Invaders Given €10K Cash in Holland

Nonwhite invaders who swindle their way into the Netherlands are being given as much as €10,000 ($12,000) as free gifts in order to “settle in,” a shock survey in the Dutch-language Brabants Dagblad has revealed.

The exact amounts paid out vary from region to region, and the cash is supposed to be used to buy furniture and other household necessities. There is no such subsidy for Dutch citizens.


According to the paper, the city of Oisterwijk in the south of the Netherlands gives €10,602 for an invader family with two children, while in other cities, such as Bernheze, Schijndel Veghel, and Sint-Michielsgestel, the payment can be anywhere from €2,200 upward.

The Brabants Dagblad revealed that  only a few of the cities require the invaders to pay it back and that most—like Oisterwijk—regard the money as a “gift.”

Leader of the populist Party for Freedom (PVV), Geert Wilders said the whole situation is “discrimination” against Dutch residents, and urged Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and the public prosecutor to address the issue.

“Hey Asscher and Public Prosecutor, why don’t you address this discrimination? For a ‘refugee’ but not for the Dutch?” he tweeted.

The Dutch seem to be in a race with the Swedes to see who can commit racial suicide the quickest. According to an earlier report, the mayor of the town of Weert, Limburg, Jos Heijmans, openly admitted that he had helped fake asylum seekers avoid deportation.

Heijmans told a council meeting that he “acted to prevent the family, consisting of a mother and four children, being broken up.” Only the oldest brother had permission to stay in the country.

After two failed attempts to keep the family in the Netherlands legally—first through the courts and then by writing to junior justice minister Klaas Dijkhoff—Heijmans helped to shelter the mother and her children.

Heijmans, from the centrist-Liberal D66 party, said he had started new legal proceedings to keep the family in the Netherlands.

After more than 50,000 invaders pretending to be asylum seekers entered the Netherlands in 2105 alone, the Dutch government has run out of accommodation and is now housing them in old or unused prisons.

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  1. Are politicians pure unadulterated scum or not? Putting foreigners before the indigenous and laughing in their faces. They should all be hanged, drawn and quartered for betrayal of the people. The only good liberal, socialist or communist, is a DEAD one!

  2. People prefer the comfort of their illusions to the uncomfortable truth. Soon, very soon, they will awaken from their torpor. They will then learn that life is far more rewarding for rebels than it ever could be for sheep. Then, the betrayers will be hunted down like the rats they are.

    1. Great comment Mike! So well said, But once again the system won’t let me give you a thumbs up, so I had to reply. WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE FIX THIS RATING SYSTEM so it accurately reflects our votes. Thank you!

  3. quote: “the Dutch government has run out of accommodation and is now housing them in old or unused prisons”.
    Which is where all the invaders should have been put in the first place …..with doors securely locked while awaiting transportation back to the hellholes they came from.

  4. quote: “Heijmans, from the centrist-Liberal D66 party” just about says it all really !
    “the city of Oisterwijk in the south of the Netherlands gives €10,602 for an invader family with two children, while in other cities, such as Bernheze, Schijndel Veghel, and Sint-Michielsgestel, the payment can be anywhere from €2,200 upward.” Wonder how long before the invaders start kicking off about such a disparity ?
    If local taxpayers are happy picking up such enormous costs they`ve obviously lost possession of their faculties en masse. Must be something in the water !

  5. Why do European governments hate their own citizens so much, why bend over backwards to appease these people, they look at kindness as weakness.

  6. How much of the money has been sent back to Syria or Afghanistan so the rest of their relatives can come over.

    1. sue…the dutch give it all as cash,for years in the UK we have newly furnished the house for them and given money for clothes and it is still going on…

  7. Holland voted against the European Constitution so what has happened to all those proud Dutch people, have they been brainwashed? This excessive funding for these migrants is not just discrimination, it is downright criminal. Surely all these people in receipt of the money have produced checkable paperwork as to who they are, where they come from – but of course we all know the answer to that – the elected representatives in their government couldn’t care less about common sense and certainly don’t seem to have any idea of how they are going to finance it all, which is no different to the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

  8. Are the ordinary Dutch folks going to stand for this. Can’t wait for the next election. Doubt if this stupid government will ever win again.

  9. Hypnosis of the general population has been a very successful exercise, using TV, Radio, So called Music. However, there will come a time when someone clicks their fingers, so dozy sheeple the world over can awaken to the sound of battle trumpets.

  10. i’m starting to despair of this whole situation we are trapped like rats on a sinking ship no way out. The people we vote in that should be on our side are only looking after there own self gratification these are very dangerous people its all unfolded so slowly we didn’t notice until it might be too late. I’m a pensioner now so we don’t count they don’t like us saying that we remember a different country we was so proud to be British our standards was high I was proud to join the W.R.A.C serve my country. I would like our Queen to step in over throw cameron for his lying traitorous imcompetence, but it seems we are being lefrt to our fate heaven help us all.

  11. There seems to be only the Eastern European country’s who look after their own the rest treat their countrymen and women with disdane. It’s time the country’s like holland stood up to be counted, when is the EU going to go down the toilet, very soon I hope.

  12. Is there NO END to these soft EU countries’ naivety?

    Benefit shoppers trump the needs of national citizens.

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