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ANC MP: “Bury [White] SA Farmers Alive”

Correction: The debate on farm murders (14 March 2017) in Parliament refers. It has been brought to the attention of AfriForum and The New Observer that it was not Mduduzi Manana, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, that shouted “Bury them alive” during the sitting, but  the similarly-named  Duduzile Promise Manana, ANC MP. 

A member of parliament for South Africa’s ANC party has called for white famers to be “buried alive” during a parliamentary debate on the ongoing genocide being perpetrated against white people in that country by blacks.

According to a statement issued by the minority rights activist group AfriForum, the outburst was made by ANC MP Duduzile Promise Manana during a parliamentary sitting on farm murders.

While a member of the white Freedom Front Plus party, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, was addressing the parliament on the topic of the ongoing genocide, Manana shouted: “Bury them alive!”

“This is proof that the utterances of political leaders could lead to violence and murders and also that the issue of farm murders is of little importance to the ANC,” Ian Cameron, the Head of Community Safety at AfriForum, said.

“Certain members of the ANC were chatting during the debate and not listening nor partaking at all,” he added, saying that “should the current state of affairs in South Africa continue, a genocide would likely take place.”

“The onus and responsibility are not only on the police and communities in rural areas to prevent farm attacks. Those that are in charge of our country particularly cannot make statements such as ‘bury them alive!’ Members of Parliament must be held accountable for utterances that encourage and incite violence against any person,” Cameron said.

Groenewald said in his speech that the “world’s average murder rate is 7 per 100,000, while in South Africa it is 33 per 100,000. For white farmers in South Africa, it is 133 per 100,000.”

“This means that it is almost three times more dangerous to farm in South Africa than to be a policeman in this country,” he said.

“It is also important to consider that the agricultural sector contributes 6.9 percent of the country’s GDP, and employs about a million people. Almost everything you therefore ate or drank today, other than water, is produced by farmers.”

Figures from the police show that there have been a total of 2,393 murders and 14,589 attacks on farms since 1991.

Groenewald said that many of the attacks are so extraordinarily cruel that they cannot be classed as ordinary crimes.

“It is no ordinary crime if people are tortured to their death, where women are raped for hours on end while their husbands are forced to watch, where peoples’ heads are crushed, where they are set on fire, or where an electric drill is used to drill holes in a woman’s feet after she had been tortured.

“In one case, a farmer’s testicles were cut off, cooked, and eaten by the attackers. These things are shocking and this uncomfortable truth can no longer be ignored,” Groenewald said.

It was while recounting these horror stories that the ANC shouted out “bury them alive,” to laughter from the government benches.

A statement issued to The New Observer by Madikwe Mabotha, Chief Director: Communications in the South African Department of Higher Education, reads as follows:

The article titled “Bury White South African Farmers Alive” authored by Dr Eugene Brink refers.

Please note that the name of Deputy minister of Department of Higher education and training Mr Mduduzi Manana MP was used in error in the article attributing certain unpleasant utterances he allegedly made in parliament during a debate on farm murders.

It is a matter of record that Mr Manana was not in parliament on the day when the matter of farm murders was discussed or debated. Instead he was in Johannesburg attending a departmental engagement. Mr Manana finds these utterances not only insensitive but also running contrary to the spirit of reconciliation and nation building. It is the Deputy Minister’s view that such statements should not be uttered by any sensible South African as we continue to build the non-racial, non-sexist and democratic project which is espoused in our South African constitution. It is in this context that Mr Manana would humbly like to request that the article be corrected or removed with immediate effect as it is incorrect and damaging to his reputation.


  1. There is probably a risk that the South African government will seize all the land which now is held by the Boer farmers and then sell the land to international agri business companies that give the ANC leader kickbacks. One factor that would make it hard for such a plan to work well in practise is that the transition to agri business companies won´t be smooth which in turn will cause a temporary drop in farm product exports and domestic food production. But it´s a feasible strategy although international land investors probably are willing to pay more for land that can generate income from day 1. Another problem with such a strategy is that the new owners may not trust the South African government if they confiscate farmland owned by the Boer population. “Why can´t the same happen to us?” they may ask. Therefore, confiscated land will probably fetch a lower price in the international market.

    So I guess that there should be some incentives for the ANC to choose a smooth transition to agri business ownership. But I doubt that they would be willing to pay 100 %. But the ANC and the buyers probably want a heavy discount. International buyers probably find South Africa risky even with a smooth transition and with a buyer that pays 100 % of the real value there is no room for kickbacks.

