Nauru Establishes Own Appeal Court: Invaders Cut off from Australian Courts

The decision by the Pacific island of Nauru to establish its own independent court of appeal has severed that nation’s links with the Australian judicial system—a move which has provoked hysteria among pro-invasion activists because it means that the fake refugees on that island no longer will have any right of appeal in Australia.

The move, announced on the Republic of Nauru’s official website by Justice Minister David Adeang, said that the “current costs of appeals to the High Court of Australia are prohibitive,” and litigants “contemplating further appeals to the High Court are often discouraged both by the costs involved and the distance of a court in a foreign country.”

Furthermore, the Nauru government said, its move was “no different to decisions by both Australia and New Zealand to abolish appeals to the UK Privy Council [the highest court of appeal in Britain, which was both those nation’s highest courts until 1986].

“This move reflects our self-confidence as a nation state and reinforces our sovereignty,” the Nauru government statement added.

Any appeals that were already instituted or filed before Nauru gave notice to Australia of its intention to sever links to the High Court of Australia will continue to be heard by that Court, the statement added.

According to Australian pro-invasion lawyer George Newhouse, the move would “impact asylum-seekers sent by Canberra to camps in Nauru after trying to reach Australia by boat.”

“Asylum-seekers could [previously] appeal adverse decisions about their refugee status through the High Court of Australia,” Newhouse told AFP.  Without this independent right of appeal, Newhouse added, the invaders are “at risk of being returned [to their home countries].”

The 90-day notice was given on Dec. 12, and took effect in early March.

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