Germany: Refugee Attackers Stabbed Chemnitz Victim 25 Times in Slaughter, Reveals AfD Parliamentarian

The man murdered by two fake refugees in Chemnitz last week was stabbed 25 times in a “slaughter” and was killed directly as a result of the illegal mass invasion of Germany planned by Angela Merkel, leading Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) state parliamentarian Dr. Christian Blex has said.

Speaking in an interview with Sputnik news service, Blex, who sits in the parliament of the state of North Rhine Westphalia, gave his opinion of recent events in Chemnitz, where nonwhite invaders attacked and killed a man last week, resulting in large anti-invasion protests in that city.

Asked if the protests would stop, Blex said “No, they will still continue because the matter is still [current]; we still have hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘refugees’ in our country, so it will not stop.”

The Sputnik interviewer then asked him to clarify some details about the stabbing incident, in particular the claim that the stabbing victim was actually a Cuban living in Germany.

Blex confirmed that the victim was indeed a Cuban who had been living in Chemnitz, but went on to say that “for us it doesn’t matter if it’s an immigrant or not; it’s a victim of Merkel’s policies. He’s dead because Merkel opened the borders in 2015 and let in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. So, he is sadly a victim of Merkel’s policies and we are not going to tolerate this anymore.”

Asked about the status of the two invaders arrested—an Iraqi and a Syrian—Blex said that “For our government they are legally here, in Germany but, obviously, they entered Germany illegally. They got asylum but they don’t have the right to stay. Merkel simply broke the law when she opened the borders in 2015 and that’s what more and more Germans are recognizing.

“We don’t have any borders with a country which is in state of war or persecution, so they don’t have the right to stay in Germany.”

He pointed out that the “German media don’t point put that the victim was stabbed 25 times—that’s simply a slaughter. But the German public isn’t supposed to learn that; instead our government chose to bring up that the speculations about the events leading to the stabbing were fake news. They tried to further restrain free speech in social media, where much of the opposition is organized.”

“In German society we are not used to stabbing, this is not our manner to discuss situations. We are civilized people and we didn’t have these incidents before the opening of the borders.”

Asked what the solution to the problem was, Blex said “It’s simple. We have to arrange the return of these hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘refugees.’ But as long as Merkel is in power, it won’t happen, because she has a plan to transform Germany into a multiethnic society at all costs.

“But with every raped woman and murdered person, the number of Merkel’s followers here in Germany is falling and at the same time the popularity of our party, the AfD, is increasing.

“So, for me it’s only a matter of time before the worst politician of the German post-war era is removed from office; in that case, I’m quite optimistic.”

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  1. The security around Merkel must be well organised because if ever there was a reason for a leader to be assassinated she has provided it. There was no mandate to ‘open the doors’, and it beggars belief that the German Nation have tolerated her illegal act by getting her re-elected.

  2. A little over 75 years ago, eliminating that lunatic
    bezerkel merkel would have been very easy.
    She has done nothing positive for Germany or
    Europe. She and odumma the bumma were ass
    kissing buddies, two poops in a pod. Look what
    odumma had done for the US.

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