Germany: 142,481 Granted “Asylum” in 2016

The German government granted “asylum” to 142,481 invaders during the first five months of 2016—and when the nonwhites get “family reunification” rights, their numbers will quintuple to at least 750,000.

At this rate, Germany will add another 1.5 million nonwhites to its population this year—a rate which will guarantee that that nation slips into majority Third World status well within the next 15 or 20 years.


The extent of the nonwhite invasion was revealed in an official statement from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) which said that in the period from January to May 2016, a total of 309,785 applications for asylum were made in Germany.

During this period, the BAMF made 231,623 decisions, and granted “asylum” to 129,912 people (56.1 percent). A further 11,152 persons were given subsidiary protection, and another 1,417 were given protection from deportation—a grand total of 142,481.

Of those numbers, the BAMF rejected the applications of 58,282 invaders (25.2 percent), and a further 30 860 applications (13.3 percent) were withdrawn due to the invaders going elsewhere.

The statement added that the German government had granted “asylum” to 21,277 invaders during the month of May 2016 alone.

In addition, a further 55,259 new “asylum applications” were made in Germany during May 2016. This represents a 112.6 percent increase on the month of May 2015.


During May 2016, the BAMF had made decisions in 36,465 asylum applications, a 117.3 percent compared to May 2015. According to the figures, some 15,419 invaders “received the status of a refugee under the Geneva Convention on Refugees,” in May 2016—or around 42.3 percent of all asylum decisions.

In addition, the BAMF statement said, some 5,595 people were given “subsidiary protection within the meaning of the EU Directive 2011/95 / EU,” amounting to 15.3 percent of all decisions.

A further 263 invaders were granted effective leave to remain by qualifying for “prohibitions on deportation under § 60 paragraph 5 or paragraph 7, sentence 1 of the Residence Act,” which means that there are other reasons why they cannot be deported.

The 21,277 figure is made up of those granted asylum, those granted subsidiary protection, and those who cannot be deported.

All of those granted leave to remain will now of course qualify for “family reunion” rights, which means that this population will easily quintuple in size. The final figure of invaders settling in Germany as a result of this one month’s decision is therefore likely to be over 100,000 people—or a city the size of Jena—the second largest city in the state of Thuringia.

The BAMF statement went on to detail exactly where the invaders were coming from. According to their figures, 2,915 applications were made by nationals of the six Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. This amounts to 5.3 percent of all asylum applications lodged in Germany.

Syrians—or at least those claiming to be “Syrians” (a dubious claim given the massive trade in stolen, illegal, and forged Syrian passports)—accounted for 21,651 applications in May 2016; Afghans for 9,124; Iraqis for 8,349; Iranians for 2,089; Pakistanis for 1,095; Eritreans for 1,066; and Nigerians for 947.

In addition, some 1,151 people from the Russian Federation applied for asylum in Germany. It is unknown what their ethnic origin is, but they are unlikely to be white Russians, and are most likely from the racially dubious southern regions such as Georgia.

Finally, the BAMF statement said, there were 1,091 applications from invaders who either claim not to know where they are from, or whose origin cannot be readily identified.

Only some 8,815 applications (24.2 percent) were actually rejected, and another 6,373 applications (17.5 percent) were withdrawn. Most of the withdrawals were the result of the invaders moving on to other countries in the European Union where they also made “asylum” applications.

The BAMF also said that there were still some 459,667 outstanding cases as of the end of May 2016. At an approval rate of around 60 percent, this implies that at least another 276,000 are likely to be granted “asylum.”  When “family reunification” rights are added in, this will amount to at least another one million nonwhites arriving in Germany.

In addition, the actual number of deportations never matches the expulsion orders, as the majority of nonwhites simply refuse to go and stay on illegally.

Finally, although the German government has claimed that it expects 100,000 invaders to leave Germany this year—either voluntarily or through deportations—this figure is obviously only the proverbial drop in the bucket, and will not affect the ultimate outcome.

Once again, the choice is clear: either Germany—and Western Europe—will definitively halt the nonwhite invasion, and start mass deportations of those already present, or they will be overwhelmed and destroyed by the Third World within the next 20 years.

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  1. Saves them all trudging all the way from the Med to Germany…………….
    If that’s what the majority of the German people want, so be it. Who are we to challenge their preferences.

    1. No no no, scum will “settle” for just another European country for now. In a decade another will be targeted. Like in the US, city by city, state by state. Sweden out, UK out… Country by country, children have been forcefully brainwashed, forced to interbreed. German people suffered more than enough. Germany will remain European.

    2. Of course it isn’t. The EU is run by Jews, as is of course the UK, France, Germany, Italy and so on; and the USA. It’s what they want. It’s the Coudenhave-Kalergi plan. And it’s aimed against YOU too.

      1. They could have had their Kalergi plan without civil war & collapse. All they had to do was import young girls (pretty ones of course) instead of men. This might sound flippant but there is a serious point behind it i.e. they WANT civil war & collapse.

        We should also ask why the people of Europe should pay for the invaders. Why don’t TPTB send the bill to the Muslim countries? No-one has ever asked this question.

      1. Jonathan, “the Germans” are not imposing on other states.
        They haven’t got the means to do it. It is is their leadership
        which was put in place by the Allies,meaning the US. As
        President Obama told his troops some years ago:” Germany
        is an occupied country and will stay that way”. The uncouth
        Merkel is doing the bidding of her masters. The “Germans”
        -if they are still there which is open to doubt – don’t have a
        say in matters determining their fate. M. Mitterand and Mrs.
        Thatcher did not show much respect to “German” politicians
        whom they knew to be puppets. Why do their successors
        cave in and knuckle under to totally illegal demands of a con-
        temptuous figure like Merkel, “the mightiest woman of the
        world” ?

