Germany: “Never Before Seen” Invader Violence

A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators.

The attack was also described by the local public prosecutor as something they had “never experienced before”—and is an example of the type of Third World behavior the “refugee” swindle is importing to Europe.


The scene of the attack.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, the 19-year-old Eritrean attacked an 18-year-old Somalian—both pretending to be asylum seekers—last Friday at an invader center in the picturesque and formerly peaceful town of Schlüchtern in the state of Hesse.

The attacker so severely mutilated his victim—ripping and biting off his lips, ears, eyelids, and stabbing him in the throat and eyeballs—that investigators have said that they are investigating the possibility that it was linked to some backward Third World witchdoctor ritual.


Schlüchtern, where the attack took place.

According to the reports, a local resident “heard loud screams” coming from the invader center and called the police.

Police entered the building and found the Eritrean sitting on the bloodied body of his victim, who was still alive. The attacker was arrested, and the victim taken to a hospital, where his condition was stabilized.

“This form of violence has never been experienced before here by the authorities,” the local public prosecutor, Jürgen Heinze, told media.

The extent to which the attacker knew the victim is unknown, Heinze continued, and the motive is still unclear but a “ritual act” was not being ruled out.

He said that the legal process meant that there would only be an indictment within two to three months, and a court case in four to six months. The attacker will be tried before the Youth Criminal Court for attempted homicide.

A 2010 report in Live Science revealed that belief in witchcraft is “widespread” throughout Africa, with a Gallup poll revealing that over half of respondents said that they personally believed in the existence of witches.

The report said that African belief in witchcraft has “also led to horrific murders and mutilations” in recent years. In 2008, a mob of hundreds of young men killed eight women and three men in two villages in rural western Kenya. The victims were accused of witchcraft—of having cast spells that lowered the intelligence of the village’s children.

Some of the suspected witches and wizards were hacked to death with machetes, or had their throats slit before their bodies were burned, Live Science reported.

In East Africa, at least 50 albinos (people with a rare genetic disorder that leaves the skin, hair, and eyes without pigment) were murdered for their body parts in 2009, according to the Red Cross. An albino’s arms, fingers, genitals, ears, and blood are highly prized on the black market, as they are believed to contain magical powers and are used in witchcraft.

The latest attack in Germany shows that the mass importation of Africans—who have an average IQ hovering between 60 and 80—is causing this savagery to be imported directly into the heart of Europe, and that the only solution to this growing problem is the complete repatriation of all Third Worlders back to their home countries.

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  1. A court case in four to six months? The attacker will be tried before the Youth Criminal Court for attempted homicide. 19yr old in a youth court? Isn’t third world immigration just marvellous, with their ‘wonderful’ cultures! Just a pity that it hadn’t been Merkel on the receiving end or some other lefty scum of a politician!

  2. The victim was so severely mutilated, he is now on enhanced disability benefits, and has a pretty blonde nurse on call 24/7. We also have a form of violence described as barbaric, the viking blood eagle! Maybe this should be introduced sometime! As for witches, let’s begin our witchhunt with certain female politicians who just love to see their young women put through enrichment rituals!

  3. This is your future Europe, how long until they start doing this to your women for resisting their advances. Those animals need to be brought back to the hell holes from which they came to continue practicing their “rituals.”

    1. And stop feeding and giving them medial care or agricultural advice. My bleeding heart, liberal Uncle spent his entire life trying to “help” and finally, at age 60+, resigned himself to the fact that there was no changing them, “uplifting” them or teaching them. They are retarded, can’t be taught, and incapable of moving forward to better their situations. He passed at 76, bitterly disappointed in his wasted years (he was brilliant) and resigned to the fact that certain races cannot be helped to help themselves.

      1. And in spite of the present evidence, there are morons, both white and black that affirm that in ancient times the blacks had super-civilizations, they were the Atlanteans etc
        (And that more recently, blacks where the Vikings, Mozart and Beethoven were Black and so on…)

  4. Maybe anthropologists have been prohibited by Jewish academic witchfinders from truth-telling about primitive rituals amongst low IQ people. It appears to be a fact that chopping off one hand and one foot (on the oposite side) is a Muslim practice or ritual or punishment, the explanation of what happens in parts of Africa – or by false-flag operators. Probably a lot of this material (and on e.g. cannibalism) must be well-known to anthropologists, but disallowed by the unofficial censors.

  5. I love the way they refer to the asylum centers as invader centers, perfect, I’m going to call them that from now on. What do you expect when you allow these things in? An IQ of 70 is considered mental retardation. The one attacked will be on a lifetime disability with a free house.

  6. This is just sickening, I hope they throw the book at this guy and he gets the maximum 80 hours of community service.

  7. LOL Savages – you wouldn’t want to leave your home without some sort of weapon now. Lefties should be proud of themselves

  8. I imagine the culprit won’t be deported after his jail sentence, this is the result of Merkel leaving the borders open, Germany and parts of Europe are descending into a cesspool of rape, robber and assaults and the police and governments do nothing, how long before the Germans start leaving their country.

    1. The Germans won’t leave, they’ll fight, and just like those middle aged voters who got us Brexit, it will be the angry middle aged who lead the fight.

      1. with all my heart, i hope you are right ! (German expat) These invaders will drag civilization back into the dark ages.. the demographics are on their side. in a generation they and their numerous offspring will vote. democracy at work!! Hungary remembers history. Lebanon experienced that. out of the bottom 25 countries, 20 are muslim majority countries (pew research). The Pakistani mayor of London banned bikini pictures from buses, guess burka clad hairy women would be preferable. this is only the beginning. much worse to come. these people are wild eyed thin skinned fanatics who fly into a murderous rage over a cartoon. Camp of the Saints was published as fiction, but is quickly becoming a reality. I
        either everyone is sleeping at the wheel or it is the grand plan (NWO).

  9. This is a ritual called Muti, and it’s animistic. For instance, there was a case where some africans needed to pass a test, so they killed the smartest kid in their class and ate his brain! Or the beauty salon that wasn’t getting too many customer where the lady decided to embed a pair of human eyes into the facade so as to make her place more “visible.” It’s insane, I mean just look at that beautiful German town. Just like any other town around here, including mine, which has seen its own share of invader enrichment in the form of 2 gang-rapes at the swimming pool, lots of old people robbed and beaten in the underground parking lots, and a young couple badly beaten by a gang of them for no reason.
    It’s gotten to the point where we all just stay home after dark. We used to take a walk each night to get cigarettes at the gas station by the pack. Nowadays we just buy a carton at the supermarket. Safer that way. Just 4 years ago this was such a safe town! I can’t believe what’s going on! Merkel, and the whole governmental garniture has betrayed us!

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