Imported Terror: How Many More Must Die?

The machete murder of a serving British soldier by two crazed Islamist nonwhites in broad daylight in London today has once again highlighted the insanity of the establishment’s twin suicide pills of mass Third World immigration and subservience in foreign policy to the demands of the Jewish lobby.


The two attackers—Negroid types who claimed to be Muslims—shouted “Allah Akbar” as they carried out their grisly attack, and then proceeded to calmly walk about and explain their actions to passersby, warning that they would “never be safe” and that this sort of thing “happened every day” in Muslim lands.

There are two important aspects to understanding the events in London—and they are directly linked to the recent bombings in Boston, and numerous other terrorist attacks going all the way back to September 11, 2001.

1. It is the policy of mass Third World immigration which has allowed this inherently hostile, criminally dangerous and low IQ mass of people into formerly European lands. These people, inherently unable to adapt to the norms and demands of modern white Western society, almost always fall back on crime and tribal gang warfare as a means of subsistence, all the while blaming whites for their inability to achieve anything socially or economically.

2. The Western nations’ subservience to their respective Jewish lobbies has meant that most foreign policies—particularly with regard to the Middle East—are heavily biased in favor of Israel. This even goes as far as invading countries on Israel’s behalf (Iraq, and the threatened attacks on Iran are prime examples).

The Muslim world correctly interprets these wars and general aggression by Western nations as being supportive of the Zionist state, and therefore when they seek retaliation, it seems “normal” for them to attack targets in both Israel and the West—hence the repeated Islamist terror attacks in London, Madrid, France, Germany, America, and elsewhere.

The insanity of both these policies coincides in a deadly fashion: the same establishment that bombs Muslims lands back to the Stone Age on behalf of the Jewish lobby, invites and encourages immigration from the Third World.

Islamists find easy pickings for recruitment among the resultant mass of Third Worlders in European nations—and hence have an endless supply of Jihadist volunteers to carry out attacks such as the one seen in London today.

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  1. Wonderful racial diversity and multi-cultural society over there! Have fun with the Congoids British – you deserve it!

    1. Stupid successive governments of whatever shade with their `we`re all equal` multiculti crap are guilty as charged not `real` Brits.
      Enoch Powell was – and proved to be – right all those years ago. Most true Brits agreed with him then but we weren`t consulted and devious politicians with other agendas won the day.
      `Real / true` Brits will reap the whirlwind today for something they neither wanted then nor `deserve` now.

  2. Sadly the wrong ones are dying – murdered by waste-of-space scum such as this.
    No more giving in to weeping libbies.
    We need to bring back the death penalty.

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