Sweden: Rape Plague Cancels “Earth Hour”

The nonwhite invader rape plague which has cursed the Swedish town of Östersund forced the cancellation of the annual “Earth Hour” light switch off, Swedish TV has reported.

“Earth Hour” is a worldwide environmental initiative which calls on cities to switch off their public lighting for an hour to symbolically save fuel to fight “climate change.”


Earlier, police had warned women in Östersund to stay indoors following a series of sex attacks committed by nonwhite invaders in what police area manager Stephen Jerand described as a “worrying trend” of unprovoked violence on women in public places.

According to a Sveriges Television (SVT) report, the town’s municipal working committee decided this week that the street lighting in central Östersund will remain lit during the “Earth Hour” event this year, scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 19.

The decision, SVT said, was taken on the recommendation of, and in consultation with, the police, and that the recent spate of attacks is the basis of the decision.

“Earth Hour is an important event, but this year we choose to have street lights lit in view of what has happened. We want everyone to feel safe,” Östersund councilor Ann-Sofie Andersson was quoted by SVT as saying.

Chief Constable Jerand said that from the police’s side, they thought it was “a very wise move. Keeping the lighting lit is in line with our efforts to increase security under current conditions.”

He added that there had been fourteen separate sex attacks on women in the town so far—in a town where crime was previously almost unknown until the mass nonwhite invasion started.

Currently there is an invader center in the town which houses at least five hundred nonwhites, many of them Africans “redistributed” by the European Union from Italy during 2015.

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    1. sweden does not exist neither does the swedish male…sack the govt,sack the councils,sack the police as there is no longer any such place!!!!

  1. “Give me my Romeo, and, when he shall die,
    Take him and cut him out in little stars,
    And he will make the face of heaven so fine
    That all the world will be in love with night,
    And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

    “Gibsmedat titty!”

  2. Why doesn’t Swedenstan just turn off all lights in the country and KEEP them turned off? Put these pathetic pussies out of their misery-once and for all! Fight for your country, you despicable cowards!

    1. todays swedes are a despicable lot….Vikings?hahahaha the Vikings would spit on these rotten scoundrels! Sweden and swedes are long gone…replaced by scum!

  3. So, this year you will leave the lights on, giving the impression it’s a one off, and next year will return to normal. Wake up! Next year will be worse. The invasion is unforgiving, just like the perpetrators of those deranged crimes.

  4. Anent this article, two points must be made:-

    1) Human beings – even if they tried – are not capable of changing the patterns of the climate. (Even the CIA were unable to do this when they again explored the possibility of: ‘climatic warfare’ in the ‘seventies.) The proposition that man is destroying the earth is intended as a prelude to yet another form of social control.

    2) Savages will behave like savages, and it is difficult to understand why this should be a cause of alarm and surprise. Equally, there is an obvious solution to this self-inflicted problem.

  5. Isn’t Sweden the mother of modern day feminism?
    they have curving the men for ages to be more like ladies and psychologically castrating their manhood in the favor of equality or oppression against man?
    wasn’t this the place which remove men urinal on men bathroom because it was a representation of the male supremacy over ladies who have to sit down?.
    Well if you remove the reason from this men to be men and now they don’t have any reason or desire to protect the ladies, you can’t blame them when the country get overtaken by the thugs. This is just the beginning, welcome to your utopia without men, or with modern day men where masculinity is misogynistic.

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