US Whites Blamed because Nonwhites Have Higher School-Arrest Rate

In yet another indication of the twisted anti-white nature of the current American political system, white people have been blamed for the fact that nonwhite students have a dramatically higher rate of arrests for school-related disturbances and violence.


The higher arrest rate—referred to as the “school-to-prison pipeline” was revealed by the Obama administration when it announced a new set of “measures” which, it said, would attempt to halt the massive nonwhite law-breaking.

According to a joint statement (PDF here) released by the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, all statistics show that black students “without disabilities are more than three times as likely as their white peers without disabilities to be expelled or suspended.”

According to the statement, although black students “represent 15% of students in the CRDC, they make up 35% of students suspended once, 44% of those suspended more than once, and 36% of students expelled.

“Further, over 50% of students who were involved in school-related arrests or referred to law enforcement are Hispanic or African-American,” the statement continued, before moving on to blame alleged white racism for the situation.

“[R]acial disparities in student discipline give rise to concerns that schools may be engaging in racial discrimination that violates the Federal civil rights laws,” the statement said—in effect blaming whites, adding that “In short, racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.”

This vicious anti-white smear is repeated mindlessly by the controlled media (see for example the Huffington Post’s “Black Voices” story here—note they don’t have a “White Voices” section).

Blaming alleged “white racism” is an old canard which is always used to “explain” nonwhite failure, be it academic, social, political or economic.

According to this anti-white logic:

– When nonwhites are arrested in greater numbers, it is not because they actually do commit more crime, but, it is claimed, because “the police system is “racist”;

– When nonwhites are sent to prison more often than whites, it is not because they are guilty, but, it is claimed, because “the judicial system is “racist”;

– When nonwhites fail to perform academically, it is not because they have a lower average IQ, but, it is claimed, because “the educational system is racist”;

– When nonwhites fail to advance economically, it is not because they have less ability, but, it is claimed, because the “white-controlled economy is racist and deliberately withholds jobs from nonwhites.”

In other words, according to this belief, there is some type of worldwide white conspiracy to “do the black man down”—which is of course nothing but an outrageously libellous fantasy which has two purposes: to cover-up nonwhite failure to achieve, and to incite hatred against white people.

* Observers have also pointed out that the official figures for school-related arrests are incorrect, in that the US government quite often classifies Middle Easterners, many Mestizos and North Africans as “white” as well.

The figures they quote, therefore, are an understatement with regards to nonwhite criminal behavior at school-level.

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  1. Why would anyone with white skin want to deny africans a chance to return to their homelands? Lets send them back and start up a competition. Lets see who will be the first to arrive at a middle class utopia.

    1. At the same time us whites, stuck down here in Africa would love to join in on such a venture. We hear so much about “returning to my African roots” and “Africa is for African” and “these foreigners should return to Europe”.
      Well, let us. Let us go back to “our roorts” and send all other foreigners to their respective decrepid countries.
      Nature will do us all a favour and decimate them within a short time, if their tribal wars do not.

  2. There is an all-black high school about thirty minutes from where I live that blames all white people for it’s repeated failure. This school gets so much money thrown at it every year and still it fails. A few years ago it was rebuilt and now needs extensive repairs because the kids have destroyed it. So what does the school district decide to do? Give them all iPads! Because that will make them better students?

    And there are free clothes drives, free school supplies, free lunches, and it goes on and on. Not one article in our local paper has ever mentioned that these kids are just stupid and will never, ever get better. Maybe a few might make it out of the neighborhood and do something with their lives but with free stuff thrown at them constantly and the blame being put on white people, I highly doubt it. What motivation do they have to take responsibility for their lives?

    At work a few months ago someone was talking about all of the challenges blacks face and how it’s no wonder their race has so many problems. I said that was bs. Scientists say that we originate from monkeys that lived in Africa. If that’s the case, wouldn’t blacks be the most advanced race since they have been around the longest? This person said I was ignorant and that blacks were cut off from the rest of the world! Really? So people that migrated to Asia and Europe had rockets and electricity waiting for them?

    I agree with you, JhM! Those that complain the loudest should be sent back to their homeland. They want to be called African Americans, well then go back there and see how they live. Yet when I am called racist when I write on forms that I am a European American, not a proud white woman that loves her race. Go figure.

  3. Enough! Enough! Why must “white” always be held responsible for the shortcomings of other race groups. You live according to the choices you make and you are therefor responsible for your own actions.

  4. God Bless America! People opening their eyes and not afraid to call out what’s really going on. Whites have been too passive about this racist bologna and here is my view….Blacks you are free now. That means you are on your own to work for what you want. A living is not owed to you nor is anyone responsible for your feelings should you get offended! You have it better here than peeps in Africa so if you are so offended you are FREE to go there!

  5. No matter their faults, crimes, failures, and shortcomings non-whites will find some twisted way to blame it on whitey. You can’t fix stupid, but you *can* blame it on whitey… somehow.

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