by suspected Islamists.
    2016.05.16 Iraq Bezaas Kanaan 1 0 A farmer is shot to death at his orchard by Sunni extremists.
    2016.05.15 Syria Aleppo 2 0 Two locals are brutally murdered by teenage French ISIS.
    2016.05.15 Iraq Taji 14 21 A suicide bomb attack on a cooking gas factory leaves fourteen others dead.
    2016.05.15 Iraq Baghdad 8 28 Suicide bombers murder eight Iraqis.
    2016.05.15 Yemen Mukalla 41 60 Forty-one police recruits are obliterated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
    2016.05.15 Yemen Hadramawt 6 1 Six police officers are disassembled by an ISIS bomber.
    2016.05.15 Egypt al-Arish 1 1 Fundamentalists assassinate a young police recruit.
    2016.05.15 Iraq Latifiya 7 18 ISIS bombers target a shopping area, killing seven bystanders.
    2016.05.15 Syria Deir Ezzor 10 0 At least ten others are killed when ISIS militants attack and desecrate a non-Muslim cemetery.
    2016.05.14 Pakistan Gomal 1 0 A member of a peace committee is gunned down by religious extremists.
    2016.05.14 Thailand Sai Buri 1 0 Muslim terrorists are thought responsible for slaying a 55-year-old man on his way home.
    2016.05.14 Somalia Aden Yabal 4 0 Four tribal elders are executed by Islamic hardliners.
    2016.05.14 Bangladesh Bandarban 1 0 An elderly Buddhist monk is hacked to death by Religion of Peace activists.
    2016.05.14 Afghanistan Nad Ali 3 9 Three people are laid out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
    2016.05.14 Dagestan Derbent 2 15 Islamic State operatives open fire on police, killing two.
    2016.05.14 Syria Deir Ezzor 20 0 ISIS members assault a hospital, killing twenty inside.
    2016.05.14 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is crucified in line with ‘Quranic punishment’.
    2016.05.14 Iraq Amiriyat Fallujah 6 18 A wave of suicide bombers manage to take down only a half-dozen others.
    2016.05.14 Syria Qamishli 6 15 Terrorists kill six civilians with a car bomb.
    2016.05.14 Nigeria Ajaji 1 2 Muslim ‘nomads’ attack three women, beheading one and leaving the others with deep machete wounds.
    2016.05.13 Syria Aleppo 7 0 Two children are among seven civilians pulled into pieces by Sunni shrapnel.
    2016.05.13 Iraq Balad 4 0 Four guards at a vegetable market are turned to paste by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    2016.05.13 Iraq Balad 16 20 Sixteen people at a café are machine-gunned by three Islamists for being soccer fans.
    2016.05.13 Iraq Mosul 11 0 Eleven civilians are executed by an ISIS firing squad for using cell phones.
    2016.05.13 Syria al-Zara 19 0 Nineteen religious minorities, including six women are butchered in their homes by al-Nusra.
    2016.05.13 Nigeria Tarfi 60 11 Muslim terrorists raid a village and massacre sixty residents

      1. We just today learn that the UK Government has put £200,000 into various Charities which aim to teach (read ‘indoctrinate’) and extend the liberal cause of enlightenment to primary school children. The subject matter children as young as five will study and comply with a ‘Policy’ is, wait for it, Gender equality between the sexes including transgender issues. Apparently, one major feature of the ‘Policy’ is that the children will be taught that if they wake up one morning and think, “I really would prefer to wear clothing of the opposite sex today”. This is, we are told, is OK and it is really natural to feel this way………………..

        1. So now Europe is turning into a freak show like the US. Their military occupation of Germany has worked since WW2. Now that they occupy almost all of us, it’s time to force filth on our children, break up families, destroy identity/unity. Destroy us, pure Europeans.

  2. During Ramadan like every year death cult Islam expands colossally. Their Quran commands, those who kill now “infidels” get a special place in their paradise with 72 virgins. I’m afraid America will have this experience more often in the future if Hillary wins.

    1. They`ll soon be running out of `virgins` at this rate in which case they must either ration them or start a second hand stall.

      1. Yes. Apropos virgin: Merkel must be one too. An old spinster, more precisely. It’s dangerous and silly at the same time to appoint a childless woman as president. Because she doesn’t give a damn about the future of her country, even continent, devil may care. On this photo you see one of her principals (with a big hat) in the background.

