Police Admit: No-Go Zones in France

A massed Molotov cocktail attack by dozens of nonwhite invaders on a police patrol in Viry-Châtillon, south Paris, has forced police in France to finally admit that the mass Third World invasion of that country has created numerous “no-go” zones.

After the attack France’s prime minister denied that there were no-go zones—but police officials later admitted that there were.


The aftermath of the attack.

The incident took place at a major intersection in the nonwhite-dominated area of Viry-Châtillon, where there have been so many hijackings and attacks that police installed a CCTV camera to try and identify the culprits.

The local nonwhites have tried several times to destroy the camera, crashing into the camera’s supporting pole with burning vehicles. Police responded by placing large concrete blocks around the pole.

Last weekend, a police patrol vehicle was parked at the intersection, with four officers providing security, according to one of the policemen.

Explaining what happened to the Europe I radio station, he said the policemen were suddenly and without provocation attacked by the nonwhites, who bombarded them with Molotov cocktails.

“Our vehicles were in flames in seconds, and I knew that if we did not get out and away immediately, we were going to die,” he said.

Two of the officers were seriously wounded in the attack, and suffered major burns to their bodies. They are in critical condition in the hospital.

Viry-Châtillon is just one of the many banlieues—heavily “immigrant” suburbs—situated around the French capital. It neighbors the equally overrun area of Grigny, the “hometown” of nonwhite terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, who killed a policewoman as well as four hostages at a supermarket in Paris in 2015, and whose friends were Said and Cherif Kouachi, the nonwhite terrorists who killed 12 staff members of the communist “satirical” magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Following the latest attack, Socialist Party French Prime Minister Manuel Valls denied that there were “no-go zones,” but admitted that there are “particularly difficult areas” in France. Of course, he did not say that all these “difficult areas” are those, like Viry-Châtillon, which have been overrun with nonwhite “immigrants.”

Police unions however disagreed with Valls, with Denis Jacob from the union Alternative police-CFDT, telling the Local news service that “of course there are no-go zones in France where the police cannot intervene and do their jobs in safety. And it’s the same for fire fighters or pretty much any representative of the state.”

“The police can’t apply the law in these areas; they are attacked. If the police can’t do their work it’s because there are criminals and delinquents who don’t respect the law.”

“It’s not just a problem with this government; it’s a problem with all French governments over the last 20 years. Governments will never admit there are no-go zones because it’s a sign of a failed state.”

The Local also reported that following the attack in Viry-Châtillon, scores of riot police flooded the area as a show of force from authorities, but Jacob said it will ultimately be pointless.

“When it calms down the riot police will go and when they do, things will just return to how they were.”

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  1. Oui,oui,oui, pooh, pooh, pooh to the
    French. Their liberalism and leftest
    views led to this. I’m not shedding any

    1. What about all the innocent white native French who are children or who have yet to be born? Or the right wing Native French who have been opposing mass immigration but have been assaulted verbally and physically?

  2. Bring the viper into your house, don’t be surprised when you are bit! If the french don’t vote out the commies and leftists and move to a conservative “France for the french” policy they are doomed!

    1. The British currently have a conservative government but they are anything but conservative when it comes to immigration.

      1. Whatever they may call it it is far from conservative! In fact was just reading about all the quote “Afghan children refugees” they are letting in who are grown men. These idiots are dooming the once great country of England.

  3. Even low IQ people understand that opening the doors to all sorts of people, including criminals, will mean trouble. Strange that the politicians are so out of touch or stupid or lazy.

  4. The French prime minister lying till the end. How miserable must one be to lie and then to be rectified by the police? Surely he doesn’t live in these suburbs. Can there be any doubt that they want total mayhem? Any time if they truly wanted they could crack down these outbursts, but they will never do that as this would generate an outcry of being fascist. So they let continue all this chaos and discontent and suffering.

  5. Can any of our politicians explain why we, in our own countries, have areas where we cannot go? They do after all advocate open borders between countries in the EU to allow free travel yet there is no free travel into certain areas within these countries due to the lawlessness exhibited by gimmegrants, and yet nothing is done about it.

    I wonder what our fathers and grandfathers would have done about this happening in the countries they bequeathed us and whose freedom they fought for. What is happening is absolute treason perpetrated by self serving, dishonest, double-dealing, two faced low lives whose salaries we pay for and who hide behind the police as their bully-boys for their protection. Anyone who criticises what is going on is branded as racist or ‘far-right’

    They don’t know the meaning of ‘far-right’ At least, not yet, but sooner or later they will.

  6. France is like a prostitute who willingly sell her body to Muslims and Islam. By taking the lead in Islamizing Europe, France can no longer be viewed as a civilised and decent country. And from now on, France must be viewed as an evil country who deserves contempt.


    1. This is happening everywhere USA,Britain,Australia,Canada,Netherlands,Belgium, Italy,Sweden,Denmark,Germany,France Every white country besides the ones located in east Europe are undergoing extreme racial replacement.

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