Jews Actively Aiding Jungle Invaders

Jews in Britain who claim to be refugees from Nazi Germany are actively involved in bringing nonwhite invaders in the Calais Jungle over to the U.K., controlled media reports have revealed.

According to the far left Guardian newspaper, Jews who came over to Britain during the so-called Kinder-transport program are “raising funds” to help the “unaccompanied refugee children” in Calais enter the U.K.


The Guardian report said that “Britain’s Jewish community is raising funding to evacuate at least 120 child refugees identified as having the legal right to be reunited with their families in the U.K. but who remain trapped in northern France.”

According to the report, “Campaigners said their predecessors had relied on Britain’s generosity to flee the Nazis and that a sense of gratitude had motivated them to help vulnerable unaccompanied child refugees, many of whom are fleeing persecution.”

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, whose parents claimed to have fled Nazi-occupied Europe and who has been instrumental in galvanizing support for modern “child refugees,” was quoted as saying, “Both my parents were refugees at the age of 16: both fled Germany.”

His 93-year-old mother, Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg, who arrived in the UK months before the Second World War began, said: “I owe my survival to the generosity of those who gave the financial guarantees for me and my family to escape to Britain. I feel deeply concerned about refugees now, especially the children and young people.”

Within the Jungle camp in Calais, around 220 invaders pretending to be “unaccompanied children” have been identified as having the “legal right” to be reunited with families in the U.K.

Britain’s Jewish community now hopes to raise enough to “rescue” them all, and bring them to the U.K., the newspaper said.

Their campaign, launched last Sunday on Facebook, has raised more than £50,000, with £15,000 more pledged. The overall cost per invader for the “legal process, transport and support requirements” is £2,000.

The Jews are “confident they can raise the required amount,” with one of the organizers, Jude Oppenheimer from Finchley, north London, saying that the “response from the Jewish community had been instant and unequivocal, with an initial proposal to raise money sent to her extended family raising £2,000 in five minutes.”

Oppenheimer said: “My great uncle and aunt were refugees in 1934 from Germany and my father came over to Britain after the Holocaust.

“So many have built a great life, amazing families and careers but for our parents and grandparents who came over as refugees it was Britain that gave them that opportunity and that made all the difference. It really does resonate.”

  • This Jewish demand that European nations take in all manner of Third World invaders is in strong contrast to the behavior of their own country, Israel, which actively expels all invaders and refuses to take in a single “refugee” from Syria or anywhere else.

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  1. To simplify things, is there anyone in the Jewish diaspora NOT supporting “refugees” for the West?

    All while Israel takes none

    Another Rabbi, Herschel Gluck, also reminded us recently that being the son of refugees from Hitler, who lost OVER 100 of their CLOSE FAMILY members we must never repeat those mistakes.

    It never ceases!

    1. It’s called the white guilt trip,so we will shut up for fear of being called a nazi!! They wheel out the old holohoax story time and time again. Pathetic!! The jew Bolshivik’s killed and torured millions upon millions of Russians.
      Imperial family were assassinated by jew bolshivik’s. Sick of tired of listening to lies of the holocaust and the poor jew?
      Why were they kicked out of 109 countries through the centuries? We forget real history at our peril!

    2. We took in Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Surely it is not their place to invite anyone here? Being invited to a party doesn’t give you the right to invite in others, you are guests. If they want to give a home to these refugees let them send them to Israel. See how that works out.


    1. All whites seem to keep watching. Works out for everyone else.
      Too bad you are only watching non-whites but, massacre Polish men living in Britain. Appears to be the latest trend. Those are European men, your kind.
      It seams they are the biggest thread to your country, huh?
      No problem with Polish girls because they happily service the non-white crowd.
      I was born and raised in Poland, and you are turning into our enemy.
      Just like Germans, who steal babies from Polish mothers living there.
      I was willing to fight for all of my European brothers and sisters.
      The more I learn, the more I have second thoughts.
      Sweden, for example, I can’t wait for someone to ” nuke.”
      Maybe the time has come ” for a nation to turn against nation and kingdom against kingdom. “

  3. So this is how they repay the [alleged] kindness…bring in nonwhite invaders bent on robbing the British taxpayer, raping their daughters and eventually taking over the country.

    1. Raping? How many white females already have African (not to mention other kind) offsprings from current wave of blacks alone, willingly?
      White females around the world are already groomed for non-whites, there is no need for rape.
      Rest of the princesses ( as easy females think of themselves) in places like Germany, Sweden, invite them in exactly for that, and when they get not what they expected, they called it rape.
      Even then, we hear some of them even apologize for it.
      Only white girls/meat can be this [email protected]&$ng brain dead.
      Which explains white men’s ignorance.
      Not much left to sacrifice for.
      I live in NYC, ( not by choice), it seems non-whites are a white girl’s dream. Hence, no news of interracial rape.
      If the newly arrived low lives decided to gang rape in broad daylight, I would not lift a finger.
      And Slavic blood runs in my veins, there is much I do not tolerate.

