Intelligence is Genetic, MIT Admits, and IQ-DNA Tests Soon Available

Faced with the inevitable march of impartial factual science, several leading behavioral geneticists have now fully admitted that intelligence is genetic—i.e. that intelligence is inherited, and not environmental—and that IQ DNA test kits will soon be available in the same way that there are already ancestry DNA tests.

According to a report in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Technology Review, “gene studies have finally gotten big enough—and hence powerful enough—to zero in on genetic differences linked to IQ.”

More than 500 genes have now been tied to performance on IQ tests, and “results from an experiment correlating one million people’s DNA with their academic success are due at any time.”

Quoting Robert J. Plomin, an American psychologist and geneticist best known for his work in twin studies and behavior genetics, who is now based at King’s College London, where he leads a long-term study of 13,000 pairs of British twins, the MIT Technology Review says that the new discoveries “mean we can now read the DNA of a young child and get a notion of how intelligent he or she will be.”

Plomin outlined the DNA IQ test scenario in January in a paper titled “The New Genetics of Intelligence,” making a case that parents will use direct-to-consumer tests to predict kids’ mental abilities and make schooling choices, a concept he calls precision education.

At least three online services, including GenePlaza and DNA Land, have started offering to quantify anyone’s genetic IQ from a spit sample.

Others are holding back. The largest company offering direct-to-consumer DNA health reports, 23andMe, says it’s not telling people their brain rating out of concern the information would be poorly received.

23andMe, which has studied the DNA of more than five million people and offers consumers reports on 21 traits, including everything from the chances of having a cleft chin to the likelihood of developing a bald spot. Of these trait reports, 16 are calculated employing polygenic scores.

“But 23andMe doesn’t offer any reports about intellectual faculties. And that’s not because it doesn’t have the data. It does. Because it surveys customers on how long they stayed in school, a proxy for intelligence, the Google-backed company has been playing a supporting role in the search for intelligence genes by contributing its customers’ DNA data to the largest of the gene hunts,” the MIT Technology Review continues.

“So why not tell customers? In response to MIT Technology Review’s question, 23andMe gave us a statement. ‘Educational attainment is something we have looked at previously but are not currently pursuing for our product for several reasons,’ said Shirley Wu, director of product science for 23andMe. ‘One being the pitfalls of potential misinterpretation of such a report.’”

The “misinterpretation” to which Wu refers is of course the obvious: that different races have different average IQ levels, and that science has now confirmed that this is genetically-based—and therefore unchangeable.

This fact cuts to the very heart of the liberal delusion of race-denying “equality” fantasies.

As IQ is clearly linked to educational attainment, social development and propensity to crime, any concession that certain races have lower IQs as well as obvious physical differences is an admission that the racially-based biological worldview is in fact the only correct and accurate political ideology.

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  1. This is fantastic news. Equality is a false god and a “social construct” with no basis in either science or reality.

  2. The mystery is – that it has been published ! Anyone who scans the academic work of Paleontologists, Forensic scientists, pathologists, and many others knows that the issue is simply included in their work, without further comment. The Olympic games allow each race to show off their individual prowess, and by so doing make it clear how different we all are.

  3. Old map, which they said was used in 2016 was outdated by 5 years even back then. Note that South Sudan isn’t present on the map. I’m not disagreeing with the results.

    What’s interesting is the data from the United States which says that black IQ averages around 86 and that on average black Americans have about 27% White DNA. That’s quite an advantage over those from the African continent who possess a barely functional IQ of 65-70….and remember that’s AVERAGE, so half of their populations are below even that.

    So when are we going to stop pouring billions and billions into failing school systems where most children have zero chance of learning and where external factors are not going to be able to overcome genetics and culture?

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