    1. The policies of ‘agribusiness’ depend on crops and on the local attitude to landowners. Blacks don’t seem able to work in groups for themselves, so the results of takeovers would be likely to have effects resembling state USSR farms, i.e. plummeting production plus small unimportant private plots. In some places, crops like coffee and tobacco are grown on small plots, without the odium of being owned by foreigners, but these are not bulk food crops. There’s a long tradition of cattle in Africa, but huge hard-to-police areas must mean rustling is easy.

      1. My assessment is that regardless of whether the white farmers will get any compensation for their land or not, the new owners will most likely be international agri business companies. I also suspect that the investors will prefer that the companies that will own the companies will be incorporated outside South Africa, just like Anglo American is today. But there could be land owning companies listed on the stock market in Johannesburg that would own stakes in these foreign agri business companies.

        I doubt that ANC cronies will try to operate the farms themselves, like they did in Zimbabwe. I think that they will prefer foreign owners and kickbacks. It´s probably easier for Chinese investors to make such arrangements. But I guess that such Chinese companies could bring in Western investors, too.

        Even if it would might be best for the ANC to make a smooth transition from Boer farmer ownership to international agri business investors I think that there is a risk that they will just take the land without any compensation. And if that happens I guess that the Boer farmers should have plan for how they at least can save some of the value of their farm tractors, combine harvesters etc. They could perhaps rent a roll on-roll off ship and try to sell such vehicles abroad in order to evade possible confiscations. Less supply of farm tractors and combine harvesters in South Africa also means that the agri business companies won´t get remaining farm tractors and combine harvesters for a paltry sum. But I guess that the shipping cost will make it hard to ship old equipment abroad. And agri business companies probably want modern equipment.

        Another idea some white South Africans could try is to ship their teenage children to Sweden and tell them to file an application for asylum there. That could be an option for poor South African whites who can pay for the tickets. So far, there has been no testing of the age of the asylum seekers but that is supposed to change in a few weeks. But as long as the asylum seekers are less than 18 years old the Swedish authorities will generally continue to grant permanent residence permits to anyone who applies for it. Minors generally don´t have to be persucuted or have other reasons for asylum/permanent residence permits unlike adults. The mere fact that they are minors and CLAIM that they have no parents is enough. Furthermore, the permanent residence permits are not revoked in case someone can prove that they actually have parents abroad. If Sweden would be flooded with white teenagers from South Africa which the authorities don´t want to bring in (unlike the non-whites) I guess that they would have to change the Swedish laws.

        1. You make excellent points. And of course you are right about Sweden (like Britain) not welcoming whites: both are doomed by their policies of multiculturalism and enforced “diversity”. Since they consider their societies too-white, too-Christian and too-Westernised, the obvious candidates for “enriching and diversifying” them have to come from the two cultures most alien and most opposite in every way – Muslims and black Africans.

  2. Another tragedy is that should any of these farmers flee for their lives and seek asylum in the West, they will be rejected out of hand, because in politically correct, multiculturalism- and “diversity” obsessed countries like Britain, only black Africans and Muslims are acceptable as potential “migrants”. Being white, Christian, of European descent is of no relevance.

    1. Rog Stresman , The Very Truth of every word that you have stated is the ultimate Tragedy, Racial Diversity is White Genocide.

  3. If the white farmers go-SA goes USCWAP. I for one have no intention of shouldering the white man’s burden in such a case.

    1. yeah, Mark white mans burden is his to shoulder, R2D2 – “ANC to make a smooth transition from Boer farmer ownership to international agri business” before making all this acedemic commentary maybe you should come here to speak to the farmers, and other stake holders, otherwise it sounds like drivel, and colonialist potluck theory to South Africans

  4. As a South African I can tell you that many of the farmers are leaving to go and farm in Mozambique or Uganda, What is starting to happen is the food security is waivering. Now the ANC has to look at importing many of the products that used to grow in South Africa. The Government has spent BILLIONS on buying white owned farms and trying to encourage black farmers to get productive, and although there are some that has done so, 80% of the farms are failing, because of lack of management skills.

  5. Obvious the way things are going a civil war will breakout for the ANC is similar to thieves and muderrs in there attitude . Don’t come between a Boer and his farm . Sorry to see this is happening in a democratic country. ANC is without any respect for nobody only for stuffing there pockets with cash .

  6. Just a point why can’t they just make a law on the productive use of agricultural land . So the land that is unproductive get redistributed and the productive famers get awarded and protected . The ANC proves itself the whole time as bad business managers. Although they all wear fancy suits its obvious they can’t do good business


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