Berlin to get €600m Invader Hotel Bill

The taxpayers of Berlin are to be presented with a €600 million bill—payable to an “Israeli-owned hotel group”—to house nonwhite “refugee”-invaders in luxury hotels in the city, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper has revealed.


According to the FAZ, which has obtained copies of the secret documents used to discuss the deal, the arrangement will mean that each invader will cost the German taxpayer some €18,000 every year in accommodation costs alone.

In terms of the “deal,” the Berlin Senate aims to hire no less than twenty-two hotels for €600 million to house the flood of nonwhites who have poured into the city, all falsely claiming to be refugees.

The city government has resorted to this measure because last year, around 80,000 invaders presented themselves in Berlin, demanding to be fed, housed, and taken care of, as per Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open doors invitation.

A similar number are expected to arrive this year as well, the FAZ continued, and as a result the Berlin government has estimated that it will need tens of thousands of additional accommodation units to house the invasion.

The nonwhites have already exhausted the resources of the Berlin Office for Health and Social Services (LaGeSo), which has already confiscated about 50 gymnasium halls in the city for use as accommodation.

In addition, former office buildings have been taken over, and even the hangers of the recently-closed Tempelhof Airport are being used to house at least 7,000 invaders.

The Grand City Hotels (GCH) group has stepped in to be the beneficiary of this flood, and the deal is to rent hotel rooms in the city for €50 per night—or €1500 per month—for each invader.

The GCH Group, the documents in FAZ’s possession note, consists of “a group of Israeli entrepreneurs,” and includes hotels using the Holiday Inn and Wyndham brand.

The “deal” is a boon to the hotel owners as they are now guaranteed an occupancy rate of 100 percent (as opposed to the hotel industry’s standard 60 or 65 percent).

However, for the taxpayers, the “deal” makes less sense. As the FAZ pointed out, the rental agreement works out at a cost of €18.50 per square meter—compared to the going current market rate of comparable buildings in the city which charge between €9 and €10 per square meter.

The plan has however run into some hurdles. The decision to rent the hotels in secret to the “Israelis” without putting the issue out to tender, is now due to be debated at an upcoming Senate meeting, the FAZ reported.

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  1. What an absolute joke, the good old taxpayers are not even aware of how much this will really cost. They have only quoted for the basic room rental charge, wait for the damages to be added, and then the cost of health, food and probably free transport across the city. Is there any employment available? Would these people even want to take employment?
    My sincere apologies for saying this, but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person than Angela Merkel.
    The Israelis will make money out of this????

  2. My blood boils every time that I read about Jews! I never thought about them before. They are behind the genocide of Europe and the USA! B*stards!

    1. I’m a jew, and I’m VERY much against what is going on in Europe (and America). Yes, there are leftist jews who are onboard with all this sh*t, but alot of us aren’t (the same is true with white christians, there are many insane leftist white christians, but alot aren’t). Some of these countries where all this craziness is going on have very few jews, and on top of that, all of these non-white and muslim refugees hate jews even more than people like you do. How exactly would that benefit jews? People like you might hate us and call us bad names, but these muslim savages would kill us in the street if they could get away with it. At the end of the day, white christians and white jews cannot live safely among muslims, africans, and mestizos.

      1. Is it “really” just “Leftist” Jews?

        A lot of money, power & influence is backing up the One World project e.g. Rothschilds, Mandelson, Blair’s moneyman, Soros etc?

      2. I never had any feelings about jews until recently. They are for the genocide of Europe and the USA but not Israel. Is it any wonder that I have changed my feelings? Of course, I totally despise what muslims are doing to this world!

  3. seems the jews are up to their old tricks,wouldn.t you think they would keep their head down!!!Next they will be demanding our kids go to defend them!!!Mine won,t!

  4. The news gets better every day. Each of these non-white invaders will cost the German tax payers 16,000 euros each year payable to an Israeli owned chain of hotels. You could not make this up. Is it any wonder the Israeli are encouraging these muslims to leave Syria and come to Europe. Surely this is going to bankrupt Germany – still Herr Merkel encouraged them all to go to Germany so he prayers have been answered.

    16,000 euros per refugee per year is just for accommodation then add cost of food, education, health services, furniture for when they move into their apartments, cars, clothing, the list just goes on and on. And do not forget all the dosh that Germany will have to pay for the VW scandal. The Germans will have to work until they are 80 to pay for all this. Great.

  5. I’m sure I heard senior German politicians lecture us, a few months ago, about how ‘migrants’ will ‘save’ the German fiscal system.
    Unfortunately, a lot of gullible fools seemed to have believed that guff.

  6. Excellent, money for the buddies of the politicals. The deal stinks to high heaven and I hope that it somehow gets blocked. I pity the tax payers in Germany. However they have only Merkel to thank for their woes.

  7. The German ratepayers are third parties to this deal and credit and loans from the international financiers must be used to pay the bills. 166/9 Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development, Commitment 2 “At the international level, we will a. Strive to ensure that the international community and international organizations, particularly the multilateral financial institutions, assist developing countries and all countries in need of their efforts to achieve our overall goal of eradicating poverty and ensuring basic social protection.”
    It is obvious that the offer for accommodation must be accepted and then the Berlin Municipal authorities refuse to accept responsibility for payment and the multilateral financial institutions be held liable.

  8. The germans have themselves to blame for welcoming those migrants. They should have learnt that the sociopath globalists are hungry for more money and are using ‘humanity’ to plunder nations.

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