‘Democrats’ Seek to ban Greece’s Golden Dawn after Violent Communists Riot

The ‘democrats’ who run the Greek government have announced that they will be tabling legislation in the Greek parliament to outlaw the Golden Dawn party after a series of violent riots by Communist extremists following a football-match related stabbing in Athens.

Communists riot--and Golden Dawn blamed.
Communists riot–and Golden Dawn blamed.

“Public Order” Minister Nikos Dendias told media that the leftist government would table emergency legislation to ban Golden Dawn by redefining what constitutes a “criminal gang.”

The move comes after Communist gangs in Greece rioted in a number of cities and towns, causing major damage to infrastructure and attacking police. Communist gangs in Greece have a long and extremist violent history which includes murders, bombings and attacks going back decades.

Pavlos Fyssas--the obscure Greek "anti-fascist" killed in the incident.
Pavlos Fyssas–the obscure Greek “anti-fascist” killed in the incident.

The latest set of Communist riots took place after an argument during a televised football match ended in a fatal stabbing. The politically-unrelated argument was then claimed to be political by the far leftist controlled media in Greece—because the victim was supposedly an obscure “anti-fascist musician” and the alleged murderer later claimed to be a member of Golden Dawn.

The media has of course ignored the comments made by Golden Dawn after the stabbing, which included a perfectly reasonable explanation of the event and a disassociation from the stabbing.

Golden Dawn parliamentarian Michalis Avranitis said in the Greek legislature that the victim and the suspect had initially argued about a soccer match.

“This man [the assailant], as it turns out, has declared himself to be a member of Golden Dawn. But Golden Dawn has one million supporters.

“If, in a restaurant, two drunken idiots have a fight and someone is stabbed, should we look at their ideology and blame that?” he asked.

The official Golden Dawn statement on the matter read as follows:

“Golden Dawn, from the first moment the news were released, condemned in every way possible the tragic crime in Keratsini. But the puppet masters that control the public life of Greece have devoted themselves to a witch hunt, to eradicate the ideas of the Greeks. The political parties should be ashamed, exploiting a tragic event to serve the interests of their bosses, assigning a political character to a tragic event.”

Nonetheless, the far leftist extremists in the Communist street gangs and their colleagues in the establishment parties and the media have done all they can to incite violence in Greece—and now want to use this mayhem as an excuse to ban Golden Dawn.

In preparation for the ‘democratic’ move, police were ordered to raid Golden Dawn offices across the country on Friday—although nothing was found.


In reality, it is the establishment parties which have been responsible for the most high-profile political murders in recent Greek political history, including the famous Nikos Temponeras incident.

This teacher was murdered by members of the currently ruling New Democracy party—the same ones who want to ban Golden Dawn in 1991—and caused major riots in all main Greek towns, with a 25,000 strong demonstration in Patra where Temponeras was killed.  This was followed by the burning of the police station and the Town Hall.

The same day in Athens four people died in a fire which occurred during a massive demonstration. The civil unrest stopped only after the Minister of Education resigned. Not surprisingly, there were no calls for the New Democratic party to be banned after this incident.

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