Foreign Ministers Propose EU-Superstate

The socialist party foreign ministers of Germany and France have drawn up a proposal for a European Union “super state” following the UK’s Brexit vote.

The 9-page document demands that all EU states adopt common criminal codes, tax systems, immigration, and “asylum” policies—and be forced to accept a “redistribution” of the flood of fake refugees.


The document first leaked by Polish state television broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP), has been confirmed as genuine and is likely to be placed before the European Commission within the next few weeks for approval.

Titled “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties,” the document was written by Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, his German counterpart.

Starting off by lamenting Brexit as a “watershed moment in the history of Europe,” the two said that they have to “acknowledge that support and passion for our common project has faded over the last decade in parts of our societies.”

France and Germany, they say, “share a common destiny and a common set of values that provide the foundation for an ever closer union between our peoples. We will therefore move further towards political union in Europe and invite the other Europeans to join us in this endeavor.”

This “political union” is far-reaching, and, as the document says, the two ministers have agreed on a number of proposals.

The first is a “European Security Compact,” which “encompasses all aspects of security and defense dealt with at the European level.”

This entails “establishing standing maritime forces or acquiring EU-owned capabilities in other key areas”—in other words, establishing an EU-army.

“The EU should be able to plan and carry out both civilian and military operations in a more efficient manner, with the support of permanent civil-military chains of command. The Union should be able to rely on constantly paid rapid reaction force and be able to provide joint funding mechanisms for such activities.”

A common intelligence system is also proposed to “to create a common system of analysis of our strategic environment and a common understanding of our interests.”

The document envisions the European public prosecutor’s office extending its powers from only financial matters to a common criminal code, and a “harmonization of penal codes between Member States.”

The document also demands the total surrender of migration policy to the EU.

“There should be no unilateral national responses to the challenges of the crisis migration,” it states, saying that “Germany and France are convinced that it is high time to introduce a truly integrated policy on asylum, refugees, and migration.”

It also proposes a compulsory “distribution” of the nonwhite invaders posing as refugees currently pouring into Europe.

“The situation in which the burden of migration is unevenly borne by a limited number of countries is not sustainable. First, the Dublin system has to be improved by providing permanent mechanisms linking the distribution of the burden of migrants between Member States.”

The last part of the document deals with the common currency, the euro, and admits that “the euro crisis and its aftermath have shown some deficiencies which make citizens question the compatibility of the single currency promises, folding before its introduction, and even doubt the wisdom of keeping the euro project.”

However, the paper continues, they still seek to strengthen economic cohesion, enhance social justice and democratic accountability, and increase resilience to shocks, so as to ensure the irreversibility of the euro.”

It also admits that the requirements for membership in the monetary union and its tax implications are “higher than anyone could have predicted when the euro was introduced,” and, therefore, the EU “must respect the rights of others to decide when to introduce the common currency.”

Rather than forcing everyone to use the euro, therefore, they foresee it being implemented as a “result of a pragmatic and gradual evolution.”

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told TVP that his government had reservations about the project, particularly in light of reports that it is soon to be presented as an “ultimatum” to the Visegrad 4 nations.

“The mood in European societies is different. Europe and our voters do not want to give the Union over into the hands of technocrats,” he said.

“Therefore, I want to talk about this, whether this really is the right recipe right now in the context of a Brexit.”

It is still not clear exactly when and how the two foreign ministers intend to force the EU member states to accept their plans—and what the consequences might be.

It is, given all recent events, likely that the document will do nothing except further exacerbate tensions within the EU and increase calls for EU membership referenda in other nations.

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  1. The master plan is being implemented and without discussion taking place first. Based on the current state of Europe’s unemployment crises and financial problems in quite a few countries, it may have been wiser to have put this on the agenda for the next meeting and not allow it to be divulged beforehand. Hopefully, there will be a major uprising of those that reject this form of dictatorship. One thing is for certain, Cameron knew this was coming.

  2. Forgot to add, if they are planning on conscription for their army, then there is no need to recruit, there are ample men of the right age currently in the area with nothing to do at the moment.

  3. Merkel’s plan for the non white army, is that they’ll shoot anyone who is white, without a second thought!

    1. Bearing in mind that they left wherever because they didn’t have the backbone to fight for their country and resolve the corruption there, I think they’d be wanting to leave as fast as possible, but where could they go?

  4. In a way the news is thrilling. The EU people seem to be doing their best to persuade more to exit the EU. Hopefully it will rapidly work. The EU in Europe equals the federal government in the United States.

  5. Congratulations to all the UK who voted
    for Brexit. UK has survived for centuries
    and for many centuries more. Keep
    your UK genetics and don’t pollute it
    with nonwhites otherwise you will never stay a great nation. Bezerkel
    Merkel and french frog leadership
    are setting Europe for more problems.
    As an American one can see how the
    US is going down hill. The vast majority
    of nonwhites never return to their
    countries. They just breed, pollute and
    suck the government dry. True parasites. Once your genetics go there is no turning back.

  6. The UK leaving has scared the bureaucrats witless – they daren`t risk any copycats putting the boot in.
    The EU shackles will rapidly tighten even further to avoid any more escapees.
    The UK needs a veto in place well before any compulsory “distribution” of nonwhite invaders can be craftily wheedled in as part of the UK`s OUT negotiations. We`ve had enough of their EU stitch ups.

    1. The beauty is that the shackles will provoke more to want to leave. These EU people seem to have tyranny in their blood and know no way but tyranny. Their response to one escape is to intensify the tyranny that drove away the escapee. I would think that Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia would want out now – they emphatically do not want the nonwhites. Austria, France and the Netherlands may be on their way out. If the eastern members are hesitant about leaving, we need one or two more western members leaving, to embolden them. Leave or not, the easterners had better do whatever they must do to keep the nonwhites out.

      1. Totalitarian regimes always come apart in the end, whether they’re violent regimes like Stalin’s, or supposedly peaceful like the EU, it’s still totalitarianism, and it’s not in the nature of most humans to be dictated to forever.

  7. If those two A-hole countries, France and Germany, want a superstate, why don’t they merge and become one? Leave other European countries out of it!

    What nasty creatures the Hollande/Merkel/Juncker NWO commies are! They and their masters just won’t give up their quest for total control of the European people. They can probably buy some of the poorer countries that are currently receiving EU aid to join them, but others such as Denmark, Holland, Finland e.g. will probably join Britain’s exit, and get OUT!

  8. Hang on! Britain does have to participate in the rapefugee fest! The only thing keeping Britain free at the moment is a body of water. So unless they rebuild Hadrian’ Wall, England will be swamped with illegal migrants if/when Scotland joins the EU – the Scots are even threatening to nullify the English referendum, are they not? Edinburgh will have 10,000s of Africans and Muslims redistributed to it, and they’ll just walk down to Muslim-held London.

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