Christmas “Monster” in Vienna Muslim Schools

Father Christmas and other traditional European culture forms are regularly portrayed as monsters and devils in propaganda issued by state-funded preschools to the 10,000 Muslim children in Vienna, Austria, a new study has revealed.

White Viennese children are now an absolute minority in the capital city, thanks to years of nonwhite immigration encouraged and supported by successive conservative-socialist governments in Austria, the report also disclosed.

Evaluierung ausgewählter islamischer Kindergärten und –grupp

Above left: the front page of a journal used by one of the main organizations running Muslim kindergartens in Vienna, portraying Father Christmas as a monster to be avoided by all Muslims. Above right: one of the Muslim kindergartens in Vienna. Extracted from the report produced by the University of Vienna.

The study, Projektbericht: Evaluierung ausgewählter Islamischer Kindergärten und –gruppen in Wien, Tendenzen und Empfehlungen (“Project report: evaluation of selected Islamic kindergartens and groups in Vienna, trends and recommendations”), was prepared by Turkish-born Professor Ednan Aslan of the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Vienna, and compiled over the period July 2015 to January 2016, and recently published by the Krone newspaper.

Evaluierung ausgewählter islamischer Kindergärten und –gruppIt revealed that the number of children in “Muslim child care facilities in Vienna” was of the order of 10,000—out of a total of 35,270 children in that city’s preschools.

However, the study went on to add, the “proportion of children with a migrant background in elementary education with non-German first language” was, according to Statistik Austria, 57.9 percent in the school year 2014/15, up from 41.7 percent in 2005.

Furthermore, the report said, according to information from the media service center, some forty-seven different first languages are spoken in Vienna’s 842 Kindergartens.

The study explained that large numbers of Islamic kindergartens in Vienna are under the control of two organizations in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood and Milli Görüs.

Milli Görüs (“National Vision”) is the largest Turkish diaspora organization in Europe, and is active in nearly all European countries, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The Muslim Brotherhood, or rather the “Society of the Muslim Brothers,” is an international organization dating back several decades and has been declared a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

The study shows that Milli Görüs in particular has close links to the Turkish government, and that the Islamic kindergartens also qualify for Austrian state subsidies—which in effect means that the Austrian taxpayers are helping to finance the Islamist centers.

Evaluierung ausgewählter islamischer Kindergärten und –grupp

The report goes on to state that the dominant ideology in all of these Vienna Muslim kindergartens is “intellectual Salafism,” which, it says, is “very active against Western values and [its related] political system.”

“In intellectual Salafism we find the very foundations of the jihadist (or revolutionary) Salafism, [and the] creation of a Shariah-based society,” the study says.

It then goes on to list the dominant themes emphasized in these Muslim kindergartens in Vienna:

– Anti-Western resentment;

– Right to holistic application divine commands according to their understanding of the Sharia;

– The belief that all human questions are answered for all times in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet;

– Nurturing a generation after the model of the Prophet and the first generation after him (salaf as-Salih);

– Distrust toward the States which fail to implement the Sharia holistically;

– Disdain for philosophical subjects;

– Contempt for the Western way of life.

This attitude is apparent from the textbooks and propaganda which the Milli Görüs and the Muslim Brotherhood put out in the kindergartens, the study says.

These textbooks, such as the Milli Görüs journal which portrays Father Christmas as a monster to warn Muslim children against western European traditions, all “reject and represent the Western way of life as an inferior worldview,” the study says.

The propaganda being spread in these preschools also blames Jews for the suffering of the Palestinians, and accuses Western governments of being “pawns of the Jews” because of their support of Israel.

Following last year’s Vienna city elections, the populist Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria, FPÖ), took the post of deputy mayor away from the ruling Socialist Party of Austria (SPÖ).

FPÖ deputy mayor Johann Gudenus told the Krone newspaper that he was calling for a special motion in the city council chamber “to bring a motion of censure against  the SPÖ” for the situation in the kindergartens.

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  1. I’m amused their propaganda “… blames Jews for the suffering of the Palestinians, and accuses Western governments of being “pawns of the Jews” because of their support of Israel. …” They’ve got some of it right, then. I wonder if they mention Merkel.

    1. They are all in it together to bring down westerners…God only knows why…what is the point of ruling a cesspit???

      1. Welcome to the NWO Sue. The cesspit, made up of uncivilized, uneducated masses will be easily ruled – the political elite will be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, according to what I have read. Educated, free-thinking whites have to go.

        1. Until members of those uncivilised uneducated masses get into power. The EU elite will have to become refugees in a theocracy…unless they too convert,

      2. I think it’s an instinct, like cuckoo young throwing out eggs, or cats wiggling their bottoms before jumping onto birds, or bulldogs going for bulls, or bulls going for a cloth waved by a matador. It’s just something they do. There doesn’t have to be a point. It’s the only explanation I can find.

    2. looks like austria are following sweden/norway/denmark into the abyss of countries that no longer exist!!! Do not buy any globes people as things are changing quickly and countries are vanishing!!! and people born there have actually voted to become extinct!!Even the dinosaurs didnt do that!

    1. I travel to Vienna regular. This great city is nowhere near as swamped as London. What has happened to English cities is frightening.

  2. Oh for oetes sake Vienna is Christian, stop the state funding at least, Muslims r users of the systems if Western nations we all know this. Come on Vienna! Stop the Muslim horde abusing your country!

  3. Austrians financing racial hatred against their own people. Can’t get more stupid than that.
    Austria should contact Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for advice on how to fight this disease.

  4. People need to start talk on how to remove migrants from Western Nations. Talks need to be with the People not corrupt Governments. Ignore Media and Government and control our nations with our own people.

  5. Quote: “The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a “terrorist organisation” by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.”

    “large numbers of Islamic kindergartens in Vienna are under the control of two organizations in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood and Milli Görüs.”

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia recently pledged $32 billion to promote “cultural understanding” of Islam in America and the West ”
    His $32 billion will come in handy then as the`enemy` Muslim Brotherhood` spread `cultural understanding`.
    My own understanding is of duplicitous, devious, untrustworthy bastards busy playing both ends against the middle..
    Meanwhile western governments turn a blind eye and positively fawn over the evil (rich) creeps.

  6. Why on earth are Muslim kindergartens allowed in Austria – or any Muslim school? It hardly seems wise if integration is the aim. In taking money from Salafist countries the Austrians have fallen into a terrible trap.

    Unless they close those places toute suite Austria will become the same as Swedistan.

    1. Our “leaders” love the arab oil $ bribes that they are given in exchange for muslim expansion onto our territories.

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