Slovakia: Fighting the Invasion

The Slovakian government will submit its lawsuit against the European Union (EU) over the nonwhite invasion on December 18, even though it is under imminent threat of sanctions after refusing to take in any invaders.


The Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico announced earlier that his nation would refuse to implement a decision made by the European Commission (EC)—the EU’s governing organ—which dictated that all EU member nations had to take in a share of the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Europe this year.

Fico refused outright to accept that Slovakia had to take any of the invaders, and instead announced that his legal experts would take the EC to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to argue that the decision to “distribute” the “refugees” among member states was contrary to the EU’s own Dublin Agreement, among other laws.

In terms of the EU decision, Slovakia was obligated to “receive” 802 refugees, of which 190 should come from Italy and 612 from Greece. The quota is calculated based on the size of the country’s population, its GDP, the number of asylum requests in the past five years, and the unemployment rate.

In the interim, the Slovak government has simply refused to accept any invaders through a number of technical maneuvers which have brought that country to the brink of having sanctions imposed on it by the EU.

As reported in the Slovak Spectator newspaper, Slovakia has still not installed the “liaison officers” in Greece and Italy, as requested by the EU. These officers are supposed to be tasked with selecting the invaders to be given “asylum” in Slovakia.

No “liaison officer” has been appointed at all for Greece, and the one who was originally appointed for Italy has been reassigned with the Interior Ministry and is no longer available for this task. No replacement has been nominated to date.

Furthermore, Slovakia was supposed to tell the EC by the end of October exactly how many invaders it was going to “accept and accommodate.” This has also not been done.

The Slovak Spectator reported that it had approached the EC over the Slovakian refusal to fulfil any of these “obligations”—but that a spokesman refused to say “when its patience with Slovakia would wear out.”


Earlier this year: Ungrateful nonwhite invaders burn a reception center in Brezica, Slovenia, after “not being processed fast enough.”

* Meanwhile, some 400 nonwhite invaders who had earlier managed to cross the Slovakian border, have been holed up in a camp in the town of Gabčíkovo in terms of an agreement signed between Austria and Slovakia.

The invaders are all seeking “asylum” in Austria, and, while waiting to cross the border, have spent their time engaging in endless complaints about the “lack of facilities” in Gabčíkovo.

They promised us the same conditions as in Austria but the differences here are huge,” a 20-year-old invader told

The invaders complain that there are “no schools” for their children, no regular health care, and that they are “not happy” about the food they receive.

Approached for comment on the conditions by, Slovak  Interior Minister Robert Kaličák said that the facility was “not a hotel.”

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  1. Love the attitude of both the Slovaks and the Czech Republic! If other countries acted in this sensible way then far fewer migrant ‘chancers’ would be encouraged to try their luck.

    1. That will happen after Brexit, when they, Poland and the Czechs have nowhere to send their unemployed, and the EU money runs out, without our 55m per day, and 3 million “refugees” to pander to, the EU will fold up.

    1. Why are there no threats to leave the EU? Most Eastern European countries are net receivers of EU funds and recently this asshole Juncker was using that angle way too often against eg. Hungary. On the other hand UK is a net payer (circa €5 bln) and might indeed seriously hurt this defunct organization by pulling out. One way or another Merkel in her current mental condition simply can’t rule the whole Europe – that’s quite obvious!

  2. If Merkel`s open ended invitation was intended to seamlessly integrate the hordes into her No Borders EUtopia then it`s backfired spectacularly.
    Taking for granted the total compliance of other countries epitomises her total arrogance.
    Great to see real leaders willing to stand up for their countries.
    More power to your collective elbows !

  3. Oh dear the old sanctions thing again if it dosnt get its own way,surely most people have seen through this appalling organisation and its appalling Boss,The Mad Cow Merkel.

    1. The EU are bluffing, they can’t change the subsidies until the next EU budget in 2020, and to do so they would need all 28 nations to agree under QMV, that won’t happen, the V4 nations will support each other.

  4. Good to see more and more have worked out what the German government are up to,the domination of Europe by stealthily diluting the indigenous,then they ‘think’ they’ll have a compliant and easily managed general public,they have made a foolish and terrible mistake by allowing in so many of this mob,with their ways and type of thinking.

  5. To Me. One of the best and most important comments. When some of these countries can put up with no more, and Slovakia and Hungary e.g. should be near that point by now, the threat to leave the EUSSR would undoubtedly upset things.

  6. What a hero Mr Fico is for telling the EU to @@ck off. it is a great pity that there are not more like him in the rest of the EU countries. The other leaders are milksops – doing everything that Merkel and the odious Juncker the drunkard tells them to do. It is a great pity that Mr Fico does not go one step further and declare that Slovenia is leaving he EU. I think a few more countries would follow because they also do not want Islam taking over their countries. What would Merkel’s and Juncker’s responses would be to that. It is a great pity that our wondrous leader Mr Piggy does have the guts to tell them all to go to @@ll.

    1. Slovenia?!?! Sorry?? It is SLOVAKIA. That is a great difference.
      Also Fico is definitely NOT a hero. He is a corrupt commie ass and refusing taking the refugees is the only good thing he has ever done in his miserable life.
      Regards from Slovakia

  7. We should leave this filthy Eu.

    Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and us Hungary needs to be united against this new EUSSR and stand up for ourselves.

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