      1. “White raisins”: Only Semite desert people (with Jewish aliases like “Luxenberg”) will really understand such strange metaphores…

        1. For anyone else puzzled by mention of `raisins`:
          quote from the Guardian………”suicide bombers, or rather prospective martyrs, would do well to abandon their culture of death, and instead concentrate on getting laid 72 times in this world, unless of course they would really prefer chilled or white raisins”, [drink] “according to their taste, in the next.”

  3. So let’s see here. We’ve got Omar Mateen, radical islamist who’s parents were “refugees” from Afghanistan, and who is outraged by western decadence. Afghanistan? Hey wait a minute! Isn’t that the place where old men dress up little boys to look like girls and then bid on who is going to be first to rape them? Yeah that’s right – the Bacha bazi (The dancing boys). Hey Omar, while you’re lounging around in prison at the taxpayers expense maybe you should check out “The Kite Runner” huh?

    1. So Omar Mateen (on the FBI terror watch list since 2013) picked up his assault rifle on a Friday night (while he shoud have been at the mosque praying) and sauntered up the road to kill 50 people? Did they find his pristine passport yet?

  4. That banner…”LBGT AGAINST ISLAMOPHOBIA”… LMFAO! How many times do these MORONS need telling the muslims will kill them? It is in their religion to kill them. All I can say is the chickens are coming home to roost.

  5. Excellent article which highlights the clash between western and eastern cultures. While liberal lefties continue to support both the tolerance of sexual deviants and the importation of bogus muslim asylum seekers this is only going to get worse. Through these policies the bloody consequences lie squarely at the feet of the always correct, PC liberal, lunatics.

    1. Islamic Multiculturism: is the price of 50 or so murders such as this thought, by some, as the price to pay? Now more statistics to add to k9base’ contribution above. For sure, we are seeing (and will) see much more of this in the months and years to come until, as Trump proposes, we stop Islam in its tracks in the US (and Europe) and work out, “….what the hell is going on”. But we actually know what is going on. The conspiracy to flood the western world with Islam is now well under way. The UK is different in that all political parties vocally welcome the “Richness” and “Cultural Benefits” of multiculturism and particularly Islam. No credible leader has yet in the UK done a, ‘Trump’ and made similar suggestions to his. Indeed, the UK does not yet have a credible politician and/or party which is prepared to forcibly ask the awkward questions. In this regard, the UK is well behind other EU countries. But that is a historic trait of successive Governments in the UK – despite the obvious, they refuse to act until action is a last resort with the inevitable result that any action is reduced to succeding on ‘a wing and a prayer’.

  6. Well, America with their gun laws is not a place I’d ever consider now of going to, even if I had the chance. When the Brits pulled out of Aden in 1967, it was obvious that Muslims were getting all fired up for revolutions in one way or another. The major problem for people is that they will never know the ideology of any of these migrants, even if they live next door for 20 years. Just remember King’s Cross as proof of treason when so-called British born people from Muslim families blow up transport and also that their families knew they were going to do it.

    1. Obama’s efforts to introduce gun controls has continuously failed. Whilst I have, truthfully sympathised with him in this regard, I have just changed my position 180 degrees. If the current invasions of the US and Europe by people who do not wish us well are anything to go by, (as supported by Obama), the US citizen may be grateful in the not too distant future to be able to bear arms. I suspect Merkel, Cameron et al. heave a sigh of relief when events such as just in Orlando take place when they reflect on the ‘what if?’ question for their own countries. Their conclusion must be that they are extremely grateful for previous governments who, working to the long-term covert international plan to ‘terraform’ Europe with Islam at least their populations cannot easily resist by turning to such weapons. I suspect the looming civil war would now be underway otherwise.

        1. An example of this senseless Mexican invader crime was the shooting of Kate Steinle (German name).

          Jared Taylor shows in “The Color of Crime” how destructive and poisonous western immigration policy is.

  7. One day the lefties will have to choose between the poofies or the muzzies.

    Of course, they will favour the muzzies.

    Look forward to see gays thrown off rooftops.

  8. Sometimes I ask myself: Who is interested in such a chaos, that must be a very bad and evil power. If Europe isn’t secure, America won’t be it anymore. The attackers of 9/11 have studied in Hamburg. Diabolo/devil/Teufel means “jumble”, chaos. Jumble races, religions, cultures and languages. Germany meant the opposite of that: Order.

