Germany: 458 “Refugees” Arrested Every Day for Serious Crimes, incl. 267 Murders

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 457 crimes every day in 2017, including at least 267 murders—of which half of the victims were Germans—according to official figures released by the government.

According to the latest Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung (“Criminality in the Context of immigration”) 2017 report issued by the Bundeskriminalamt (“Federal Criminal Police Office”), 167,268 “non-Germans and immigrants (asylum-seekers)” were arrested during that year for serious crimes.

This works out to 457 arrests per day, every day, for 365 days.

About 40 percent of the arrested fake refugees came from the “main countries of origin of the asylum seekers,” namely Syria (20 percent), Afghanistan (11 percent) and Iraq (8 percent).

These three groups together made up 61 percent of all “asylum seekers” in Germany in 2017.

The proportion of arrested fake refugee criminals from the Maghreb states Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia was 9 percent, while their share of “asylum seekers” was only 2.4 percent of the total.

The rest were made up of other nationalities, mostly Gypsies and other mixed race individuals from the Balkans or southern Russia.

The overwhelming majority (87 percent) of the arrested invaders were male and 66 percent were younger than 30 years old.

This means that 13 percent of all the fake refugees arrested in 2017 were female, while they made up 34 percent of all “asylum seekers” in that year.

There were 5,258 recorded sex offenses committed by the fake refugees in 2017, a marked increase compared to 2016, when there were 3,597 such attacks.

“Significant increases were recorded in the numbers of suspects from the African states of Nigeria and Somalia,” the report added.

The breakdown of victims revealed that the vast majority were Germans: 46,057 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who were victims of a crime committed by their fellow fakers, while 95,148 Germans were “victims of crime involving at least one immigrant.”

Other figures detailed in the report revealed that in 2017, “asylum applicants” were, on application, categorizes as follows:

– 27 percent claimed to be “children” under 14 years,

– 8 percent claimed to be “adolescents” aged 14 to 18 years,

– 11 percent claimed to be “adolescents” aged 18 to 21 years,

– 54 percent admitted to being adults aged 21 years and older,

– 73 percent were under the age of 30,

– 66 percent were male and 34 percent were female.

Furthermore, out of 600,000 “asylum decisions,” made in 2017, some 230,000 applications were denied—but only 24,000 were deported.

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  1. Mark Steyn says ‘ the like s of Merkel are now very afraid the ppl will rise up angry…’ Well, Its not looking that way so far. Havent heard much from Pergida lately. In most western nations it seems to be the 30% who are rolling out the welcome mat are well fed n complacent. Ideally there has to be some way, to force feed the lefties ‘multi culti’ the love so much, until they really get a belly full of the anarchy and understand. Similar to what Nth California are trying to do with a cross state border ‘them n us’ – leaving the celebs to the drug cartels etc . Making sure the Lefties do not get to enjoy what our men / women fought and died for.- is the real problem.

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