Muslims “Resent Australia”

Muslim “refugees” resent Australia and are more prone to terrorism, a Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist living in Australia has told the Daily Mail in that country.

According to an interview with Dr Tanveer Ahmed, described by the Daily Mail as a “prominent psychiatrist from Bangladesh,” Muslim refugees “are more prone to terrorism” because they have “resentment against Australia” combined “with a feeling that they are hard done by.”

This is, he said, a “dangerous combination that could lead to violence.”

“As upsetting as it is to some, minorities from refugee backgrounds are more prone to committing such acts,” Dr Ahmed told Daily Mail Australia.

He said refugees are more likely to become resentful, because they lacked qualifications and often had “histories of trauma.”

“The social mobility that skilled migrants inevitably enjoy is less accessible for refugees,” he said.

Dr Ahmed, who was born in Bangladesh and raised a Muslim in western Sydney, said Islamism was alluring to the likes of Lindt cafe terrorist Man Monis, who was killed in 2014 after a 17-hour siege at Sydney’s Martin Place that killed two customers.

“A hallmark of the underlying ideology of terrorism is a sense of resentment and a feeling that Muslims have been hard done by, both historically as a civilisation and as a community living in Western countries like Australia,” he said.

“Much like the Lindt cafe siege and its perpetrator Man Monis, terrorism is an act of personal resentment that is then conflated with the political ideology of resentment that is Islamism.

“Those that latch on to such ideas are likely to be paranoid themselves and prone to blaming the outside world for their problems, known in psychological terms as projection.”

Dr Ahmed said Islamists saw violence as a way to “express their frustrations. Islamism is a set of ideas that is cloaked in conspiracy, an inability to take responsibility for the civilisational failures of the Islamic world and an underlying belief in Islamic exceptionalism and its destiny to dominate,” he said.

“Individuals who share similar traits, especially if they already have links to the Islamic faith either through birth or conversion, are more likely to latch on to such ideas and, rarely, act upon them.

“Those with a history of mental illness or deviant behaviour in the form of criminality will always be at higher risk.”

Man Monis, the gunman who killed cafe manager Tori Johnson, was an Iranian refugee who moved to Australia in 1996 before being granted citizenship in 2001.

In October 2015, IS-inspired 15-year-old western Sydney student Farhad Jabar killed accountant Curtis Cheng outside Parramatta police headquarters. He came from an Iraqi-Kurdish background and became to Australia from Iran in 2006.

In September 2014 Numan Haider, who moved to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan as a child, was shot dead after he stabbed two counter-terrorism officers in Melbourne.

The only point missing from Dr. Ahmed’s analysis is the fact that the “alienation” which Muslims experience is not a “product of trauma” or because anything white society has done to them. This latter excuse is the same one used by nonwhites in all majority white countries to blame white people for their own problems—a much “easier” explanation that having to deal with the fact that lower IQ Third Worlders cannot compete with high IQ Europeans on a level playing field, and thus always fall to the bottom of the social scale.

This does not occur because of anything that whites or nonwhites consciously do, but is merely a product of the inherent, unchangeable, genetic make-up of races. This scientific fact is unacceptable to the race-denying establishment, hence the endless “blame white racism” excuses which are always produced to “explain” inconvenient statistics.

For example, when more nonwhites fail academically, it is not because they have lower average IQs, but it is because “teachers are racist.”

Or when more nonwhites are arrested and jailed for crimes, it is not because they commit more crime, but because the “police and judicial system is racist.”

Or when nonwhites have a higher unemployment rate, it is not because they cannot compete economically with whites, it is because “employers are racist” and so on, ad infinitum.

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  1. They don’t resent Australians even half as much as Australians resent them!! Even the small number of them are radically changing the face of the country in negative ways. Contrary to the Socialists who are forcing this scourge on us we want them gone!

  2. Some ppl even , claim there is a direct line, (from Bankstown/Lakemba, ) BACK to the ME, chatting about ‘welfare for life’. …and the rest of the aussie freebies on offer.

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