Leftist Jews: Israel is Jewish Ethnostate

The far left Jewish lobby has finally admitted in public that Israel is nothing more than a Jewish ethnostate which has racially-based laws built on Jewish Supremacism, and Israel-supporting Jews who oppose what they call “white racism” in Europe and America are self-serving hypocrites.

The admission was made in a recent article on Mondoweiss, the “progressive Jewish” journal created by former New York Observer journalist Philip Weiss—who once described himself as a “traitor to the tribe.”

In an article titled “Deborah Lipstadt’s double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism,” Weiss pointed out that recent public pronouncements about “white supremacists” and Donald Trump by Lipstadt—the Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University—were blatantly hypocritical because she supports Israel, which has racially-based laws and institutions which she claims to oppose.

Weiss said that Lipstadt had said on radio that the “so-called alt-right” was nothing but a euphemism for white nationalism, which is itself a euphemism for white supremacy; and “the media should cut through the pretense and say ‘white supremacism.’”

“To properly understand the danger, we should call them by what they really are, white supremacists,” Lipstadt said.

Weiss went on to point to an article written by Lipstadt in the Jewish Forward journal that attacked Jewish groups for not “slamming” what she called “anti-Semitism on the Left” and which stated that anti-Semitism was the same thing as anti-Zionism.

Lipstadt went on to write that “anti-Semitism from the left” included developments such as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the United Kingdom, and incidents on college campuses across America, things which she described as “dangerous.”

As Weiss pointed out, Lipstadt is “advocating a double standard. If she is going to criticize white nationalism as a white supremacist ideology, then what about Jewish nationalism?”

The Mondoweiss author pointed out that “Palestinians routinely describe the Zionist regime in Israel Palestine as Jewish supremacy; and there is plenty of evidence to support the victims’ view of the matter.”

Weiss then used an old illustration of a Jewess and a Palestinian demonstrating Israel’s racially-based immigration laws: “As the illustration above makes plain, any Jew can move to Israel tomorrow; but a Palestinian who was born there and made a refugee by the Jewish state is not allowed to return to his or her own village.”

In addition, Weiss admitted, “many laws in Israel discriminate against Palestinians in favor of Jews, including many involving land ownership and zoning that are reminiscent of the Jim Crow South. And if you are a Palestinian living in the occupied West Bank, you can’t vote for the government that rules your life; but a Jewish settler living alongside you in an illegal colony can vote. That would seem to be the definition of supremacy.”

Thus, Weiss, concluded, “Lipstadt is slamming white nationalism while extolling Jewish nationalism. The left is consistent in condemning both.”

Weiss, who in 2007 described himself in an article in the American Conservative as a “traitor to the tribe” for daring to write about Israel from a “progressive” point of view, has, of course, deliberately confused what he describes as “white supremacism” and “Jewish supremacism.”

Almost no one Weiss and other far-leftists would call “white supremacists” want to rule over anybody else, and a far more accurate definition of them would be “white separatists.”

It is also doubtful that many Zionist Jews in Israel want to rule directly over the Palestinians—most would probably want to see only Jews living in Israel—and even on that level, Weiss and his fellow leftists have erred ideologically.

Nonetheless, when these errors in terminology are stripped away, the core of his argument remains valid: namely that the Zionist demand for a Jewish ethnostate to preserve Jewish identity is indeed the same as that made by Europeans who seek European ethnostates to preserve their identity.

For Jews such as Lipstadt to condemn what they call “white supremacists” while endorsing Israel, is, therefore, as Weiss correctly admits, extremely hypocritical.

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  1. So, Weiss described himself as an American conservative and “traitor to the tribe”.

    Pardon, but he hardly qualifies for either of those titles simply by admitting things we already know and have known for generations about Israel, and without the help of the Jews. In fact, none of these people: (Benjamin H. Freedman, Alfred Lilienthal, Victor Ostrovsky, Samuel Roth, Marcus Eli Ravage, Noam Chomsky, Israel Shahak) are the exception to the Jewish rule because there is no such person. You can also add Norman Finkelstein, David Cole, Mark Levin, everyone at Breitbart.com and others to that list. None of them will every truly break ranks with the Jewish establishment because they know on which side their bread is buttered. Oh, they’ll throw us a bone every now and then to make it appear that they’re going against the establishment when, in reality, the actual facts they’re disputing regarding the Jewish community and geopolitical movement are cosmetic, at best. The whole idea of this behavior of making Gentiles believe that some Jews are on their side is only to throw suspicion off the group as a whole and make people think, “See, not all Jews are like that”. This is the beginning of falling for the fallacy that there is a distinction between Jews and “Zionists” to one’s own peril. As with all living creatures, behavior is driven by genetics and instinct. Jews are no exception.

    Regardless of what a Jewish author, professor, politician, etc. says that may appear to criticize Israel or Jews in general, absolutely NONE of them will even remotely suggest that perhaps Jews shouldn’t be running the Federal Reserve, the central banking system, Hollywood, academia, publishing, the legal profession or any of their other strongholds, and certainly NONE of them will EVER openly admit the truth of WW2 or the holocaust because they know the traditional narrative of these events has provided the central support for Jewish supremacy throughout the modern era and as such, they will never risk damaging the group as a whole and their collective goal because they are, in truth, Jewish supremacists themselves.

    1. I agree, many people still fail to understand Jewry. The whole domination of Jewry today could only happen because of a tightly neat of ethnic networking This meant fooling the goyim and intermarry to a certain degree into the establishments. That what happened in Prussia,in Britain etc. In General with the “European aristocracy”
      PLEASE NOTE: I put European in commas. They are not European. They have long sold out. They have no allegiance to the native populations.
      They (Jewry) could this only pull of because they have been knighted or given the status as official money lenders of kings and queens during centuries.
      The Rabbis are like rabble-rousers intoxicating with their teachings and practices the young ones. I actually believe it is already in their blood memory through thousands of years twisting the truth and upholding principles completely contrary to the Aryan tribes in ancient times.
      Without the pool of Jews where the Rabbis can draw their people for espionage and infiltration (through intermarrying for example) they could have never ever gained control over so vast areas in politics and economy worldwide.

  2. All this nonsense evaporates when you understand that nations are made up of people, not dirt, and not pieces of paper. A secure and sovereign nation needs land. New continents are not rising up out of the oceans, so the only way to get land is to conquer it, evict the previous inhabitants, and not let in foreign nationals without good reason.

    Every nation lives on stolen land and has some national myth to justify this theft, so let us not throw stones at each other’s glass houses. America is a great nation because (a) it was born of another great nation, namely England, and (b) it found a vast continent sparsely populated by Stone Age tribes, and conquered it.

    1. No offence, but why make a general statement (“every nation lives on stolen land and has some national myth”) unless you can prove it? Many hack media nonentities say things like “mankind has always pondered the meaning of life” and “there has always been prostitution” when it’s simply not known. Or are you just another troll?

  3. What’s the point of Jewish state if it’s laws discussed by Jews? And i prefer in Israel than in most place. The discussion about the laws are vibrant.

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