ANC to Drive “Whites out of South Africa within 50 Years”

The African National Congress’s policies will lead to the disappearance of whites in South Africa within the next 50 to 60 years, F. W. de Klerk, the last Afrikaner president of that country, has said.

Current South African president Jacob Zuma with F.W. de Klerk.

De Klerk—who ironically was the one who handed the country over to the ANC during the early 1990s—was speaking this week at the annual conference which marks his famous “Red Tuesday” speech delivered on February 2, 1990, in which he lifted the ban on the ANC and announced Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

According to De Klerk, South Africa is “stumbling aimlessly down the road to societal collapse,” and that going by current South African President Jacob Zuma’s latest utterances, he could only conclude that “Zuma was determined to drag the country down by hijacking the state, and provoking economic crises and racial confrontation.”

“We are now without question on the wrong path,” De Klerk continued. “We are on the wrong constitutional path. The constitutionally guaranteed independence of our core institutions has been fatally compromised by the [ANC’s] hijacking [of the state].

“This includes the national prosecution taskforce, the ‘Falcons,’ elements of the police, the intelligence service, and now also the public defender,” he said.

“These institutions are now being routinely misused to prosecute opposition [to the ANC] and to protect friends and allies [of the ANC].”

De Klerk went on to claim that the erosion of the power and roles of these constitutional institutions have “open the door for corruption,” and are the “first indication of the collapse of society.”

The policy of nepotism pursued by the ANC, which De Klerk described as the “deployment of cadres” (“cadres” being members of the ANC) has severely weakened many state institutions, of which the electricity supply commission (Eskom), the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC), and South African Airways (SAA) are just “some examples,” he continued. All those institutions have been plagued by corruption, scandals, and collapsing services.

De Klerk then accused the ANC government of having an “openly hostile” attitude toward white people, based “on negative racial stereotypes.”

He said that this attitude was “busy creating a negative racial climate” which was aimed at “taking away the legitimate economic and cultural interests of [white] citizens, based purely on their race.”

The ANC government was pursuing a policy which was “characterized by demographic representation in every facet of society,” De Klerk said.

“It is a mathematical fact that the rigid application of demographic [racial] representation will lead to the disappearance of the white minority in South Africa within the next 50 to 60 years,” De Klerk said.

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  1. Add me on FB if you can help me and my family to move to the states I will pay for everything just need help to get over there ( I am a business owner and don't expect or want any free hand outs ( Wallie Olivier)

  2. Jonathan Portes. I agree FW de Klerk was like the rest of his Broederbond cronies bought and paid for by those that sought the complete destruction of the white success story. Rhodesia and South Africa were as they say the Canaries in the Gold Mine for the rest of the white western world.

  3. Israel and South Africa cooperated on many military and tech issues. To say "Israel helped South Africa" is to imply that SA had nothing of value which is patently untrue. South Africa at the time had loads of technology that was way ahead of what the west had. They also had highly qualified nuclear scientists Israel helped them gain access to tech that the US for instance would not supply to SA. Certain aircraft tech was made available which helped SA with missile guidance systems and development of aircraft such as the Cheetah because like Israel SA had a fleet of delta winged Mirage fighters which the Israelis had already developed into the Nesher and Kfir., SA reciprocated with the best anti landmine armour and helmet optical aiming systems.

    Our land forces gave them better techniques for fire and maneuver. We also had access to vast areas of open oceans for cerain types of testing away from the prying eyes of other nations intelligence gatherers.

  4. Good to hear that you care for us. Where can those interested contact you? Pity I can't make use of your offer, as I am not employable due to ill health (my low-income parents took me in.) I am sure many would take the offer if there was work for them there too since I assume you can't support people for too long.

    The situation is getting really bad. The "President" spoke a few days ago about "radical social and economic transformation" and about "smashing white capital." He also sings a song about him and his cabinet killing the "boers" (= white farmers; and by extension all whites) Type "kill the boers" on Youtube – it's about the 4th one down (Jacob Zuma).

    Also look for "farm murders" on Google (Images)- IF YOU HAVE A STRONG STOMACH!!!!


    So, please remember us NON-SNOWFLAKES!


