Does the Madness of European Social Welfare Handouts Know No Limit?

scroungerAn unemployed German scrounger in the city of Düsseldorf has won a court ruling forcing his local state employment office to pay for a three week holiday—flights, accommodation, and spending money—to Indonesia to visit his half-German-half-Indonesian son—for the second time in less than a year.

The scrounger, a self-proclaimed “artist” named by the Bild newspaper as Jürgen Weber, had been living off the social welfare system for several years when he met and had a child with an Indonesian woman in Germany.

The woman then subsequently took the child and went back to Indonesia, possibly preferring her family’s support to Herr Weber’s lifestyle.

In 2013, Weber persuaded his unemployment office to fund a trip to Indonesia to visit his son, but when he tried to duplicate this astonishing stunt the next year, the unemployment office refused to be taken in a second time.

Weber ran off to one of the growing number of legal parasites in Europe who make their living off the “Human Rights Act”-type legislation introduced by the liberals of the European Union, and filed an application saying that it was essential for his son’s “development” that he be visited by his father.

The Düsseldorf regional court agreed with his demand, in terms of the “Human Rights” legislation, and ordered the unemployment office to hand over €2,100 (US$ 2,877) for Weber to take the three week holiday in Indonesia.

His payout includes money for the flight, his accommodation, and spending money while he is there.

The precedent is astonishing, and has now opened the door for any unemployed person to demand travel across the globe, courtesy of the taxpayer.

It is yet another example of how the original purpose of state welfare has been utterly distorted from its founding intent—to help those genuinely in need through no fault of their own—into nothing less than a loafer’s swindle.

It is also, contrary to liberal beliefs, further proof that the system is unsustainable over the long term as the swindler class continues to grow in number, subsidized by those who actually pay the tax.

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  1. No wonder the Western world is screwed. I read of this and see it happen here in Australia. I am aware that the Muslim community, recent immigrants, receive far more social security payments because they milk the social security system in every way possible and our government lets them.
    The majority of muslim migrants do not work or if they do its for cash and no tax is paid.
    Our system in Australia is toooo generous.

    1. We’re only screwed because of the conveyor belt of treacherous politicians that the blind public continue to elect. Vote far right at each and every opportunity to try and shake these liberal left @holes out of the system.

      1. Couldn`t agree more Keith. The total naivety and gullibility of the public is beyond belief.
        I can only think that the vast majority either a) find it inconceivable that TPTB would devise this heinous plan OR
        b) thinking processes are occupied 24/7 by the Kardashians, Facebook etc.
        a) is understandable but I despair of the b) category.
        Supping with this devil will fulfil the EU dream of one homogenous race of controlled spoonfed automatons.

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