“Syrian Refugee Surge” for US

The US State Department is bringing an average of 1,500 “Syrian refugees” to America every month in order to meet President Barack Obama’s target of settling 10,000 in the country by September.

The program will see 600 “refugees” being interviewed every day—even though it is obvious that with those numbers, any sort of reasonable check will be impossible.


According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, the 600 interviews per day will be undertaken in a new “temporary processing center” in Amman, Jordan.

The temporary processing center will run until April 28 and will process 10,000 refugees, US ambassador Alice Wells told the media in Jordan.

“It is part of our effort to reach President Obama’s directive to send 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States by September 30, 2016, while also ensuring that every refugee accepted by the United States has been thoroughly screened and vetted through our rigorous security process.”

Gina Kassem, regional refugee coordinator at the US Embassy in Amman, said that the 10,000 target was “a floor and not a ceiling,” with a possibility to increase the number.

The CIS pointed out the obvious problems in interviewing 600 people every day: “How can a ‘rigorous security process’ be respected under such conditions?”

Six hundred interviews a day for three months (February 1 to April 28), with a five-day work week, comes to a total of 36,000 interviews—more than three times the 10,000 figure being bandied about.

According to other reports, the “surge operation” is designed to process the rest of the Syrian refugees in as little as three months and leave them enough time to get to the US before September.

The State Department has devoted more staff in Amman to focus on processing Syrian refugees, as well as hiring new employees, which the department says it needed anyway.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has prioritized sending more refugees to the US than other countries.

In order to meet the 10,000 figure goal, “Syrian refugees” will also continue to be accepted from other nations as well as Jordan, to include Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt.

State Department officials have also said they are hoping to bring in even more than 10,000 Syrian refugees, since there is currently a ceiling of 85,000 refugees to the US, and it does not limit them by nationality.

The main organization within the US helping to “resettle” the “refugees” is the International Rescue Committee, whose President and CEO is the Jew David Miliband.


According to the IRC’s website, that organization has “refugee resettlement and assistance programs in 25 United States cities.”

These offices “support newly arrived refugees by providing immediate aid, including food and shelter,” and through a “network of staff members and volunteers” provide “housing, job placement, and employment skills, clothing, medical attention, education, English-language classes, and community orientation. Each resettlement office serves as a free, one-stop center for refugees’ needs during their pivotal first months in the US.”

In addition, the IRC “provides comprehensive immigration services to assist refugees and asylees [sic] on their path to becoming permanent residents or US citizens.”

Needless to say, the IRC does not work in bringing any “refugees” to Israel.

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  1. Good idea to let them establish their own schools in compliance with the UN Convention against Discrimination in Education Article 5c It is essential to recognise the right of members of national minorities to carry on their own educational activities, including the maintenance of schools and, depending on the educational policy of each state, the use or the teaching of their own language …
    To comply with International Law it is essential that the Immigrants have their own schools with their own staff, and in a similar way have their own towns, municipal services etc. for their own self-determination. In this way we will not have to see little Jewish girls dressed in Burkas being sent to Arab schools for integration into a majority Arab society planned for Germany in the future.

  2. If one of the disastrous and repellent Miliband brothers is on the case, you are doomed. It does answer the question though of where do failed UK politicians go for a second career.

  3. With millions of Latino’s swarming unchecked into the US, why bother to “interview” the Syrians? Surely, and Mr Milliband would agree, it is “discrimination”…………

  4. “Anti-white hate against the European stock of the Europe the U.S. and our diaspora Nations of Australia and New Zealand is causing havoc”

    Balkanization by race will be the solution.

    Currently, what we refer to as White flight, is simply an apportionable response to the violent crimes perpetrated against Europeans in areas which are euphemistically referred to as, ‘NO GO ZONES’

    What happens when Europeans run out of places to run???


  5. The so called Christian churches receive a large portion of the resettlement money bonanza. They are the main facilitators of genocide of white northern European Christian race and culture. The millions come from the satanic communist government and NGO’s.the churches have board members making six figure salaries. Catholic charities, southern Baptist convention, Assembly of God and Lutheran social services are just some of them. What God do they serve?

    1. Not forgetting the charities such as OXFAM, Save the Children and others whose whole existence is based on more and more so-called, “Refugees”. Then next, the UN Refugee Council whose Peter Sutherland is an advocate of flooding Europe with “Refugees”. The list is long of these organisations and unfortunately, it is not possible to buy some kind of spray from the hardware store to deal with this form of parasite.

  6. The difference between US and Europe in our 2nd amendment. Let them try the crap here in middle America and they will find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun, not with rubber bullets, but lead. People in my area are stocking up on ammo and getting ready…

  7. Thankfully president Trump will send on these free loading non whites back to the hell hole they ruined with their cult of islam

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