Greece’s Golden Dawn Reaches “Above 18 Percent” in Latest Poll

Greece’s Golden Dawn has polled its highest ever rating in an official—and meant to be secret—opinion poll, gaining 18 percent of the vote and reinforcing its position as third largest party in that country.

In the previous poll, carried out by Pulse RC, Golden Dawn was at 13 percent support, putting it behind New Democracy (19 percent) and top placed SYRIZA (21 percent).

Now, however, the newspaper Parapolitika revealed that a secret poll ordered by the panicked Greek Prime Minister shows that Golden Dawn is estimated to be polling “above 18 percent.” The existence of the secret poll was also confirmed on the Kontra TV channel.

In addition, the poll revealed that the party is particularly strong among the younger people. It showed that among 18-29 year olds, Golden Dawn has 14 percent support, and 16 percent support in the 30-44 year old age group. Among 45-59 year olds it has 14 percent and 8 percent of support from voters over 60.

This means that Golden Dawn is effectively the second largest party among the age groups of the active population (ages 18-44) and that the old parties (PASOK – New Democracy) survive largely because of the elderly.

Finally, in more good news for Golden Dawn, the poll revealed that 11 percent of PASOK voters and 7n percent of SYRIZA’s voters are leaning toward Golden Dawn.

Overall unemployment stands at around 27 percent while youth unemployment in Greece is over 60 percent.

Golden Dawn recently had one of its largest ever food distribution campaigns in Athens, when ten thousand people gathered outside the party’s Central Offices to hear speeches from party leaders and avail themselves of the anti-poverty project run by the movement.

Priority in the food and clothing distribution was given to Greeks with large families, and many tons of meat, fish, pasta, vegetables and clothes were handed out.







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