    1. Why don’t we finally expel those parasites along with non-whites out of Europe instead?
      Let them sponsor take over of their Israel.
      Why do we let Jews and everyone else do whatever the hell they want in OUR home? That’s the question.
      And we all know why we ignore it, ” not much left to sacrifice for.”
      Most whites are brain dead and don’t mind.

  4. Many people are ambivalent about ‘Jews’, because of the alleged Biblical connection. I’d like to suggest that early Christianity – with many and diverse beliefs from round the Roman Empire, and further afield – Armenia, eastern Europe, Egypt, and so on – was in fact hijacked by jews, using their unlimited capacity for fraud and lies. After a few centuries they persuaded gullible people, probably including Constantine, to accept their forged rubbish about ‘Yeshua’ as part of official religion, exactly in the same way the faked Holohoax is being used to try to swing a fake religion on Britain. It’s one of the reasons the Roman Empire fell, as money went to the Catholic church instead of useful purposes, and set the scene for secret internal struggles between local churches, who naturally were patriotic, and Jews who were not.

  5. “[They] relied on Britain’s generosity to flee the Nazis and that a sense of gratitude had motivated them to help vulnerable unaccompanied child refugees”

    Apparently, the Jews think the best way to repay the British for their “generosity”, is to assist in flooding England with hostile invaders and to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of of the English from Britain?

    No good deed, eh?

    1. Possibly not, Logan, but it`s so reassuring that there are many others who believe the`elite` intend to destroy the whole damn world for everyone else.
      If and when the sh*t finally hits the fan we know we won`t be alone in fighting back.

    1. Of that, I am no longer in any doubt. Yes, he was right as were so many others… Look at what happened to the views of no less a figure than Gen. George Patton just after the war, then, look what happened to Patton himself..
      King Edward I, Martin Luther, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Jesus Christ, Idi Amin, Subhash Chandra Bose.. people from every race, culture and religion has felt that identification and expulsion of this parasite is necessary for national political, spiritual, economic and cultural survival.

  6. Will they continue monetary support once these migrants are in the UK? No. Apart from life-long free health care, the burden of accommodation and education will fall on local government. Many schools are at bursting point due to migration. Councils are already strapped for finance in a time of austerity and have had to impose swingeing cuts in services for children and the elderly. They are at their wits end and have begged the UK government to fund migrants, but have been told they will get a finite amount and after that they are on their own, ie the council taxpayers will foot the bill for these ‘unaccompanied’ children and the families who will inevitably follow.

  7. After fleeing the devastating world war brought upon Europe by their tribe and crying victim they now destroy the English by bringing more victims of their never ending wars upon the gentiles and their victims in turn will wage war and feed on the blood of the English. The eternal parasite is in real time.

  8. Ive had a guts full of jews, arabs, the middle east, lefties and muslims. Losers have been fighting for centuries then inflict their crap on the rest of us. We need an alternative to oil so we can do away with this region of the planet. If these savages cant govern themselves then their countries should be governed for them. Refugees from this useless neck of the woods ARE NOT OUR PROBLEM. Stop encouraging the crippling behaviour by taking them in. Muslims need to REFORM THEMSELVES. If they dont want to progress and become civilised then they should not be permitted to leave their countries full stop

  9. Things are not the same as they were in those days. These are invaders not refugees. They have no papers and lie about where they are from and their ages. All these Jews are doing is aiding and abetting our demise by bringing these illegals into our country

    1. Who’s to say that some of the waves of Jewish “refugees” weren’t also just economic migrants who spun a good lie to get in the doors of Western European countries and the USA a century ago?

      We’ve seen the 6,000,000 figure published numerous times before WW2 began, particularly in regard to, and I paraphrase, ‘6,000,000 Eastern European Jews who were a risk of starvation and slaughter by the Russians.’

      Perhaps the current migration scam has been well advised by those helping to sponsor and encourage it, based on their ethnic group’s previous experiences?

  10. Everything said by the NSdap is ringing true. the more obvious this becomes the lügenpresse screams louder with stupid Hitler stories or Holo-religion reverence, and more and more lies and hatred directed towards the ethnic British (especially since the leave vote)
    which makes it even more visible and obvious and thus betray their real motives and their intentions.

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