Nonwhite Colonizer Children in Britain Destroy UK Educational, Social and Behavioural Standards

The rapid influx of nonwhite colonizers into Britain—and their resultant swamping of the junior schooling system—has led to a shocking decline in the literacy, behavioural and social standard of school entrants in that country.

Black teacher with mixed class.

News of the incredible decline was carried by the UK’s Daily Mail—which of course presented it while pretending that there was no racial aspect to the issue at all—in a report which quoted the head of Britain’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED), Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Headlined “The 10 Skills a Child Must Have By the Time They Start School Including Being Toilet Trained and Talking In Sentences: Ofsted Call for Checklist to Be Issued To All Parents,” the report revealed that Wilshaw warned that “too many youngsters have been starting their education unable to use the toilet, follow simple instructions or even make themselves understood.”

Wilshaw said parents “should be issued with a ten-point checklist of skills that their children must master before their first day at school.”

This checklist of basic requirements—which obviously are now lacking in the “new” set of children entering British schools for the first time, are as follows:

Children should be able:

• To sit still and listen;

• To be aware of other children;

• To understand the word ‘no’ and the boundaries it sets for behaviour;

• To understand the word ‘stop’ and that such a phrase might be used to prevent danger;

• To be potty trained and able to go to the loo;

• To recognize their own name;

• To speak to an adult to ask for help;

• To be able to take off their coat and put on shoes;

• To talk in sentences; and

• To open and enjoy a book.

The implication of this “checklist” is, naturally, that children now entering the UK school system are of such a low standard that they do not even know their own names, are unable to utilize toilets, unable to talk in the most basic fashion and have never even seen a book (being unable to even “open one”).

Wilshaw added that while many parents “intuitively” teach children vital skills, others fail to do so, “condemning their offspring to struggle at school.”

The closest Wilshaw—and the Daily Mail report—came to revealing the true cause of the incredible slide into Third World standards came with his remark that “only a third of youngsters from low-income backgrounds reach key development milestones by the age of five.

“The poorest children are less likely to be able to follow instructions, make themselves understood or manage their own basic hygiene.

“By age five, many children have started reading simple words, talking in sentences and can add single numbers. But far fewer of the poorest children can.”

It is typical liberal double-speak to refer to nonwhite immigrants and their offspring in European countries as “poor”, “youths” or “inner city communities” and other code words—which are known and understood by all to mean nonwhite.

The racial truth about British schools is, of course, already well-known, even if Wilshaw, the Daily Mail, OFSTED and liberals ignore it.

For example, in February 2014, it emerged from official UK government figures that white British children have been effectively ethnically cleansed from most schools in greater London, Birmingham, Manchester, and parts of South Yorkshire and East Lancashire, with no less than 1,755 institutions—or one out of nine schools across the country—now having majority “non-English speaking pupils.”

Figures released by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE) in 2013 revealed that nearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are nonwhite.

Figures released in 2013 by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership (BCSP) has revealed that 69 percent of all school pupils in that city were nonwhite and that whites have now effectively been ethnically cleansed from Britain’s second largest city.

It is therefore clear that the wholesale ethnic cleansing of white British children from UK schools—and their replacement with the children of nonwhite colonizers—has led to the wholesale importation of Third World culture and standards.

It is also conclusive evidence that the liberal mania which believes that Third Worlders stop being Third Worlders once their “environment is changed,” is an outright lie.

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    1. This is absolutely nothing to do with ‘Europe’s colonial chickens coming home to roost’ as European nations such as Sweden & Ireland have no colonial past but are still being destroyed by Third World mass immigration/miscegenation. What this IS to do with is the JWO Cultural Marxist ideology & their deliberate White genocide in order to further their One-World govt agenda.

  1. It’s time for the armed forces in each European Country and other White Countries to intervene and stop this destruction. We know by now that there will never ne a political solution to this third world invasion. If no action is taken by the military to restore law and order and punish those who have brought us this low then the people will have to revolt.

    1. The individual armed forces would come up against NATO forces. The communists have got this situation wel planned and the “pretending” to find a solution goes on….
      Merkel / EU regime have set the wheels in motion & they have planned the “invasion” in such a way that it is irreversible.
      The sooner you all realise the deviousness of your politicians the sooner you can take action. First up get them out of office & positions of authority. The methods you choose are yours to choose.
      The methods will inevitably require violence. That’s all these people will understand!

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