German Police: Keep Invader Drops Secret

German police union national chairman Oliver Malchow has said that in order to “better protect refugees on their arrival” in municipalities, in future such drops should be kept secret from the public.

Speaking to the Rheinische Post after an incident last week where an angry mob surrounded a bus in Clausewitz, Malchow said that it was better only to inform the population after the invaders had been dropped off in their town, and not before.

“It is important that the population be informed in good time about the number of refugees to be housed in their city,” he said, but that protecting bus convoys is problematic for the police who have a great lack of capacity,” he said.

“It is likely that the local police forces are, in certain circumstances, going to be overwhelmed with the large number of protestors and violent potential offenders who may be present,” he said.

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  1. Why bother to inform them at all, they might wouldn’t even notice a thing. After all, Germans aren’t fleeing war, safety of their families and children only comes after the “refugees” safety. Who are undeniably genuine, of course.

    1. So, you ‘lie’ by default, and one morning Germans are woken up by activities they’re not used to, but you still convince them that the live in a democracy. Barnum, where are you, you’re needed.

  2. They should also not mention whenever a German girl gets raped the background of the assailant; as it would only divide the society. Racism is caused by truth telling, therefore we should also condemn the truth while we are at it…


  3. Germany is a democratic country, or is it? What will the police bill look like this year, and not every policeman/woman agrees with Merkel, so the future is not looking good, not only for Germany but all the other countries who are now accepting that harsh decisions have to be made to look after themselves first and last.

  4. German police union national chairman Oliver Malchow has NOT said how to “better protect the citizens of the municipalities” where the invaders are to be dropped. Why no advice on what the citizens can lawfully do to protect themselves and their womenfolk and boys against sexual assault? What pre-emptive actions can be taken without fear of being arrested and prosecuted for protecting their homes from invaders? What actions can they take against rapists and robbers they catch in the act of the police are as under-sourced as they claim?

    1. You expect him to have answers as well? There aren’t any specifically written, so the bureaucrats will just muddle through. Put the military brain onto the problem and it will be quickly sorted, and I’m talking about bringing order from chaos, not mass shootings. One or two perhaps, but not en masse.

  5. I do not think Germany is a democratic country. Terrible, what is happening in that country, after they suffered from the wars, the same mafia attacking them again and again.

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