Magistrate Fired for Being Normal

The homosexual perversion of contemporary western society has gone so far that a magistrate in England has been sacked merely for expressing the opinion that placing children in the care of same-sex couples is not in their best interest.

Richard Page, a magistrate in Maidstone, Kent, told the Christian Concern (CC) website that he had been removed from office by the Lord Chancellor after sharing his personal conviction in a media interview that there is not enough evidence to show that placing children in the care of same-sex couples is in their best interest.


The media interview took place on March 12, 2015, with BBC news reporter Caroline Wyatt. In the interview, Page said: “My responsibility as a magistrate, as I saw it, was to do what I considered best for the child, and my feeling was therefore that it would be better if it was a man and woman who were the adopted parents.”

Page, who had been a magistrate for fifteen years and who sat on the Family Panel of the Kent Central Magistrates Court, had less than a month to run as a Justice of the Peace. Yet the Lord Chancellor, Conservative Party Minister Michael Gove, has used this case to make a political statement, the CC said.

As the CC site pointed out, it was “somewhat ironic” that the interview for which Page has been dismissed occurred as part of a TV debate about Christians being squeezed out of public life.

The BBC program followed research conducted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission about challenges to freedom of religion and belief in the UK.

Page was first challenged by his seniors in late 2014 when, after hearing an adoption case, he could not agree with his fellow magistrates that placing a child into the care of a same-sex couple was “in the child’s best interest.”

He said he came to his decision having weighed the evidence presented to the Court and therefore, in good conscience, could not vote to make the order.

He was subsequently reported for his actions, reprimanded, and forced to attend “re-education training,” which he duly did.

Page said he believed that the government decision to place children with same-sex couples lacks any solid, reliable psychological or educational research concerning the effects on children.

These media comments were again brought to the attention of his seniors and an investigation was carried out by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office’s disciplinary panel. They recommended to the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor that Page should be removed from office.

Commenting on his sacking, Page said that as a “highly experienced magistrate, I have made judgments on thousands of cases and in each case, have come to my decision based on the evidence, and the evidence alone, placed before me and my colleagues. That is the oath which I took when I became a Justice of the Peace.

“When you sit in a Family Court, you have a huge responsibility to ensure the overall well-being of the children who are being recommended to be placed into new families.

“You weigh the reports and references before you and the evidence you hear. In the case of same-sex couples adopting children, it has only been a relatively short time that same-sex couples have been able to adopt and foster and therefore, there has not been time for a proper analysis to be carried out into the effects such placements have on the children’s educational, emotional, and developmental wellbeing.

“As a magistrate, I have to act on the evidence before me and quite simply, I believe that there is not sufficient evidence to convince me that placing a child in the care of a same-sex couple can be as holistically beneficial to a child as placing them with a mum and dad as God and nature intended.

“I am surprised that the Lord Chancellor should seemingly pander to the new political orthodoxy when what it amounts to is social experimentation on the lives of the most vulnerable children in our communities.

“To punish me and to seek to silence me for expressing a dissenting view is deeply shocking. I shall challenge this decision as it is illiberal and intolerant. It is vital the family law courts always have in mind the best interests of the children. I cannot believe that the establishment is trying to silence someone like me who has served it wholeheartedly all of my working life.”


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  1. Michael Gove has hitherto been presented as a “good guy” unfairly victimised by big, bad Cameron. Now he stands revealed as a PoS just like the rest of his puss-filled party.

  2. This took place a year ago, so why has it taken until now to bring it to our attention. If I was being cynical, I might think it was to make Mr. Gove look bad, and therefore is anti-BREXIT propaganda. But surely not!

  3. It’s O’K, the m’s will put a end to same sex adoption, and same sex couples soon enough, ironically, with he help of the samesex gender fluid crowd, ..who also seem so intent on destroying Europe, that will sacrifice them selves to achieve it..

    1. This, along with mass migration is only the prelude to the enforced erosion of our culture, way of life and everything that defines us.
      Chaos and divisions will now begin to hasten the collapse of our society as a whole, just as the elite intend.
      Do we roll over and accept what the `elite` have planned or work together to thwart and hopefully reverse the catalyst coming our way.

  4. Article 20 of the 44/25 Convention on the Rights of the Child 20 November 1989 “Such care could include, inter alia, foster placement, adoption… due regard being paid to the desirability of continuity in a child’s upbringing… and to the child’s cultural background.”
    Obviously the homosexual culture, being a childless relationship, is a cultural discontinuity with a relationship that has children and public incitement to place a child in a culturally different situation is a violation of this Treaty. It is desirable that the culprits should be exposed and forced to explain their position much like common criminals who loot other peoples possessions.

  5. Irrespective of today’s politically correct stance regarding this, I am of the age that remembers it was illegal to have sex with someone of the same sex. Political correctness cannot remove the memories of the times we were born and brought up in.
    Whether it is two males or two females, they are unable to produce children on their own – that is a medical fact, so why do they think they are the right type of people to become foster carers, adopted parents or even use surrogacy to achieve what is physically impossible for them?

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