Hungarian Anti-invasion Law Fails

The Hungarian government’s attempt to amend the constitution to outlaw the forced placing of invader-refugees by the European Union failed after it was unable to raise the required two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Jobbik, which was expected to support the measure and would have been able to provide the necessary votes, abstained after the government refused to repeal another law which allows rich foreigners to buy residence permits.


According to Hungarian media, Jobbik said it would only support the measure if a “cash-for-residency bond scheme,” which allows wealthy foreigners to buy special state bonds for €300,000 ($330,000), giving them the right to live in Hungary, was revoked.

Jobbik argued the immigration ban should apply to all foreigners, but Orbán refused to accede to the request, calling the move “blackmail.”

Jobbik’s leader, Gábor Vona, said his party would only support the constitutional amendment if the prime minister rejected the cash for residence scheme which was allowing wealthy foreigners, particularly from China and the Middle East, to enter and live in Hungary on a permanent basis.

Jobbik have long called the residency bonds, generally sold via shady offshore companies, a “dirty business” and a national security risk that could be exploited even by Islamic State jihadists.

“Neither poor nor rich migrants should be allowed to settle in Hungary,” Vona said.

At a press conference after the vote, Vona said he had met with Orbán but could not convince him that the “residency for cash” scheme was also wrong.

As a result, Orbán was unable to reach the required majority of 133 votes in parliament, falling short by just two.

Vona said that his party could not support “half-solutions” and added that the example of Saudi Arabian Ghaith Rashad Pharaon was a case in point.

Pharaon was at one time an investor in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), an international bank, and was later charged with wire fraud and racketeering conspiracy. He has been wanted by the FBI since 1991 for his role in a massive fraud “involving millions of dollars” in the financial collapse of BCCI. He is also sought by Interpol, and is known as one of the world’s most-wanted white-collar criminals.

Despite this, Pharaon took advantage of the “cash for residency” scheme in 2016, and bought a house in Budapest, right next to Orbán’s personal residence. He also owns at least three large buildings in Budapest city center.

Vona also pointed out that it was clear that the “prime minister and Fidesz prefer to accept dirty money in exchange for the security of the country,” adding that there was even an office in Iraq from which the “residence bonds” were being sold.

He reminded Orbán that a recent analysis revealed that only 9 percent of Fidesz voters supported the “cash for residency” scheme, and that if the government was prepared to revoke the law which enabled this loophole, he could count on Jobbik’s support for the constitutional amendment.

The matter will now go back to intense behind-the-scenes negotiations. Jobbik’s positioning on the matter is clearly an attempt to boost their popularity in Hungary by exposing the hypocrisy of Fidesz. According to recent polls, Vona’s party is now the second largest after Fidesz.

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  1. This is astonishing news! We would never find out about these things if it weren’t for the New Observer. We are supposed to be part of the EU, and yet we get precious little news about European countries in the mainstream media. Well done to Jobbik for standing up to this scandalous “cash for residence” scheme!

  2. Hopefully this does not backfire on Jobbik domestically and if it was all worth it when it comes to other European countries collectively?

    All European countries are in this together so if Hungary was able to be pass it then it would delegitimise the rootless EU bureaucrats and lead an example for all other Central & Eastern European nations to put it place legal measures to stop forced re-settlement. Of course laws are just pieces of paper but they go towards delegitimising the rootless EU.

  3. Oops there goes another case for sanity.

    Nice try guys but you’d have been better off getting out of the EU altogether.

    1. For that to happen then the true patriot/nationalist party Jobbik – now 2nd in popularity – must replace Orban’s party of govt, Fidesz. This situation is common in many White nations, and emphasizes the danger of relying on ‘controlled opposition’ parties instead of voting for genuine patriotic parties.

  4. Jobbik and Vona are correct. Unless we adopt a totally uncompromising stance, we can’t fight back effectively. We have to be as determined and forceful as our enemies.

  5. Jobbik’s actions are dumb. The move to stop a ‘refugee’ invasion is urgent and should be actioned immediately if it is to be successful. Stopping rich foreigners buying Hungarian citizenship is another matter that could have been followed up later. Again the patriots have shot themselves in the foot.

  6. Hey people, just think a bit more, penniless barefoot refugees illiterate unteachable with no job skills are 99% of the immigration problem into Hungary. It would be fine to stop that. But going to the left wing extreme of stopping rich persons entry is self harming to Hungary.
    All nations have expedited immigration for rich people. Because they bring lots of money which they SPEND which employs people and stimulates the economy. They open businesses. They also pay TAX. Thus the handful of immigrant rich people become instant virtual model citizens. An asset to Hungary.
    So Jobbik and Vona in their ideological purity have left Hungary defenceless against unchecked immigrant invasion ! What thoughtless misguided blind valour. in their extremist uncompromising demands.
    Left wing people seem unable to join the dots to competently form an opinion based on empirical evidence, particularly deficient they are in projecting likely outcomes, In this case the political posturing and promise breaking has left Hungary with its ongoing disaster raging on, no improvement whatsoever.

  7. The Hungarians are fairly safe anyway. There’s no way these invaders who set their heart on German welfare will want to be moved to a lower welfare country. They’ll soon be on their way out again.

  8. What is the matter with Orban? Or is it a question of really how little he values halting the Islamisation of Europe?
    This goes further to demonstrate how the Left/Liberal/Multiculturalists have grown, unempeded over the decades, to embed themselves in the political fabric.

  9. The genuine Hungarian patriotic party Jobbik & their leader must be commended for their principled stand. For Fidesz & Orban to allow wanted international fraudsters and criminals to purchase ‘residence permits’ for $300,000 that can be easily obtained & even bought in Iraq. And it can hardly be coincidence that this Saudi fraudster has a large house next to Viktior Orban. If it is not happening already, then soon Hungary could easily become a gangster state controlled by a foreign entity just like the Marxist Jew criminals who decades ago enforced Communism upon the Hungarian people. Did the Hungarians fight to defeat the Jew Marxist govt only for Orban & his Fidesz party to bring in a new foreign elite? Take note that supremacist Israel & oil-rich Saudi Arabia keep the door firmly closed against immigrants, sheer hypocrisy, especially in SA’s case when many of these invaders are Muslims.

  10. A possible proposed compromise could be “cash-for-residency bond scheme” only for people within the EEA area (EU + Norway). And perhaps a significantly raised fee for a residence permit. The €300,000 threshold is too low. That means that many upper middle-class people from the 3rd world can settle in Hungary without much improvement for the current account.

  11. ” citizenship for sale” Rome and Oz still have not learned. Both did it. It was Revealed at the last Oz election, not only did the socialist Labor Party campaign to sell unlimited visas to all the chi / foreign students – rellies, but we found out the conservative right wing govt were already doing it !! No one was told. Then we understood why 2 million apartments had been created to blight the skyline across Oz. Accommodation being prepared in advance – standing empty waiting. We thought it would be a military strike, no – conquest by settlement.

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