India Strips 4 Million of Citizenship, Will Deport Them to “Protect Ethnic Assam” People

The Indian government has stripped at least four million people—mainly “refugees” from Bangladesh who entered the country in 1971—of their right to Indian citizenship in the state of Assam and has started deporting them, all to “protect the ethnic Assamese” people.

The Assamese people are recognized as the indigenous people of the state of Assam, and because that state borders Bangladesh, it is a continuous target of illegal immigration from that latter country.

According to newswire reports, India’s registrar general has announced that four million people “who failed to produce valid documents had been excluded from a draft list of citizens in the northeastern state of Assam.”

Residents were asked to prove that they or their families lived in the country before March 1971, when a wave of “refugees” fleeing conflict in neighboring Bangladesh settled in the border state.

Of the more than 32 million people who applied to be recognized on the register of Indian citizens, 4,007,707 were rejected, registrar general Sailesh told reporters in the state’s capital, Gauhati.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party, which came to power in the state in 2016, says the “new citizenship test aims to protect ethnic Assamese and crack down on illegal migration.”

Sailesh said the draft citizens register was not meant to drive people out, and that those left off the list will have until the end of September to file an appeal.

“Adequate and ample scope will be given to people for making objections. No genuine Indian citizen should have any fear,” said Sailesh.

Tensions between Assam’s indigenous tribes and Bengali-speaking Muslims have led to outbreaks of deadly violence in the past. In 1983, more than 2,000 Muslim illegal immigrations were massacred by a mob in the village of Nellie.

To prevent further unrest, thousands of paramilitary forces were deployed to the state ahead of the release of the draft list.

The final national register of Indian nationals will be published after any disputed claims are settled.

* India also runs a racially-based citizenship service for any person of “Indian origin,” born or living in any country of the world. The scheme, which used to be known as the “Person of Indian Origin Card” (POIC) is now called the “Overseas Citizenship of India” (OCI) system.

The OCI system grants any person of “Indian origin” the right to live and work indefinitely in the Republic of India. To apply for and use an OCI document, a holder must be a citizen of and hold a passport of another country, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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  1. If any European nation did so much as to even dare to tow back an invader boat back to where it came from, you could get your boots that the UN, Amnesty International etc etc would be screaming blue murder at the top of their lungs.

    However, this action by India, strangely enough, is greeted with silence.

  2. ‘Daily Telegraph’, 23-11-2017:

    ‘Britain must accept higher levels of immigration from India if it hopes to sign a free trade agreement after Brexit, a senior Indian diplomat has warned, as he predicted it could take up to a decade to secure the deal. YK Sinha, India’s High Commissioner to the UK, said “freer movement of people and professionals” had to form part of any future deal to ensure it was “mutually beneficial.”’

    Clearly, one law for India, another law for Britain.

    1. I would rather tighten my belt buckle and go without than to allow my country to be overrun with people who do not want to assimilate and who actually hate us and rightfully so. However, I did not create the problems and I should not have to live in fear of violent low IQ inbred Religious Jihadi fanatics.

      People should learn to be self-sustaining and NOT allow themselves to be blackmailed with the possible loss of something. “Free Trade” is far less important than the Sovereignty of your Country. Free Trade can be dealt with after they get the mistake of a lifetime taken care of. I am saying this in reference to all the countries’ people who are living in the hellholes created by their leaders who are in the grip of the Globalist of which Merkel is one.

      People should watch and learn how the Indians are achieving this 4 Million deportation and do the same.

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