Germany: “Refugee”-Invaders Selling their Residence Cards

Nonwhite invaders who have tricked their way into Germany by pretending to be “refugees” are now openly selling their legally-granted identification and health cards to other invaders via Facebook, an investigation by the website Journalist Watch has revealed.

According to a post on that site, the “new business” in legal papers has sprung up on Facebook groups set up by the invaders already in Germany who have been granted “asylum.”

On these Facebook groups—which are left free to operate by the German government, in contrast to any group set up by Germans to oppose the invasion—the invaders openly advertise their legal documents to other would-be invaders still seeking to come to Europe.

One user placed an order, stating that: “I need a German passport for refugees, born in 1998, preferably stamped from Sudan.”

A user replied that he has “a German passport with year of birth 1997 including head cover” and that he was going to message the buyer about it.

The report said that women were being encouraged to wear Islamic headscarves because it would be easier that way to make themselves look similar to Muslims photographed on the available documents.

One user wanted to know: “If I buy a pass [German identity card] in Athens how do I get to Germany in the quickest way? Directly by plane? Or should I enter Italy first and then land? Any suggestion?”

According to the report, “Entire families are now legally travelling to Germany because they can use real papers and even go directly to the doctor. Since they are real papers, neither entry nor treatment is denied.”

The documents all come from invaders who are currently registered as asylum seekers in Germany. Some of the sellers go back to their home country and sell the documents, others go on holiday and offer their residence permits or health insurance cards.

It is not known how many of these documents are in circulation at the moment, but the criminals on the Facebook page claim it was easy enough to “lose” documents and get re-issued by German authorities without delay.

“I simply say I lost the card and then get a new one immediately,” one explained.

According to a recent report published by the Federal Agency for Employment, unemployed “asylum applicants” in Germany are costing the country’s statutory health insurers €20 million per month.

Screenshot from Facebook group where German documents are offered for sale.

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  1. Bearing in mind the use of forged passports and arriving without any form of identification, no-one should be surprised at this.

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