Germany: Two More Invader Centers Burn

German patriots have kept up their struggle against the Angela Merkel-created invasion of Europe over Christmas, burning down at least two planned invader centers in Chemnitz, Saxony, and Schwäbisch Gmünd, Baden-Württemberg.


The first attack took place on Christmas Eve, December 24, in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, local media reported. The planned invader center was still under construction when incendiary devices were ignited in the complex.

It was meant to accommodate 120 invaders in the spring, but the wooden walls of the uninhabited complex were severely damaged.

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The fire was spotted at around 3:30 a.m. by a passing patrol, and was extinguished after it had inflicted €20,000 damage, a police spokesman said. He added that if the fire had not been spotted, there was no doubt that “nothing would have been left of the structure.”


In the second attack, several Molotov cocktails were thrown through the windows of a planned invader center in Dörfel (Erzgebirge), Chemnitz, German media reported.

The attack was noticed at around 4:15 a.m. on the morning of December 26, by a security guard who heard a “dull bang,” the reports said.

He searched the property, and discovered several damaged window panes, through which the incendiary devices had been thrown.

A police spokesman said that four Molotov cocktails had been thrown, but two had failed to ignite. The other two did ignite, but burned out quickly after landing.


The guard also witnessed a vehicle, which he described as a Seat saloon, driving away. The police said “hundreds” of invaders were due to move into the building within the next few weeks.

According to a report in the far-left Tagesschau newspaper, the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) have said that the number of attacks on invader centers quadrupled in 2015 compared to the previous year.

The Interior Ministry said that 850 attacks were registered on refugee shelters from the beginning of the year to mid-December 2015, as opposed to 199 such incidents for all of 2014.

An analysis of perpetrators, produced by the BKA, found that most of them are young, live in the local area, and usually act independently in small groups. Only a third of them were previously known to the democratic thought police (known in Germany as the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, or Federal office for the Protection of the Constitution).

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  1. Merkel and her muppets must be thick as pigsh*t.
    Which part of the obvious do they not understand?
    ” Too many scrounging gimme-grants are here already! Send them ALL packing – they`re NOT welcome”

  2. I asked some friends of mine in Spain, and they told me they see the facts provided, as politicians do not protect them.

    I asked relatives, and they told me that politicians are crazy, let people not knowing who they are, and all men is very rare.

    It is a full-scale invasion.

    We are now in a pre civil war in the western world.

  3. Well done for at least trying, this enforced immigration plan needs to be halted before we are overrun with these parasites who contribute nothing and just keep taking

  4. If Angela Merkel needs to find out what arrogant fool is responsible for turning every day Germans into activist she needs only look into a mirror.

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