  9. Liberals don’t listen and won’t learn. The biggest threat to liberaldom – and especially to queer folk -comes from third world migration in general and from Moslem migration in particular. But that is something they cannot and will never accept. Not even after outrages like this one.
    You might just as well talk to a brick than argue with these imbeciles.

    1. I spoke with a libtard leftist, and Christian, recently. A European girl living in NYC, who remained silent about mudslime treatment of others, Christian killings and so on. As I pointed out details of their cult, she literally became furious with me. “I dare I insult them and their religion”, so on. All her girlfriends are with muslims and I must be rasist. I replied, are you fu$&@ng kidding me.
      There is no hope for them. Laugh at them, ignore them, cast them aside and move on.
      Here is the only thing our people need to know:
      You may have to replay more then once, to understand fully, she is just gorgeous.

  10. Actually, as we all know in truth, there is a hierachy of privileged and protected groups with special “rights” in Liberal Lala-Land, and white liberals will dump the “gays” in favour of muslims if their previous predilection proves too costly or inconvenient. It’s already happening in the slanting of media reporting on this event, especially in the UK where muslims are now very powerful in the establishment.

    1. Only got to look at the number of Asians involved with the BBC news reporting and editing to see they have the predominant influence. In BBC ‘talk’ (and other PC correct adherents) it will surely amount to ‘positive discrimination’. However, Watch Mishal Hussein’s contribution to the EU Referendum Debate on immigration on BBC2 2100 Hrs. tommorow 14th June 2016 and witness her and the BBC’s pro- multicultural bias. Fortunately for Hussein (and the viewer), it is not subtle: she wears her Muslim Pakistani heritage ‘on her sleeve’ and her aggression toward anti-immigrant thinkers/activists when interviewing will, I have no doubt, surface very soon during the course of the advertised, “Impartial” programme. So, listen well to the soft Esturary English that she has cultivated over the years and draw your own conclusions.

      1. Having watched the so-called, “Impartial” documentary I referred to above, I felt it right to impart my thoughts to my original contribution. Overall, at the end of the hour, with the well practiced soft Estuary English voice still in my mind, I was left with a soft, warm and fluffy Liberal feeling that overwhelming unlimited immigration into the UK was welcome and is a good thing and I really ought to feel comfortable with it. The programme content was designed solely to smooth out and/or knock the jagged edges of the facts: Simply that the majority of Brits want no more immigration wherever they come from. The Labour Party representative, Alan Johnson MP confirmed that, contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the UK public, that their policy was not to limit numbers coming in. Indeed, it was more of an ‘Open Door’ approach. A return to the Blair reign of allowing all in sundry to arrive and take up residence of the UK. Ian Duncan Smith (‘IDC’) (Leave) did a fairly good job in refuting the concept of unlimited immigration but with the, no doubt ‘cut and paste’ of his contribution one is left wondering what the BBC hacked out to make the programme even more pro-Immigration. Whist Husain appeared to keep her cool, at one point during one extract of a, no doubt ‘hacked’ part by the BBC, Husain appeared to me to be on the verge of losing her cool. Whilst not from what was said, her eyes showed the viewer the concealed hostility. As Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. As a Muslim perhaps Husain should wear the full veil to overcome this weakness. I’m sure she would agree with this 100%.

  11. The liberals will defend the muslims because the are cowards. The gays are pretty benign and non-violent so they will be expendable in the liberal mind to keep themselves safe. What they (the liberals) fail to acknowledge is when the muslims are done with the gays they’ll come after them next. Cowards, all of them.

  12. A classic example of subtle BBC (‘The Most Trusted Broadcaster Worldwide’) ‘Whitewashing’ has now taken place in respect of the news reporting of these murders. The BBC conclusion is that the motive of the murderer was purely “Homophobic”. An elequoent explanation is given but, hey! no mention whatever of the role of Islam! The listener is taken off on a tangential course designed to take them well away from the question of Islam. I ask other contributors to these articles of other nationalities whether their national broadcaster is also steering the reporting away from Islam. I would welcome comments.
    The BBC has set themselves up as the “Honest Broker” and arbiter of the assertions made by both the sides in the current EU Referendum debate. They advertise a, “Reality Check” facility where the BBC offers its own so-called, “Honest” opinion on the claims of both sides. You only have to experiement by visiting the BBC’s website to appreciate the problem is the BBC’s subtle manipulation of the information. First page up will be Cameron telling the visitor that the World will implode immediately on a successful ‘Leave’ vote.

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