Invasion Caravan Refuses Offer of “Asylum” in Mexico

The thousands of Central Americans making up the invasion caravan headed for the US border have refused “asylum” in Mexico offered by that country’s president, preferring instead to keep their sights firmly set on white America.

According to reports, the 5,500 men, women and children in the invasion caravan turned down an offer by Mexico to help them find shelter and work in the country on Friday night but said they may be willing to discuss the offer again when they reached the Mexican capital. That is a further 800 kilometers (500 miles) to the north.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that his government would offer support to people from the caravan who agreed to apply for asylum in Mexico.

Pena Nieto spoke directly to migrants in a video address about the plan. “We know very well that what you’re seeking is an opportunity, you want to build a new home and a better future for your family and loved ones. Today, Mexico lends you a hand,” he said.

The plan, dubbed “You are at home,” would grant migrants a temporary residence permit while their asylum applications are processed. They would also be eligible to receive medical care, obtain a temporary job permit and enroll their children in school.

The AP reported that the invaders held a vote on the offer near the southern Mexican town of Arriaga, but decided to proceed with their journey.

“Thank you!” they yelled as they rejected the offer in a show of hands, before adding: “No, we’re heading north!”

The group is still 1,600 kilometers from the nearest US border crossing at McAllen, Texas.

US President Donald Trump said the migrants posed a threat to the US, and that “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” were “mixed in” with the crowd. Trump has railed against Central American governments for not doing enough to stop the caravan and cited the incident as a reason for tightening immigration laws in the US.

On Friday, US officials told the Reuters news agency that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had authorized the use of troops and other military resources at the US-Mexico border. While the Pentagon did not comment on the matter, officials told Reuters that some 800 troops could be deployed as early as Tuesday.

Mattis is said to have authorized the army to provide “mission-enhancing capabilities” to US Customs and Border Protection, including engineering support to help build temporary barriers and housing.

The invasion caravan began in Honduras nearly two weeks ago and other Central Americans have joined it along the way.

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  1. Really? they ALL said NO to asylum in Mexico? A country they are currently in and speak the same native language and could assimilate and integrate better?? They ALL said no?? Who speaks for this horde? there must be some handlers or “aid groups” steering the horde to the American border.

  2. What a fraud the Mexican President is, making an “offer” knowing they would refuse, yet still allowing them to TRAVERSE THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF MEXICO unhindered! The Mexican government is COMPLICIT in this invasion, as human traffickers include a bribery fee in the prices they charge to fake refugees, paid to the Mexican government officials to allow them to pass. The whole thing is a scam, and the Mexican government is in it up to its ears, using them as a battering ram to seize American territory. Mexico is guilty of an act of war against the United States.

  3. One way for the United States to legally combat the fake refugee invasion is to remove the right to asylum by withdrawing from the 1951 Refugee Convention, but this would be too drastic a step to take in the light of the widespread pro immigration sentiment among American elites. A more moderate step would be to institute a change promoted by the Sweden Democrats which is to only permit asylum claims from citizens of countries that share a border with the US. In Europe such laws would bring asylum applications down to zero.

    Of course liberals are saying that the Trump administration’s hard line on the migrant caravan is a intended to be a diversion from more important issues and that illegal immigrants are scapegoats. I disagree. I see the organized invasion of Europe and the US by fake refugees as a battering ram to weaken national sovereignty and prepare the West for subjection to the NWO. This explains why part of the US establishment, including the media, was supportive of the invasion along the Mexican border by unaccompanied minors during the Obama era. These staged invasions are intended to change the public’s ideas about national sovereignty and identity, and accept the dissolution of the border with Mexico. Ultimately, once public opinion has been sufficiently re-engineered the globalists aim to make Mexico, the US and Canada into a single super state like the EU.

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