Portuguese Nationalists Demo against Invasion

About 50 activists from the Portuguese National Renovator Party (Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR) took part in a fake “ISIS beheading” demonstration against Islamism and the Third World invasion of Europe last Saturday.

The demonstration took place in front of the official residence of the president of Portugal, and drew a large crowd of onlookers to the fledgling party’s shock tactics.


The demonstration in front of the Belém Palace was held under the slogan of “Islam, not, here,” and “against the Islamic state and the refugee invasion of Europe.”

Four PNR members dressed in the infamous orange ISIS prisoner suits, while other members—dressed as Islamists—symbolically “beheaded” them in front of the crowd.

The PNR said in a statement that the action had been chosen in light of the fact that a priest had been beheaded in France only last week in that manner.

The party also distributed placards accusing Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jose Barroso, and Francois Hollande of being to blame for what is happening in Europe.


PNR vice president João Pais do Amaral addresses the demonstration.

PNR vice president João Pais do Amaral told the crowd that although some said the problem of Islamism would not affect Portugal, it takes courage to “find solutions before it is too late.”

“At this time, the construction of a mosque in Lisbon proceeds apace, with public money. No one knows how many Muslims are illegally present in our country, nor is it known what they do in order to sustain themselves and their families.”

He pointed out that it was still unknown how Europe—or America—could still react to the Muslim invasion, but added that many nationalist parties in Europe—“our partners”—had earlier been “insulted, persecuted, and accused of everything and anything, but did not give up and persisted, and many of them are now preparing to come to power!”

“System parties, cowards, collaborationists, and their media lackeys all tell us that Islam will never be a problem here. Yet in other countries where nationalist parties are on the brink of power, the effects [of Islam] are all too clear to see.

“Beheadings, rapes, subsistence-dependence, bombings, the imposition of Sharia law in many neighborhoods of large cities, a ban on crucifixes in public, the demolition of churches, and rapid population growth are among the many consequences [of Islam].

“Comrades! For this reason, we are here to protest! And do not wait for large enthusiastic crowds at your side. This is pure illusion and will not happen. Look ahead with joy and pride at belonging to those who are the engine of change, and that you are accompanied by the brave and determined, those who really count.

“Changes and great achievements have never been implemented by large crowds. Large crowds are the result of changes and great achievement.

“It behooves us to keep the flame alive, and make it grow. We must be ‘cursed’ [by the media] in these hostile and troubled times. The PNR will do what is expected and never compromise! We never give up trying to save what can still be saved, because one day, believe me, it will be our turn!”




PNR secretary general Joao Patrocínio addresses the demonstration.

PNR secretary general Joao Patrocinio told the crowd that “hordes of barbarians are invading Europe once again.”

Referring to the recent spate of attacks by refugee-terrorists, Patrocinio said that these “killers have no respect for the value of life, and are only interested in violence as their agenda. They seek the destruction of the civilized values of Europe and the genocide of its people who do not want to be subject to Islamic law.”

The time of pretended innocence was over, he continued. “No one believes that ‘tolerance’ and ‘integration’ can combat this scourge.

“On the contrary, we must be brave and say that we do not accept these values of death. We do not accept the obligation to receive and cherish murderers and rapists who respect nothing except their Allah who urges them to kill infidels.”

Europe has “to treat this cancer,” Patrocinio continued. “Islamists cannot be allowed to continue their unhindered walk to the establishment of a caliphate in our Europe. Our rulers have to stand up and say that we do not want to live subjugated to fear and terror.

“We want and will defend a free and secure Europe which supports the values of respect for life, and difference of opinion.”

Referring to the fact that Portuguese politics is currently dominated by leftist establishment parties, Patrocinio said that the fight in their country has to be taken up by “those who have the courage to lead the way and who say we do not want more mosques in our territory; and we do not go along with the closed-eyes attitude of our rulers while the terrorist threat grows. Only the PNR offers a solution,” he concluded.

The PNR is Portugal’s largest nationalist party, although it is still a minority grouping in national politics. Modeled on the French Front National, the PNR agenda includes proposals such as:

Supporting the family, Portuguese birth and education.

Restricting migration and reverse migration flows.

Fighting crime by reducing the age of criminal responsibility.

The combating of Marxism and capitalism which together binds thousands of Portuguese families and puts in check the nation, enterprise, and the labor force.

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  2. Euro males need to “cowboy up” and “man up” and take back their countries if there is any time left to recoup them and get real serious. Bloodshed will happen for sure or worse things later on. Western Europe is about to become a caliphate as their leaders push for shiria law and total breakdown of law and order, mayhem and genocide of the “infidels” enabled by EU leaders. Women and girls will be sex slaves. Real Euro men, are there any left? why are you preoccupied and so apathetic. Don’t you care about your future and the (sisters, moms, daughters) women? I have never in my lifetime heard of such a sorry mess and I’m retired. Now 9/11 was awful I admit, but the Euro thing is really mind boggling to many.

    1. Thanks for the post. European men need lots of pep talk from European women. What they often get instead is femscist psycho utterances of hatred and contempt.

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