German Resistance Continues: 6 Attacks per Day on Invader Centers in 2017

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, figures released by the Interior Ministry have claimed.

More than 300 invaders were injured in the incidents, which included “bodily harm, property damage, defamation, hate speech, trespassing, arson and causing an explosion,” the government said.

The German government’s Turkish-origin Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Izoguz described as the attacks as “shameful” and said that the number of incidents was “frighteningly high.”

In addition, it has been claimed that there have been 180 attacks on refugee helpers, and 950 attacks on mosques.

It has become standard practice for the controlled media in Germany not to give any coverage to such attacks for fear of encouraging the resistance, and statisics such as the latest ones usually only emerge after parliamentary questions are raised.

In Berlin, police reported 234 attacks, including bomb attacks and shootings at invader centers.

Meanwhile, in the city of Freital, Saxony, seven Germans, including one woman, were sentenced to between four and ten years in prison for “forming a terrorist organization, launching bomb attacks and attempted murder.”

According to the court case, the group carried out attacks on invader centers in the Dresden area, bombed a car belonging to the “reformed” Communist Die Linke party city councilor, and also blew up a Die Linke party office.

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  1. German heroes. These are the Germans of old – there still are some made of the tough stuff of their ancestors.

  2. what did the German authorities expect? it\s just a pity that genuine refugees may get caught up in this perfectly understandable reaction to the engineered invasion..

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