  5. That wouldn't work because there are a lot more Blacks. It should be 10 Blacks for 1 White. Or 100 Blacks for 1 White. 😉

  6. But we knew this in 1994! The NP chant of Freedom, Prosperity and Peace was the wagon upon which most Whites jumped (because they're mostly naive and ignorant) was the vehicle de Klerk used to capitulate and surrender to the ANC. Obviously a negotiated settlement was required to end hostilities between the apartheid govt and the struggle (read terrorist) groups. But the resulting unitary state spelled out the death of especially the Afrikaner and his taal, culture, traditions and history.
    Today some 23 years on, White influence has been eradicated to such an extent that the demise of their influence and contribution to this country is imminent (much less than the 50 years that de Klerk offers).

  7. Israel helped South African defence with technology, resources, designs & diplomatically.
    South Africa built 6 nuclear weapons with their assistance. South Africa was able to build aircraft with their assistance not to mention at least two very sophisticated airbases.
    The biggest enemy South Africa had was the Democrats in The USA, the Socialists in Europe. Google the Byrd Amendment where sanctions were imposed on SA except for materials the USA was not able to source elsewhere.

  8. Judging from some news reports of "white shanty towns", many are too poor to be able to flee to the West, as they can't even pay the air fare, and even formerly wealthy farmers have lost everything after being driven off their land. These are the ones who most need our help in returning to their ancestral homeland of Europe, or America, or Australia. Meanwhile, Somalians somehow find huge amounts of cash to pay human traffickers to smuggle them into the West. It makes you wonder if they, too, are being secretly funded by western Marxists & Globalists like George Soros.

  9. Genocide watch news conference on high murder rate of whites in South Africa.
    White Afrikaners need independence for survival.

  10. not going to happen.

    Germany refused people from the war zone in Ukraine at the height of the conflict as it was safe, but accepts Ghanians who aren't in any danger.

    whites bad, anyone darker, good.

  11. Firstly, FW due Klerk, apart from being an extremely stupid man, is a foul, stinking, traitor who only deserves our contempt. Surely, even he – when he actually held power – must have known what the ANC and Subsaharan blacks in general, are all about.

    Secondly, compare and contrast the way then western MSN completely ignore the explicit desire of blacks in South Africa to persecute and extirpate the remaining whites with the hysteria over the quite mild immigration controls imposed by Donald Trump.

  12. Europe or America should take all whites from SA instead of the mussies and Africans. Let Africa be for Africans.

  13. I'll say it again, any white south Afrikaner that wants to move to the South in America I would be glad to sponsor, as long as they are not snowflake idiots, but have an understanding of the white genocide that is coming and don't want to bring that we are all brothers bullshit with them! Like in the movie, "There's a storm coming"

  14. We all live and learn. Many years ago, I heard that South Africa was a shameless racist violent state, and people like Slovo, Feinberg, Kasrils, Helen Suzman and others were honest humanitarians; and of course Nelson Mandela was an intelligent man who, by his unaided efforts, was working for the rights of everyone in South Africa, with unfailing honesty and self-abnegation.
    — Well – we all make mistakes. They were just Jew puppets dancing to the tune of paper money and the Jewish inherited drive to destroy.

  15. This excuse for a leader, FW de Klerk is the man who gave the country away.
    I predicted the results of his folly/ treachery 28 years ago. Based on historical events on the dark continent I left with wife, 2 children & a conviction of the wisdom of my actions. I'm not all that proud of the warm glow of satisfaction I get from being proven to be right & providing my family with a secure future. Many friends & family either chose to remain or were unable to leave. Their off spring however are leaving in high number because of the lack of opportunity as well as concerns over security & the future. Well founded concerns when admin I refer to the history of the continent.
    Think about, the Congo, Rwanda, Mozambique, closer to home Zimbabwe.

    The west has been pumping $$$ billions into the basket case, to no avail. Now the Chinese are going to have a go, as is the EU. Neither have an understanding of Africa & both, "in the fullness of time" will come unstuck, leaving behind a bigger mess than ever.
    To those still in South Africa, if you have the resources, get your plans to move out very soon or try to face the consequence.

  16. So all the whites and blacks from Africa will come to Europe should be a peaceful existence, where are the leftie luvvies protesting against the white apartheid

  17. The whites should be considered refugees
    because of persecution. Lets see if the US,
    Canada, and Europe will take them in.
    Should be interesting.

  18. these geniuses should then make it on their own! no aid to them. see how far they get. maybe it will be best for them, living their traditional lives. prevent them from leaving, how about some 'black science' to advance the country, since they hate 'white science' and think it ought not to be taught in their universities. hope they throw all their electric gadgets away. go ahead, beat the drums, or maybe smoke signals. whatever works sans technology.

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