Australia Commonwealth Games: “Athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone also “Vanish”

Africans pretending to be “athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone supposedly taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Australia have also now gone “missing,” joining their fellow invaders from Cameroon in seeking “asylum” in that white nation.


Meanwhile a Gold Coast migration agent has told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that more than 40 Commonwealth Games “athletes” have contacted his firm to inquire about how they can stay in Australia.

It comes as the Commonwealth Games Federation confirmed there were reports Rwandan and Ugandan athletes were missing along with eight from Cameroon, while they were also seeking the whereabouts of two squash players from Sierra Leone.

Ian Natherson from Ready Migration in Southport said most of the athletes who had called them were from African nations, including Ghana, Nigeria and Mauritius.

Natherson did not say whether any of the athletes reported missing were among those who contacted his office.

Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg said they were investigating the reports of missing athletes.

“I wouldn’t want to be speculative on the Sierra Leone [athletes] at this time,” he said.

“We’re obviously looking at that very carefully.”

He said the athletes’ visas would expire on May 15.

Meanwhile, famous One Nation party leader and Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson said that she did not realize that “hide and seek” was a Commonwealth Games event.

In a tweet on the subject, she added that “How about this? The last one caught gets a gold medal but we still deport them all. Sound fair?”

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  1. Australian immigration minister has already stated they will be caught and deported, they can’t stay in Australia.

    1. Yes they’ll really contribute to our gene pool, won’t they, in beauty and intelligence.

      I’ll be very cranky if these people aren’t quickly captured and deported. By absconding they’ve clearly demonstrated they have no respect for the the law. We don’t want such people.

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