        1. Well the people voted Merkel into power didn’t they? Well it’s up to them to throw her out before she does more damage. I can’t feel for them, it’s their greed for expansion which is the undoing of us all.

    3. Agreed but what about the preferences of the citizens of the other EU countries. Did Merkel consult them re thousands of nonwhites “asylum seekers ” being able to swan unhindered across their borders? Thought not!

      1. Merkel doesn’t need to consult them. She is backed by a
        superpower which ordered her to open the floodgates.
        The former Germany is being transformed under our
        eyes into a cesspit which will infect all the other member-
        states of the EU.

    4. Is it what they want ? What they really want ? What they wanted was never considered.
      The EU is the Europe that Hitler worked to prevent.
      After seventy years of constant Holohoax guilt rammed down their throats and the inability to even question the authenticity of the hoax with impunity it is as though a great psychological pressure has been employed to induce suicide on a National scale. After all isn’t that what Ilya Ehrenberg wanted ?

      1. I wonder how many Germans there are who know the official history of WW2 is rubbish? In Australia, my sister’s German in-laws just snorted contemptuously whenever the war was mentioned. They knew the official story was crap but they also knew we Australians were thoroughly brainwashed so there was no point in talking about it. I also heard two old Australia WW2 vets tell me they though the wrong side had won.

        1. That is difficult to ascertain. Because people speaking up risk losing their jobs whether they are simple workers or academics. And their children
          can even be expelled from their schools. Therefore specific topics are avoided or are only discussed among close friends.
          The majority of the Germans seem to have been successfully brainwashed in the framework of the Allied reeducation program.

  2. :…either Germany—and Western Europe—will definitively halt the nonwhite invasion, and start mass deportations of those already present, or they will be overwhelmed and destroyed by the Third World within the next 20 years.”
    Perhaps Germany should hire Benjamin Netanyahu to fly over to Germany as a consultant so he can show them how deportations can be carried out quickly, effectively and at minimal cost.

  3. We germans will send these goatfuggers back to their Desserts. But first we must get rid of the US occupation
    Germany is still occupied and the US is occupied by their puppetmasters with dual citizenship
    But it will end soon

    1. Exactly. The US occupies Europe to prevent true Europeans from defending against black/arab invasion and replacement. That’s exactly what they have been doing to their own white population for decades. No one seems to notice oil price drop at the time of ” official ” no borders for nonwhites.

  4. You can believe me or not, but each faker/fraud who successfully coins his way into an EU nation has an eventual long term multiplier of somewhere between 10 and 100 – let’s call it 20 to be join the conservative side, of darkies imposing themselves on the gullible white fools, directly attributable and traceable to the ‘seed’ faker/fraud.

    By ‘long term’ I mean 50 years or so.

  5. Its about time somebody brought this invasion into perspective by mentioning family reunion, this is why Merkel’s million illegals so claims to have is really closer to seven million, it has all been planned by these illegals they only selected countries with family reunion plans. In Sweden they have taken 163,000 plus illegals of which only 494 have found jobs, they don’t want to work its all about free houses and benefits, but our weak leaders just won’t accept this.

  6. I wonder if this is the future that our grandfathers from either fighting side imagined for Europe during WW1 and WW2? I wonder what they would say?…

    1. No!
      None of them would have answered the call, had they seen this future for their country…all sacrificed for nothing!

    2. I’ll tell you what my Father (not Grandfather) would do. I am confident he would have rounded up all his living comrades and collectively he and them would send all their Campaign Medals to 10 Downing Street.

  7. Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, said Tuesday;
    Europe will need to attract millions of migrants in the next 20 years to boost the region’s economy

    1. Unbelievable…..the Greek ignoramus is already working on the importation of millions more parasites for years to come. It`s somehow escaped his notice that the “migrants” currently being imported by Greece and Germany are here to draw benefits not to work. There won`t be any EU economy left to boost if half the world are constantly being brought in to parasitise off the others.

      1. Fraid’ it is a spelling error in citation by Bob above: Dimitris Avramopoulos (quoted by Bob above), didn’t mean, “Europe will need to attract millions of migrants in the next 20 years to boost the region’s economy”. It makes sense if you add the ‘l’ and ‘i’ to ‘region’s’ to make it, “the religion’s economy”. Sorry to be picky………………..: Islam ‘here we come’!

  8. Merkel is going to give them a fast-track citizenship after 3 yrs instead of the normal 5. imo her target is victory over Germany within 3 yrs, the ret of Europe 5 yrs. I use the military metaphor deliberately.

  9. With remarkable foresight Adolf Hitler in 1923 predicted the future for a defeated and occupied Germany: “Then things will come to such a pass that we shall be a people working for alien masters. Germany will be a plantation worked at the will of the alien, the victim of alien cupidity, with a Government which has ceased to be a Government at all since it governs no longer; it is but a bailiff carrying out the orders of foreign powers.” ~ Munich. 20th April 1923.

  10. Has anyone been to these overrun countries on vacation yet? Try leaving your hotel bedroom windows open, and especially at weekends, in the dead of night, you will hear screams of females in the distance, and maybe some sobbing.
    God help us!

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