Invaders Paid More than Workers

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany get more money in welfare and benefits than an average German working family earns.

Official figures show that the average monthly take home wage for a German family is €2,147, while an invader family gets payments and benefits to the value of €2,583 per month.


When an invader pretending to be a refugee first sets foot in Germany, they get immediate cash handouts. In the so-called “initial reception facility,” an adult single refugee receives a cash payment of €143 per month to cover personal needs—this is called “pocket money” in the unofficial parlance.

Couples get €129 each, that is, €258 euros “pocket money” per month. In addition, for every child up the age of six years, the invaders get an additional €84 “pocket money” per month.

For each additional child between the ages of 6 and 13 years, they get an additional €92 “pocket money” per month, and for each child between the ages of 14 and 17, they get an additional €85 per month.

In addition, all their accommodation and food expenses are covered, and they get immediate and free healthcare, for which Germans have to pay.

Once the invaders are no longer in the “reception facilities,” that is, they have been placed in outside accommodation, each adult single “refugee” gets €216 per month. Couples get €194 per month each, that is, €388 per month.

In addition, for every child up to the age of six years, they get an additional €133 per month. For children between the ages of six and 13 years, they get an additional €157 per month. For each child between the ages of 14 and 17, they will receive an additional €198 per month.

Once a “refugee” has been in Germany more than 15 months, they then qualify for the standard social welfare benefits known as Hartz IV, which comes out to €392 per month per person.

Working on a theoretical example of a married couple with three children, one below the age of 6, another aged 8, and a third aged 14, they will get the following payments:

In the initial “reception center,” this family unit will be paid €258 + €84 + €92 + €85—that is, a total of €519 per month. In addition, their food, shelter, clothing, health, and other necessities are provided.

Once they have been placed in outside accommodation, this family unit will be paid €388 + €157 + €198, that is, a total of €743 cash per month.

In addition, all their housing, health insurance, and utility costs will be covered.

Once they move onto the Hartz IV system, these payments remain constant, on an indefinite basis.

According to official figures, the basic cost of living in Germany for an average German family is made up of the following:

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city center: €1,232.40 per month.

Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of city center €901.45 per month.

Most of the invaders are housed in city centers.

Utilities cost the average German €217.66 per month.

In addition, State Health Insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) costs the average German €390 per month, per working adult.

This means that the basic cost of living for an average German family is €1840 per month—with only one person a family actually paying health insurance. With two people paying health insurance, this figure will rise further.

When this basic cost of living (€1840) is added to the cash handout given to an invader family, it is seen that they are “earning” €2,583 per month—more than the average German family earns (€2,147).

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  1. It’s a no brainer, as they say.

    Why else do you think that almost the entire third world – from Tangiers to Bangladesh, answered old bag Merkel’s clarion call for uncontrolled immigration into Germany?
    I mean, it’s an offer that you simply cannot refuse.
    From shitting on the floor in the corner of a hovel to the porcelain of a German taxpayer funded bathroom at absolutely no expense to oneself, who can refuse?

    1. Yes and now watch and read as the old hag fools those who believe themselves to be on the political right, with a paltry gesture, a pathetic ban on an item of clothing whilst making no comment on the root problem. Her trick will work, just like it did the last time a politician played it and the one before that and the one before that one too.
      The “i’m not a racist but…” crowd will be phoning in the radio talk shows to praise Mutti Merkel for her new found wisdom and breathing a sigh of relief, that after all they don’t have to vote for those nasty real racists of the NPD now , or the even the wishy washy AfD either.
      Merkel cackles and says to herself hmmmpf Complete European Genocide can wait another five, ten, fifteen years, as long as we keep those Nazis out everything will go according to plan.
      However some goyim don’t realize that they are goyim and so will keep on defending whist the Left attacks, saying “I’m not a racist, I just love my country and Nigel Farage and Brexit…” oblivious to the dynamic being played out.
      You cannot defeat your opponent if you are continually defending against his attacks/accusations.

  2. Dear Readers, maintain your health, avoid paying taxes whenever possible and acquire as much skills as you can, as money is being rendered useless.
    The whole administration with their NGO’s are laughing about us. Paying taxes for our own destruction. This devilish system could only be implemented by World Jewry with their shabbas goyim in masonry, rotary clubs, and NGOs. It took them more than 100 years and two world wars to achieve this.
    The conflict itself might even go back to ancient Atland.
    We are subject to an unofficial war since the rabbis (talmud/tora) decided to conquer the world. It’s a holy war for them.
    In their holy war every method to fool and kill the enemy is permitted. Keep that in mind, because the best way to fool people is outright lying, and repeated that long enough will finally led them to believe that. Even big lies. Thanks to the upcoming of the internet their evil plans are being thwarted, as more and more are getting ware of them.
    It must be a character trait of evil to boast their power in the media, banking fraud system and in key positions in administrations all over the world ( even communist china – where Jews imported communism form Russia)
    What has been forged in the Dark must come to the light. That’s more or less the phase we’re in now.
    They feel so secure that the Hooton plan ( drop by drop insertion of non European foreigners into Germany) has been completely abandoned and replaced by “let’s flood everything” tactic.

    And we should remember that they want to create a new world world “out of chaos.” So they need the chaos first. That’s where we are heading now.

    1. You`re so right Tankred.
      Google: ” 21 Goals of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300 ” and see how closely we seem to be following the plans those in charge have mapped out for us all..
      I`m just glad I`m elderly and on the way out.

    1. The best thing for the German people who have a little common sense is , get out of that hell hole. It will get worse. You should done something against that Merkel years ago.

  3. The agenda is driven by the UN. Migrants have entitlements which citizens of the host countries must fulfill. Migrants must be treated at least as well as the indigenous population, which in practice means better. Migrants have the right to maintain their own culture within the host society (think mosques, sharia law & no go zones). It is synonymous with submission to Islam which is no surprise because the UN is dominated by he Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. Of course, which is why we see Islamic countries in the M/E (Libya.Afghanistan.Iraq.Syria)being invaded by U.S(a major donar to Israel) and Israel is…. well untouchable. Yes that’s it the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. Also in Denmark are there difference between invaders monthly income and the local worker. The migrants gets housing before the danes, free school, free hospital, free dentist, free transport between home og work etc etc
    Its not fair. We have paid taxes for many years for this, but the migrants get all this free without working

    1. Then stand up and do something about it, Denmark has been allowing this years.It is your own fault , grow some ball- nd do something.

  5. Absolutely correct report. Germans have no clues what it happens with their money.The Marxist culture and msm has dumbed down 80% of the ppl, more f them in Western Germany. Unfortunately Merkel will stay, they will Bild coalitions and nothing will happen.Germany is a dependent colony of the zioanglo empire after ww2.U N Charter: no peace treaty.

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